If you cannot confirm an e-upgrade before your flight, you will be listed at the gate waiting for the upgrade. For each of the waiting lists, a list is created that shows the priority ranking for the upgrade request, which is finally cleared at the gate.

In this post, let’s take a look How eUpgrade Waitlist Rankings are Established. The lion’s share of this information comes from a FlyerTalk forum thread and goes to the credit of the contributors to that thread.

1. Cabin class of the original booking

The first thing to consider when determining the priority ranking for eUpgrade requests Tickets were purchased for the original cabin class.

Anyone who buys a ticket in premium economy will get priority ranking over the ticket booked in economy first.

If your status is low and you are expecting an upgrade on an exciting-rival route like a morning flight between Toronto and Vancouver or a flight to London, it may be worth considering the cost difference between the fares of any economy. Rent a premium economy.

Air Canada 787 Premium Economy

This fall, I will be flying to Vancouver-Return from Montreal-London and Paris-Montreal-Vancouver. I booked in Premium Economy and paid cash for the flight to earn a status qualifying dollar (SQD) for the prize, and I hope to secure an e-upgrade in business class after my clearance window arrives (seven days before departure) or. Failed that, at the gate.

Booking in premium economy should give me a good chance, unless space is available in the business class cabin.

Last winter, I booked a flight from Toronto to Vancouver in premium economy with airplane points. My wife and I were at the top of the list, and we snatched the last two seats in business class.

Many super elites and others gathered at the gate waiting for an upgrade, but I guess booking in premium economy will start with our waiting list upgrade request as a priority.

2. Airplane Elite Status and Credit Card

The next factor determining your position on the waiting list is the combination of your airplane elite status and whether you hold a co-branded airplane credit card.

For each status level, there is the same ranking order, which will be described below. Those with higher status on the waiting list are given priority over those with lower status.

Each level contains the following ranking order:

  1. 2 million millers (or more) with a co-branded credit card
  2. 2 million millers (or more) without co-branded credit cards
  3. Million Miller with a co-branded credit card
  4. Millions of millers without co-branded credit cards
  5. Airplane Elite Status (Super Elite, 75K, 50K, 35K, 25K) with a co-branded credit card
  6. Airplane Elite Status (Super Elite, 75K, 50K, 35K, 25K) without co-branded credit card

The list above makes sense, since those who have achieved 2 million lifetime qualifying miles with Air Canada and achieved 2 million mile status (or above) have priority over millions of millers, with status above all but the lowest million. Miller’s condition.

After the priority list goes through a status level, it moves down to the next level. For example, super elites have a preference over those who have 75K, those who have 50K have preference over them and the minimum status is 25K until completion.

Within each status level, there are 2 million Milers and Million Millers priority. Since 3 million millers will always enjoy super elite status, 2 million millers will always enjoy at least 75K status and million millers will always have at least 50K status, 35K or 25K status who are ranked fifth and sixth in the ranking list.

When the airplane was re-launched in November 2020, Air Canada noted that those most involved with the program would benefit the most. It is interesting to note that only a co-branded AirPlan credit card plays a factor in the waiting list upgrade priority; As with everything else, with a co-branded credit card, one gets priority over the other.

3. Rental class?

Compared to other factors, the role of the rental class in the upgrade priority list is less understood.

Keep in mind that Air Canada sells basic, standard, flex, comfort, latitude and premium economy branded fares.

Each brand’s fare contains different characters, which represent a different fare In The difference between the brand rental codes may be reflected in the price, the number of e-upgrades required for the upgrade, and the amount of co-payment required.

Related to the upgrade priority list, it appears (but not confirmed) that a higher rental household will be preferred over a lower rental household, even if the actual cost of the lower rental is higher than the higher rental costs.

For example, a Flex “M” fare is the highest fare in the Flex-branded rental family and a Comfort “G” fare is the lowest level of Comfort-branded fare. When all is said and done, a comfort “G” fare will probably take precedence over a Flex “M” fare.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. For example, it is not clear if there is a difference between the comforter “S”, “T”, “L”, “G”, and “K” in the order of upgrade priority.

4. Check-in time

The last element contributing to your position on the upgrade priority list is check-in time.

Check-in opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. It may be worthwhile to check-in as closely as possible at this time, if you are unable to upgrade with someone else.

Passenger A, who checks in first, will have priority over Passenger B, who checks in later but otherwise equivalent to Passenger A.

Air Canada Business Class - Check-in
Air Canada Business Class check-in at Toronto Pearson

You can check your rankings for check-in by looking at your boarding pass.

In the Air Canada app and on paper tickets, the corresponding number for “Use the airline” indicates your location in check-in order.

Example of upgrade ranking

For the following examples, suppose there is only one place left to upgrade to Business Class on a flight and the only people on the waiting list are described.

Example # 1

Ricky, Josh and TJ Air Canada are flying from Tokyo to Vancouver after Japan miraculously opened its borders to tourism. Ricky and TJ are Super Elite with Aeroplan co-branded credit cards, and Josh is a 50K member with a co-branded credit card.

Josh snatched a premium Economy “A” rental deal during a sale, while Ricky and TJ Flex booked “M”.

TJ checked in first, then Ricky and then Josh.

In this situation, Josh will get priority for the upgrade because of his original booking cabin class. Although Ricky and TJ got a higher status and checked in earlier, Josh’s premium economy ticket gave him preference over the other two.

Assuming Josh’s seat in the premium economy is up for grabs, TJ will be preferred over Ricky for the seat, as he checked in first. Ricky is stuck in the economy for this flight.

Air Canada 777 Business Class

Example 2

Amy, Rachel and Rohin are flying from Montreal to Vancouver to spend a weekend on the West Coast.

They all have Aeroplan 50K status. Rachel and Rohin are co-branded airplane credit card holders, while Amy is not.

Amy checks in first, then Rachel and then Rohin.

They all booked a Flex “U” rental.

In that case, Rachel would win the upgrade, as having a co-branded credit card puts her higher than Amy (who checked in first) and Rohin (who checked in later).

Example 3

Ben, Sophie and Richard are flying from Toronto to London.

Ben has Aeroplan 25K status which he has achieved through daily status qualification. She is new to the Miles and Points community, but she is smart and excited to make the most of her participation.

Sophie and Richard are both super elite with 2 million miles status. Sophie has a co-branded credit card, but Richard doesn’t have one

Sophie checked in first, then Richard and then Ben.

Sophie and Richard booked a Flex “M” for rent and Ben booked in Premium Economy (minimum) using Airplane Points.

To the chagrin of Sophie and Richard, Ben wins this upgrade because he originally booked that cabin class.

Assuming Ben’s seat in the premium economy is up for grabs, Sophie would be preferred over Richard because she has a co-branded credit card and doesn’t.


If you can’t confirm an Air Canada eUpgrade before your flight, you’ll be on the waiting list for an upgrade. Once check-in is closed, the list is cleared and space-available upgrades are given in order of priority at the gate.

Your position on the list depends on a number of factors, including your booking’s original cabin class, your status and whether you have an Aeroplan Co-branded credit card, your location in the order of rent and check-in.

The best strategy here is to get started booking in premium economy whenever possible. Waiting for an upgrade at the gate is a bit nervous, but very satisfying when it’s clear.

I’m thrilled to finally announce something that has been working for a long time: we will host the inaugural version of Travel Summit In Toronto on October 29-30, 2022, and I can’t wait to see you there.

To find out more about these two-day events and ticket purchases, visit the Travel Summit website.

Event # 1 to improve your travels

The idea behind the Travel Summit was to create an event series where travelers from around the world come together to exchange new ideas, make new connections and improve their travels.

Travel Summit is a gathering place for frequent travelers, first time travelers, aspiring travelers, budget travelers, world travelers and luxury travelers. It is open to those for whom travel is a key part of their identity, and those who want to unlock the freedom of world travel on their own terms.

Travel Summit is hosted by our team at Prince of Travel, where we believe that the highest reward points and loyalty programs The best Ways to travel.

The lineup of our breakout sessions for the event is designed to help participants learn all the best knowledge, tips and tricks to travel the world in points and to grow our dedicated point enthusiast community in North America – exploring the topics of art and how Shapes each of us as we move around the world.

Welcome to Toronto 2022

After the successful half-day Prince of Travel signature event so far in Vancouver and Montreal, it was time for our event team to rise to a level.

The Travel Summit will be a full two-day event over the weekend Saturday, October 29 and Sunday, October 30, Sophisticated is taking place Metro Toronto Convention Center In the center of downtown Toronto.

We booked the auditorium and a handful of breakout rooms for our keynote speeches, presentations, panels, and networking sessions.

Lunch will be provided on both days of the event, so that you will be well nourished on the weekends as you absorb new ideas and create new connections.

Metro Toronto Convention Center

Speakers and guests

To speak at the Travel Summit Toronto 2022, we’ve put together a star-studded lineup of travel, loyalty, credit card awards and Miles & Points’ top global voice.

Come to the event to meet and learn some of your favorite creators in space:

What’s more, we’re delighted to welcome Airplane’s executive team as our special guests at the event:

  • Mark Nasser, Senior Vice President, Marketing, eCommerce & Products, Air Canada
  • Scott O’Leary, Vice President, Loyalty and Products, Air Canada

We look forward to adding more exciting speakers to the roster in the coming months. Stay tuned to the Travel Summit website for the latest updates.

Breakout session

Travel Summit Toronto 2022 will have 24 breakout sessions over a full two days, allowing participants to customize their experiences based on presentations and panel discussions that they want to participate the most.

Participants can choose from four different tracks of the breakout session styled under its broad theme. The Points Beginner, The Frequent Flyer, The Bucket List Traveler, And The future of travel.

Squeeze a track on the weekends, or mix-and-match – the choice is yours. Either way, you don’t have to miss anything, because you’ll be able to watch video recordings of all sessions after the event.

Below is a preview of the 24 breakout sessions, grouped by track:

Point Beginner

New to the world travel industry at Point? Our introductory sessions will teach you everything you need to know to get started flying high in no time.

  • The role of point travel for Canadians

  • The role of airplanes

  • US Credit Card: Land of the Free (Travel)

  • Ability to transfer rewards

  • How to achieve elite status without flying

  • All about airport lounge access

The Frequent Flyer

If you’re on the road often, learn how to maximize travel tools and loyalty programs at your fingertips to improve your travels.

Bucket list traveler

Dreamed of seeing all the wonders of the world or flying in every first class cabin? We’ll show you how to make your bucket list a reality.

The future of travel

The travel landscape is rapidly transforming. What does the future hold for travel, and what does it mean for travelers as we explore the world?

  • Logistics of post-epidemic travel

  • The future of aviation

  • Travel and content creation

  • Finding identity through travel

  • Unlock freedom of travel with real estate

  • Digital migration and freedom of location

To learn more about each session, visit the Travel Summit website.

This preview of the breakout session is subject to change. The full event schedule and agenda, including the start and end times and the speakers associated with each session, will be announced next month.

Much more to come

Within five months to the date of the event, there is much more to the pipeline as we work to make an event as big as possible.

Evening Reception, Original Session, Prize Giving, Sponsor – There are many more details about The Travel Summit Toronto 2022 that we have yet to announce!

Click here to enter your email and sign up for Travel Summit Updates.

Why you should be present

Travel Summit Anyone to improve their travel.

While our Prince of Travel signature events are designed for the most dedicated travelers and Miles and Points enthusiasts in our community, the Travel Summit brings together all of our speakers and guests from each of the wider community, who share a common purpose of learning. To travel better.

Aimed at audiences both Canadian and global, our topics and breakout sessions broaden the concept of what it means to be a valued, freedom-seeking traveler in the modern world, with focus points and reward programs. The best Ways to reach your travel destination.

If you are someone who travels close to your heart and wants to equip yourself with all the best knowledge, tips and inspiration to strengthen your future travels, then Travel Summit is the right place for you and we look forward to welcoming you. You.

Get your ticket now

Your ticket to the Travel Summit includes the following:

  • Access to both keynote speeches, breakout sessions, discussion panels, and networking sessions
  • Lunch for two days
  • Video recording of keynotes and breakout sessions
  • Special offers from leading travel brands
  • More exciting event features will be announced.

General Admission Tickets Is priced 399 (CAD) Available for purchase per person, and now Tuesday, May 31st. If you follow one of the event speakers, you can contact them for a discount code that also helps support their work.

Prince of Travel members receive discounts based on their membership level:

  • An adoption of members of the Royal Platinum $ 100 (CAD) discount On their first ticket.
  • Platinum members get $ 70 (CAD) discount On their first ticket.
  • Gold members receive one $ 50 (CAD) discount On their first ticket.

What’s more, to celebrate the launch of the event, get your tickets in advance June 30, 2022 To enter the first of our many amazing prize draws for the event: A $ 500 (CAD) Air Canada gift card.

You can visit The Travel Summit website to purchase general admission tickets, or log in to your member dashboard to purchase discounted tickets as a Prince of Travel member. Also, if you are a Platinum or Royal Platinum member attending the Travel Summit, you can also take part in a special referral-a-friend campaign. 3

Read the FAQ on the Travel Summit website for event refund policy and other key details.

And if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form on The Travel Summit website.

See you at the Metro Toronto Convention Center on October 29-30, 2022!

One of them is frequently when buying Hilton Honors points 100% bonus event A great redemption can be a very effective way to instantly top up your account balance.

Hilton usually offers this bonus several times a year. This time, you will be up July 19, 2022 Buy points at the bonus rate. See how the promotion works and under what circumstances you want to take advantage of it.

Buy up to 80,000 Hilton Honors points with 100% bonus

Hilton Honors usually allows you to buy points at a rate of 1 US cents per point, which is much more than a fair price which I would consider a purchase point.

In fact, we generally value the Hilton Honors point 0.6 Canadian cents per point Or 0.5 US cents per point, So buying points at the usual rate of 1 US cents per point is almost never understood.

During these 100% bonus events, you get double the points, which means you are effectively buying points at half price. 0.5 US cents per point. This is close to a fair price where purchase points can be meaningful.

How Many Hilton Honors Points Can You Buy?

Hilton typically captures 80,000 base points per year and the number of points each member can buy on bonus points. That limit remains the same for this promotion, so you can buy the maximum between base and bonus points, is 160,000 points.

This is less than normal, as these bonus events often double the base limit for a maximum of 320,000 points.

Be sure to log in to your Hilton Honors account to see the exact structure of your offer.

Keep in mind that Hilton lets you easily pool points between different people’s accounts, so it’s easy to bypass the limit by purchasing the maximum number of points under different family members’ accounts and then pooling them together.

Which credit card should you use to buy Hilton Honors Points?

If possible, you’ll want to use a US credit card to buy Hilton Honors points. This is because Canadians are subject to a local tax on the purchase of points, which can add another 5-15% to your total. Combined with the 2.5% forex fee on most Canadian credit cards, these avoidable costs quickly consume the value of your purchase.

Purchase of Hilton Honors Points is processed by an external dealer, Points.com. These are not considered hotel purchases, so there is no point in using one of the Amex Hilton credit cards for your purchases.

I would recommend using only the US credit card of your choice that has a high return on daily expenses, or one where you are working to meet the minimum spending requirements.

Who should buy Hilton Point with 100% bonus?

As long as you can redeem points for more than 0.5 US cents per point, you will move on – which is something you should always keep in mind when considering Hilton redemption.

For example, if you maximize the current promotion, you can earn 160,000 Hilton Honors points for a value of US $ 800. You will then find that you redeem for a hotel that sells much more than that amount.

Due to the significant advance costs involved, you should seldom buy points without a specific and immediate use. Instead, I would say that buying Hilton Point only makes sense for one of the following purposes:

Booking a high-priced aspiring hotel

If you want to honeymoon in Maldives or Bora Bora, you will definitely consider staying in many glamorous properties like Conrad Maldives, Conrad Bora Bora Nui, or Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithafushi.

Conrad Bora Bora Nui

The Hilton Honors do not publish an award chart, but most of their top-tier assets are the highest 120,000 points Every night for a perfect room – excluding the Waldorf Astoria hotels in the Maldives or Los Cabos, which can go as far as 150,000 points Every night.

Redeeming (more tax) points per night on these properties is obviously a big deal compared to the US $ 2,000 + cash rate.

In places like this, you’ll probably want to squeeze the maximum value out of your points Fifth Night Free Benefits, which will bring down the effective price 96,000 points For most of Hilton’s top hotels every night (or 120,000 points Top-level Waldorf Astorias every night).

And if you want to buy these points under the current 100% bonus promotion, that would be equivalent to paying US $ 480 per night Conradse (or US $ 600-600 per night At Waldorf), which is similar to getting an 80% discount from the retail price.

The tricky part is actually lying to find out The availability of standard rooms in these resorts is highly competitive, Especially if you want to take advantage of the Fifth Night Free.

If a standard room is not available, the Hilton Honors website will give you the option to redeem a crazy-high number of points for a premium room or suite, and they are usually never too much.

Waldorf Astoria Maldives would be hard for you to find even one night, let alone a block of five nights in a row, with standard room availability for next year.

If you want to take advantage of the Fifth Night Free, your best bet is to keep a close eye on room availability at the very end of the schedule and aim to spend as many nights as possible at the base rate as space opens. Up

In fact, Ricky was recently able to secure five nights in a row for his birthday last year, so this is very possible if you check carefully (remember that reservations were made again when the property cost only 120,000 points per night).

Meanwhile, on Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, it is much easier to find a block of five nights drawn at a comparatively good rate of 120,000 points.

If you are looking for a place to stay in one of these ambitious hotels, I would recommend The first Identify the standard rooms available on your preferred date and then complete the transaction quickly and secure the rooms at a highly discounted rate.

Quick top up for upcoming redemption

If you have identified a good opportunity to redeem your Hilton Honors points for a price higher than our target price of 0.6 Canadian cents / 0.5 US cents per point, but are missing some points required to complete the booking, then purchase points to top up your account. For 100% bonus may be the easiest solution.

(This also applies to the luxury properties mentioned above. I imagine that many Canadians who have received one or two Amex US Hilton Honors cards will have a point balance between 200,000+ Hilton Honors points. Credit card signups will allow you to secure that memorable trip to a high-end resort much faster than waiting a month or two to receive the bonus.)

Although Hilton’s luxurious features probably offer the greatest value, there are sometimes price pockets for low-end hotels or for nice hotels in less popular destinations, although they are not very frequently seen.

You’ve finished all Amex US Hilton Honors signup bonuses

Amex US Hilton cards offer very attractive signup bonuses, but you can earn a one-time bonus on each card.

Once you’ve exhausted those opportunities (any upgrade offer can come with lower-end Hilton cards), then buying points directly from the program at one of these 100% bonus events is probably the best way to rack Hilton. Quick points.

Looking at the numbers in number, the signup bonuses on Amex US Hilton cards will be enough to get you one or two amazing trips to one of the top-tier features in the chain (twice as much if you’re going for US cards in two-player mode).

After all, if you still want to try more Hilton, Conrad and Waldorf properties at a fraction of the price, buying points strategically may be your best bet.

If you’ve run out of other ways to get to Hilton Point, these promotional sales are the easiest way to reach your aspirations for more stay at high-end resorts.

Overseas rent at Conrad Bora Bora Nui over the sea

Other ways to earn Hilton Honors points

If you are not in a hurry to earn Hilton Honors points but want to build them slowly towards a big redemption in the future, you may want to consider getting Amex US Hilton credit cards for their attractive signup bonuses (and in the case of Aspire cards, incredibly lucrative benefits).

This is especially true at the moment, as Amex US Hilton Cards are offering good bonuses, including credit and rebates, on low-end cards:

  • The Hilton Honors Card Currently offering 70,000 Hilton Honors points, A US $ 100 statement credit after spending US $ 1,000 in the first three months.

    • This is a very attractive alternative to your first Amex US card, as it is a no-fee card that you can keep forever to create your US credit history.

  • The Hilton Honors Surplus Card Currently offering 130,000 Hilton Honors points, A US $ 130 statement credit after spending US $ 2,000 in the first three months.

    • If you prefer to keep the up-front fee low, this card is a good choice, with a better price-to-point ratio than the Aspire card.
  • The Hilton Honors Aspire Card Currently offering 150,000 Hilton Honors points The first three months cost US $ 4,000.

    • The total credit of this card helps to offset US $ 500 US $ 450 annual fee; On top of that, you get an annual Free Weekend Night Award, instant Hilton Diamond status and unlimited priority pass access, so it’s a great card to apply for and keep forever.

  • The Hilton Honors Business Card Currently offering 130,000 Hilton Honors points, A US $ 130 statement credit after spending US $ 2,000 in the first three months.

    • As a business credit card, this card does not count with the chase “5/24 rule” when you plan your long-term US credit card strategy.

In addition to the credit card bonus, Hilton Honors is another meaningful way to earn points Maximize promotion in a given position, Which is often more generous than the promotions made by other hotel chains.

Ricky used this technique during a trip to New Zealand in late 2019. Although he could redeem points for a half-decent price at Hilton Queenstown and Chatto in Park Christchurch, he chose to pay cash and aggressively point points instead.

Hilton Queenstown
Earn Hilton Honors Points by combining Rotating Promotions and Paid Stacks with Hilton Credit Cards.

Overall, I think it’s wise to build your Hilton strategy towards a larger ambitious release with a long-term vision, such as staying at a fancy Conrad or Waldorf Astoria resort, where the price is much clearer than the price.

To achieve this goal, I am able to slowly collect Hilton Points through a mix of Amex US signup bonuses, maximize promotions for payments and capitalize on these bonus events in case of point purchases if I need to top up my account.

Previous promotion

Once you’ve decided whether this promotion is a good opportunity for you to meet your travel goals, look back at past bonuses at Hilton’s purchase points:

100% more purchase points

100% more purchase points

100% more purchase points

100% more purchase points, or 50% discount

100% more purchased points

Limited supply of 100% more purchase points

100% more purchased points

100% more purchase points

100% more purchased points


Last up to 100% purchase point bonus of Hilton Honors July 19, 2022. If you want to get close to a huge discount on one of the Hilton’s top properties or if you need an instant top-up for your upcoming point redemption, be sure to take advantage beforehand.

You can log in to your Hilton Honors account by clicking here and purchase 160,000 Hilton Honors points at 0.5 US cents per point.

Meanwhile, if high-end Hilton redemption is a more distant goal for you, you can focus on Amex US Hilton credit card bonuses so you can earn points without having to buy them.

Fortunately, these bonus events usually come a few times each year, if you need to buy points in the future.

On the way to the coastal town of Bodrum, I spent quite a long time IGA Lounge At the internal terminal of Istanbul Airport before my domestic flight.

With no Star Alliance Gold status, lounge options are slim when flying short-distance economy tickets. Combine this with an early arrival on a separately booked Etihad flight, and I have plenty of time left to fill it.

Turkey is a country with a number of mandatory internal destinations, where Istanbul serves as a hub not only externally but also internally. I could see that many travelers would have to spend some time at the domestic terminal to make a connection, as I did.

At the risk of wasting fun, I can honestly say that the IGA Lounge is by far the worst airport lounge in my experience.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Domestic) – Access

The IGA Lounge is located at the end of G Gate of the domestic terminal, about a 12-minute walk from the security.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Domestic) – Entrance

Instead of a separate room with full walls, the lounge is a separate part of the airy main assembly. It features glass walls lined with some WrongThe liage around, but for the experienced lounge-hopper, it has no illusions of being a premium facility.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Domestic) – Wrong binding

The lounge is a priority pass and part of the lounge network. I used a priority pass voucher from one of my Canadian-issued Visa Infinite Privilege Cards to enter.

In addition to the preferential pass facility on Visa Infinite Privilege Cards (which will no longer be valid), you can access it with unlimited Priority Pass subscriptions that come with the American Express Platinum Card or Business Platinum Card, or unlimited LoungeKey membership on the Crypto.com Visa Card.

The lounge has no doors, just a gap in the glass wall with a check-in desk. A patron of things to come …

IGA Lounge Istanbul (domestic) – seating

The seating area in the lounge is more desirable and varied than the concourse seating.

First, there is a group of tables with office-style lounge chairs. This was where I spent my time bulk.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (domestic) – seating area in the lounge

Wrapped around, there are more of these seats along the windows. There’s not much to look out of the window, which is opposite the other terminal, and what I guess is the car ramp for the passenger drop-off zone.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (domestic) – window seat

There are also some poolside-style recliners on the windows. Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the relay. (Also no pool.)

The seat cushion is comfortable enough because you sit and squat from behind – until you get to the backrest and realize that the angle is completely wrong.

IGA Lounge – Recliner Seating

At the buffet, there are some sturdy dining chairs on the table and a few lounge chairs by the window for groups of four.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Domestic) – Seating in the dining room

Power outlets are scattered across the floor throughout the lounge. However, the seats and tables are distributed quite inconsistently, with some getting power and others not getting.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Native) – Power Outlet

Outside of seating, the IGA Lounge is not in a precarious condition, not a comfortable environment. The place faces west with a glass ceiling, exposed to the harsh sun all afternoon.

Furthermore, high-ceiling concourse has very little conduction and any little air conditioning that may be present is ineffective.

To add insult to injury, the only constantly shaded part of the lounge is the staff area at check-in.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Domestic) – Dining

I won’t go that far because the food looks good on the Maple Leaf Lounge menu, but.

After entering the dining area, you will first pass by the snack bar. Includes some cookies, nuts, coffee and tea and an espresso machine.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Domestic) – Pastry
IGA Lounge Istanbul (native) – tea and coffee

There is also a fun nut warming contraption.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (domestic) – warm nuts

On the back wall of the main dining room, there is a cold and hot buffet.

I couldn’t help but try a turkey Filled: Ripe rice wrapped in grape leaves. It wasn’t great, so I switched to that product to sample some cold meatballs, which looked a little more hungry than cabbage and corn slaw.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Native) – Cold Buffet

The hot food station was closed, and this was the only area that did not have self-service. The food was often unmanned and service personnel were difficult to track.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (native) – unmanned hot food station

The service was far from professional, with staff dropping off the basing cart with dirty dishes in the middle of the dining room when guests moved to one side to serve hot meals.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Native) – Service Cart

The lounge felt less stuffy overall, but it’s actually quite a small space, so I don’t think it needs a lot to run. Instead, I would like to say that it is an arbitrary force that goes beyond the wrath of Turkey but seems to be an extension of the friendly hospitality, and the character of the lounge itself.

Nothing was labeled, and a few labels floating around were either in the wrong place, or were completely out of sight. This was especially frustrating since some people have allergies but not all nuts.

The only reason for the release is that beef mince is hard to eat, and I’m a sucker for raspberry cheesecake.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Native) – Meatball and Bulgur
IGA Lounge Istanbul (Native) – Raspberry Cheesecake

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Native) – Bar

Bottled beer is available in snack bars and buffet self-serve beverages in the fridge. These coolers also contain water, Coca Cola, homemade beer and everything else that is different.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Domestic) – Drinks

Near the coffee station, there is a self-service wine and wine station. You can choose vodka, gin, whiskey or Turkish red and white wine.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Home) – Spirits
IGA Lounge Istanbul (Native) – Wine

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Domestic) – Other Services

There is no toilet in the lounge. The nearest facilities are less than a minute away from Concourse. The lounge staff will let you come back if you leave to relieve yourself.

The Wi-Fi at Istanbul Airport is a bit complicated, and I can’t work with public Wi-Fi.

Lounge offers two options for connecting to Wi-Fi: via the Airport app (which is not explained how) or with a password. After struggling longer than I should have, I asked the lounge staff for the password, and they were glad to be compelled.

There is a small office station, which seems to be a computer to meet the needs of minor printing. There is also a shoe shine machine parked opposite the wall smack in the middle of the lounge as you enter.

IGA Lounge Istanbul (Domestic) – shoe shine machine

You can get a massage in the lounge. There is a massager with an upright chair. It’s not very personal, like a concourse massage.

I did not ask if they charged for the service. Save yourself for the hammam.

The lounge offers a bogie ride to your gate if it is far away. It was right next to my lounge. The value of this facility also assumes that you want to stay in the lounge first.


The four hours I spent in the IGA Lounge are four hours long.

I will go out of my way to avoid the IGA Lounge in the future. In fact, I disliked my experience so much, I almost decided to lounge-hop and pay a fee to enter the Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge (195 Lira, or free with Star Alliance Gold or Business Class tickets).

I just stayed because I was working Wi-Fi. I would arguably like Concourse.

It is a shame that such a sophisticated, well-known airport is unable to offer a good lounge option in its inland terminal. I think this part of the Turkish aviation market is not very lucrative for travelers in a country where there is no shortage of competitive low cost carriers.

The domestic IGA lounge in Istanbul is a little more than a part with an impression of monopoly, and sadly this is what it provides.

If you’ve recently decided to split up with your American Express Platinum Card or Business Platinum Card, there’s been some news that might come in handy.

American Express seems to be defending its title as the reigning champion of Canadian travel credit cards and even surprising us with a new idea to entice “re-upgrade” bonuses on their flagship premium travel cards!

Let’s jump right in and take a look.

Amex Platinum Card offers targeted upgrades

I was made aware of this new upgrade offer by my excellent and talented colleague at Prince of Travel, Sophie. Full credit goes to his eagle-eye attention in his promotional email folder (I often delete mine without reading a thing).

From Gold Rewards Card to Platinum Card

This promotion is available to card members who have previously decided to downgrade their American Express Platinum card to their younger brother, the American Express Gold Rewards Card.

But why would anyone downgrade in the first place instead of canceling directly? While I admit that the new Rose Gold configuration of the Gold Card is undoubtedly interesting, I think most of these downgrades have been due to relative reasons. AndThe attractiveness of paying an annual fee of $ 699 for another year.

It appears that Amex Marketing has become aware of this, and has decided to try to bring it to the cardholders. And-Downgraded by Again– Upgrade. They have offered an exciting incentive, which is good from May 25 in this case June 29, 2022.

80,000 membership prize points You may have to spend $ 6,000 in the first three months after your re-upgrade.

Older Gold Cards are usually activated so you can start spending $ 6,000 right now, but American Express Platinum Cards are shipped by Express FedEx so you’ll have them in a few days anyway.

Business Platinum Card from Business Gold Rewards Card

Even better, there are a few episodes of similar upgrade offers for American Express Business Gold Rewards cardholders to choose from when upgrading to the American Express Business Platinum Card.

This upgrade plan is a pleasant promise 110,000 membership prize points After spending $ 7,000 in the first three months after receiving Business Platinum. I haven’t seen a published expiration date for this campaign yet, but as always, the early bird gets the worm.

If you would like to receive cash in any of these opportunities, you can either click on the link provided at the end of your invitation email or call the American Express Contact Center to request an upgrade.

In fact, if you recently downgraded your Platinum Card (Personal or Business) and held a Gold Rewards Card (Personal or Business) No. Receive a promotional email, I would definitely recommend giving Amex a ring to ask

Is the juice worth the price?

Now, বছর 499 and $ 699 per year are no small part of the change. Heck, the card doesn’t even have a price tag in the Gold Family. If you get this offer, spending extra flour to upgrade can be 100% rewarding.

The first thing to remember is that Effective The annual fee for a personal revision of the Platinum Card is not 699. This is actually 499, because the 200 annual travel credit is as good as cash, thus reducing the overall cost out of your pocket.

The Business Platinum Card re-upgrade offer comes with an additional $ 1,000 for the minimum requirement, so be prepared for that, but an additional 30,000 points compensates for this limitation.

This brings us to the use of 80,000 and 110,000 MR points that Amex is hanging for this promotion.

You can transfer points to my favorite Frequent Flyer program airplane, and you can book Swiss world-famous business cabins directly from Montreal to Zurich. 60,000 airplane points.

You can toast your point savings while sipping champagne in comfort and style over the Atlantic.

Using the Business Platinum Card upgrade offer will provide a haircut below the points needed to fly this round-trip and also toast it.

Of course, if flights aren’t on the market right now, you can always turn your membership reward points into Marriott Forest Fear points in a 1: 1.2 ratio. 80,000 MR points will turn into 96,000 Bonvoy points, while 110,000 will turn into 132,000.

That’s enough for one night in a hyper-aspirational property like the W Maldives, where about a bundle of forest fear points 0ne or more stays overnight at a more decent hotel – let’s say four points at Sheraton Edmonton South, for those of you chasing Platinum status.

In addition to being able to use your upgrade bonus on the trip I listed above, you can also complement your trip with the full regular benefits of the Platinum Card.

Marriott Forest Fear and Hilton Honors Gold Status (the latter only in private platinum)? Check.

Free worldwide access to the American Express Lounge collection, including Centurion Lounge? Review.

For those of you who are getting a personalized version of the Platinum Card, if you already use the NEXUS credit that comes with the Gold Rewards card, you can get an extra $ 100 on the NEXUS credit.

This allows you to effectively reduce the Platinum Card’s annual fee by just 100 to just $ 399, which is not half as bad at all.

A new way forward for American Express Canada?

I wondered for a moment whether American Express Canada would bother to emulate their Southern counterparts by offering upgrade bonuses on their products.

In the United States, it is common for American Express cardholders to downgrade a premium card, only to receive an offer to upgrade later and another welcome bonus.

This is because in the US, there is no “once in a lifetime” language for the welcome bonus in the upgrade offer and it is possible to keep a copy of the same credit card.

Here in Canada, I’ve never heard of holding two business cards at the same time (for different small businesses) at the same time, but curious to know if this was possible for personal Amex products as well.

If you prefer a simple credit card strategy, you are unlikely to go beyond the four-card limit.

Personally, I would also like to acknowledge the fact that these bonuses have been noticed as a strong indication to individual users that they Willpower Rewards will be made after creating the minimum cost requirement, even if you have held the card before.

While we haven’t yet found anything as bold as the upgrade offers across all Amex products, I hope this is the beginning of a trend, and will not be limited to just the premium line of Amex’s charge cards.

If the company gets a positive response to this promotion, it would be great to extend the upgrade bonus across their entire portfolio, so that any cardholder can take full advantage of the one that costs more.

Since there’s no way to predict the future, if you think you can use these points in your account and don’t mind paying a higher annual fee, I’ll work now and not return before finding out if this promotion is just a stop.


The American Express continues to dominate the Canadian credit card market for a reason. Again, they’ve stepped up their impressive brand expansion efforts by providing a new lucrative incentive to hold their premium credit cards.

I hope this is not the end we will see upgrade offers, and similar promotions will be available for a wider pool of Amex customers.

Until next time, keep tapping.

Throughout most of 2020 and 2021, Aeroplan has made an offer Flexible change and cancellation policy With a rolling deadline.

As long as members book their trip within this period, they can change or cancel their itinerary for free (even after this period).

With travel uncertainty at the moment, the “free change” policy is now expanding June 30, 2022, When the “Free Cancellation” policy officially expires on September 30, 2021.

Book by June 2022 and receive the “Free Change” policy

The first element of the policy relates to this Change a flight reward. This flexible policy has now been extended to June 30, 2022:

Enjoy flexibility when your plan changes. We will waive all change fees of the Aeroplan Flight Rewards until June 30, 2022. From July 1, 2022, flight prizes booked before this date will be eligible for one-time change fee waiver.

Prior to June 30, all change fees in the Aeroplan Flight Award have been waived. After this date, Only the first change Tickets booked until June 2022 will be available free of charge, and subsequent voluntary changes may still require a change fee.

The news that the flexible change policy has been extended to June 30 is very welcome. Although we no longer have free cancellations (mentioned below), we can always change our booking at least once without a change fee.

This leaves the door a bit open for continuous speculative bookings: if a booking doesn’t work, change it to a trip you want to take (or a rental option whose policies you want to take advantage of).

Given the liquidity of the COVID-19 situation these days, it is reasonable to assume that the June 30, 2022 deadline for flexible change policy may be extended further in the future, but we will have to wait and see what kind of airplane time it takes.

Also keep in mind that involuntary schedule changes in your itinerary (e.g., if The airline Cancels a flight or changes the departure or arrival time) also entitles you to a standard change fee waiver if you want to make a reasonable change in your itinerary as a result.

“Cancel at any time” policy expires September 30

In terms of cancellation, Aeroplan’s policy reads as follows:

Need to cancel your trip? Airplane Flight Prize has been booked September 30, 2021 Can be canceled for free at any time. Flight prizes booked from October 1, 2021 apply the cancellation fee structure of the purchase fare option.

Upon cancellation, you will receive a refund on your account, along with a full refund of all associated taxes, fees and charges on the unused cost of your trip. (Note that refunds will not apply to previously charged fees, including contact center booking fees and conversion fees, or government taxes and fees that are not refundable by law.)

As you can see, any bookings made within the September 2021 deadline are eligible for cancellation at any time for free.

This means that every Airplane booking completed by September 30 is essentially “risk-free”: even if your travel plan doesn’t work, you can cancel for free and re-deposit all your points into your account, as well as the associated taxes and fees. $ 39 with partner booking fee, if applicable) Refunded to your credit card.

However, this policy was not extended until September 30, 2021. After that date, the cancellation fee for a new Aeroplan booking will depend on the rental option purchased (see below for the full fee schedule).

You should have a consequence of this Keep an eye on the prices of any Airplane bookings made on Air Canada flights You booked until September 2021.

The new dynamic pricing model can be extremely variable over time, so if you see that your flight has actually dropped in price, it might mean canceling and re-booking for free, saving a nice portion for yourself.

Airplane modification and cancellation fee

As a reminder, change and cancellation fees of Aeroplan under normal circumstances can be found in the Flight Rewards policy and they are as follows.

Since the cancellation fee may be applicable for bookings made on or after October 2021, you may consider purchasing (or changing for free) higher fare options without any change or cancellation fee, if you think there is a high probability of canceling the ticket. Want

Otherwise, if you continue to pick the default “Standard” or “Minimum” fare categories, you will have to pay a minimum cancellation fee of $ 150 per ticket if you change your mind and need to cancel.


Aeroplan’s current change and cancellation policies for flight rewards are quite liberal, in light of the ongoing uncertainty surrounding travel – although they have become somewhat less liberal since September 30, 2021.

Any bookings made before September 30, 2021 are subject to free cancellation, where a cancellation fee may apply depending on the rental department for bookings made after this date.

Meanwhile, any booking made between June 30, 2022 will enjoy a free first voluntary change at any time (even after July 2022 or later), which opens the door to greater flexibility when booking for later trips – and perhaps even an element of speculation. In 2022.

The Free Night Certificate is a great way to increase the hotel loyalty program and score Hotel Night with nothing out of pocket.

After reviewing the free night certificates offered by Marriott and Hilton, let’s continue with a primer. Free night prizes In The world of life Activities.

How To Earn Hyatt Free Night Awards

1. Chase Hyatt Visa

Entering the US credit card market and finally applying for a Chase Hyatt visa is the best-valued way to win the Free Night Award with Hyatt each year.

You’ll earn one Category 1-4 Free Night Award Every year thereafter and after the Chase Hyatt visa renewal for the second year in the World of Hyatt program.

The annual fee for the card is US $ 95, and it will be very possible to redeem your Free Night Award for a Category 4 hotel which would otherwise cost much more than US $ 95, making Chase Hyatt Visa a card worth keeping for a long time. Run after collecting the welcome bonus in the first year.

In addition, you will receive a Category 1-4 Free Night Award after spending US 15,000 Chase Hyatt visa every calendar year.

This may not be a realistic goal for everyone, but if you need personal or business expenses that exceed the minimum you can afford on new credit cards, it may be a good idea to spend on a Chase Hyatt visa and earn an extra free night reward.

Grand Hyatt Melbourne, where you can redeem a Category 1-4 Free Night Award

(Keep in mind that Hilton’s Free Night Prize can be earned by spending US $ 15,000 per calendar year on the same Amex US Hilton Sarpus and Hilton Business Card. Hilton can be redeemed at the best luxury hotels, where the Hyatt is limited to 4 categories.)

Also, note that Chase Hyatt Visa has already offered a Free Night Award as part of the Welcome Bonus. If this sounds interesting to you, then it may be worthwhile to wait for such offers to return in the future before applying for this card.

2. World of Hyatt Milestone Award

If you have not yet traveled far enough to travel your US credit card to apply for a Chase credit card, you can still earn a Free Night Award Certificate with Hyatt through the World of Hyatt program.

World of Hyatt offers members Milestone Award They earn for every 10 elite qualifying nights. There are two thresholds where you will receive a Free Night Award:

  • On arrival 30 elite qualifying nights, You’ll earn one Category 1-4 Free Night Award
  • On arrival 60 Elite Qualifying Nights, You’ll earn one Category 1-7 Free Night Award

Traditionally, 30- and 60-night thresholds have been associated with acquiring or retaining Hyatt Explorer and Hyatt Globalist status, respectively.

However, keep in mind that you’ll earn milestone rewards simply by staying in the actual number of nights, and not by any shortcut to achieving Hayat status (such as status match or temporarily reduced eligibility criteria).

3. World of Hyatt Brand Explorer Award

In addition to the above opportunities to win up to four Free Night Awards on an annual basis, there is a one-time opportunity to earn up to five more. Category 1-4 Free Night Prize Through life Brand Explorer Promotion.

Under your World of Hyatt account, you’ll find Brand Explorer Tracker, which tracks how many of Hyatt’s 26 hotel brands have located you. After staying in five different Hyatt brands, you will receive a Free Night Award.

It’s a fun way to encourage members to try different brands, and I’d like Marriott and Hilton to offer something similar.

Personally, I now own a total of eight Hyatt brands, so I’m looking forward to winning a second Free Night Prize after trying out a Thompson and an unbound collection property.

Keep in mind that the nine brands under the “Inclusive Collection” are all-inclusive features, so collecting them can be even more challenging unless you go for all-inclusive every moment as part of your travel style.

How to redeem the Hyatt Free Night Awards

Free Night Award certificates are credited to your World of Hyatt account within 10 weeks of earning, although they will usually be credited early. You’ll find your free night prizes listed under the “My Awards” section of your World of Hyatt dashboard.

These prizes can be redeemed online. You must tick the “Use Points” search option and make sure your selected hotel has standard room availability for redeeming World of Hyatt points; If so, it would also be eligible for a Free Night Award redemption.

Free Night Awards are issued from Chase Hyatt Visa with a validity of one year, whereas Milestone Rewards or Brand Explorer is issued for a period of six months. Accommodation must be completed within that period, not just booked.

There are certain restrictions when redeeming the Hyatt Free Night Awards: You may not apply for the Suite Upgrade Award or Club Access Awards on reservations (both of which are earned as part of the Hyatt Milestone Award for frequent stays).

If you want to apply for a Suite Upgrade Award to secure a suit before you stay, it is best to book with cash or World of Hyatt points to place the equipment.

Strategies to maximize the Hyatt Free Night Awards

Most participants in the World of Hyatt program can expect to receive one, two or three Category 1-4 Free Night Awards each year, depending on whether they have enough Hyatt to reach the 30-night threshold and whether they hold Chase Hyatt. Visa.

If you are a dedicated Hyatt member who follows Globalist Status on 60 qualifying nights each year, you will also receive the more powerful Category 1-7 Free Night Award as a reward for your loyalty.

Promoting Brand Explorer may increase the balance of your Free Night Awards in the first few years of your Hyatt membership, but it will not necessarily be a reliable source of free nights in the long run.

Since Category 4 falls square in the middle of Hyatt’s eight hotel divisions, this means that non-globalist members should expect to use these awards for relatively high quality hotels, rather than features that represent the top of luxury in Hyatt’s portfolio.

Guess San Diego, where I redeemed the Category 1–4 Free Night Award

You will definitely want to redeem for the highest prize category of each type of Free Night Awards (categories 4 and 7, respectively) and especially for top-tier brands such as Park Hyatt, Alila, Andaz, Thompson and small luxury hotels. World.

You can check out Hyatt’s Explore Hotels page and find 4th and 7th classified hotels by category, brand and geographic area that might work best for your travel goals.

What’s more, now using the World of Hyatt Peak and Off-Peak pricing, another strategy to maximize the value of your Free Night Award is to redeem it on a night that would otherwise be priced as the highest rate.

In this way, the Category 1-4 and 1-7 Free Night Awards can be considered as a “save” up to 18,000 or 35,000 World of Hyatt points, respectively.

Personally, I’ve redeemed a few Category 1-4 Free Night Awards in my short life career so far, and I’ve found 300 (CAD) Or 250 (USD) To get out of these certificates I want to be a reasonable benchmark for the outsourced value – mostly in the mid-range city center or resort property in the high season.

I have yet to win a Category 1-7 Free Night Award with Hyatt, but I look forward to doing so this year as part of renewing my Globalist status. I would definitely try to redeem for ambitious properties like Alila Villas Uluwatu or Park Hyatt Tokyo if I do.

Park Hyatt Tokyo


Getting involved with the World of Hyatt Loyalty program can take some work, especially from a Canadian perspective. But the rewards are usually very rewarding once you do – and the Free Night Awards are a major part of that equation.

Whether you’re aiming for the Milestone Award, applying for a US-issued Chase Hyatt visa, or planning to stay in the Hyatt brand in a group of five, the Category 1-4 Free Night Award can help you find more value. Don’t pay anything out of pocket while staying at the hotel.

In addition, for true Hayat loyalists who spend 60 eligible nights each year as a Globalist member, a Category 1-7 Free Night Award is awaited for a complimentary stay on Hayat’s many ambitious luxury properties.

Cell Phone – The umbilical cord of globalization.

The world has become much smaller because it has become more communicative. From Peru to Pakistan, and everywhere in between, the smartphone is one of the most important tools in any Canyon traveler’s kit.

But what is the best way for a Canadian living abroad to stay in touch without thick markup? Today, let’s deal with it The best solution for roaming abroad In the market.

1. Buy a local SIM card

By my means, the most effective solution to use your cellphone while abroad is to buy a SIM card when you arrive at your destination.

Local plans reflect local prices, and since Canadians are one of the most charged people with cell phone fees, especially mobile data, there is no guarantee that you will find a good deal wherever you are, no matter where you are. Going.

However, I am not pointing out that you have to buy a SIM card every second time. Almost every airport on the planet now has mobile kiosks with English-speaking salespeople trying to thwart their “competitive” phone plans on undoubted foreigners.

Avoid such people, and find a seller in town. I have found that either the Hotel Concierge staff or, alternatively, your Airbnb host can be the ideal font for finding reliable local SIMs.

Another advantage of buying a local SIM card is that in many countries voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, are the main form of communication. Locals with businesses like restaurants often do not respond to traditional calls or text messages.

In such cases, getting a local SIM card may be ideal as mobile data will be offered at a much more competitive rate, regardless of the charges your service provider charges you while roaming. If you stop buying a local SIM, you’ll want to make sure you set up your VoIP app to use your new, local phone number.

Note that when traveling abroad, there is always a slight chance that your phone model may not work with a local SIM card or technology. Therefore, always do your research before traveling to make sure you have a compatible phone.

2. Cafe Camp

You can completely skip purchasing a SIM card. I would only recommend this option to locales that rely heavily on VoIP services, as you won’t have to worry too much about missing old-school texts or calls.

This type of thing is quite common in practice, if not ideal, for citizens of countries where Wi-Fi is free but cell service is relatively expensive, such as Cuba.

By turning off your roaming settings and putting your device in airplane mode, you will be able to use any universally-available Wi-Fi with a Canadian SIM card on your phone, even if Wi-Fi is enabled.

Then, you’ll be able to connect to any VoIP service of your choice at your destination for all your communication needs.

3. Use your mobile provider’s roaming plan

Of course, if you do not speak the local language or are not the most technically savvy person there, buying another SIM card can be a bit of a headache.

It should also be argued that the facility has a premium of its own and that “cafe camping” is certainly not convenient for every single traveler on the go.

If so, it may be best to accept a roaming fee for your carrier. The industry seems to be around average ড 15 per day Across all carriers that allow unlimited roaming, but these allow you to make full use of your device as if it were in Canada while abroad.

Too bad this is in addition to your regular billing costs. I have compared the talus, which is larger here in western Canada, to the bell for successor:

One of my pets for these services is that they do not always have a maximum charge cap; You could theoretically charge a roaming fee of $ 15 per day indefinitely. Rarely ideal for a mini-round-the-world bonanza.

On the other hand, it can be seen that the cost of less than $ 12 is standard for services that you can use while traveling across or through the United States. Not exactly a great savings, but cheaper than per-use.

My suggestion is that if you can use this option, do it for a short period of time and only for short-distance travel.

4. Google Fi?

If the idea of ​​backpackers collecting SIM cards to collect their flags or paying মোবাইল 15 per day to your mobile provider doesn’t appeal to you, I may have only one solution: a service called Google Fi.

Before we begin, I would like to suggest that Google Fi be listed as available to Americans only. This means you need to have a minimum: a US-issued credit card, a US address, a US-based Google Account created with a US IP address, and a 5G-enabled smartphone that meets Google’s compatibility requirements.

Once you have these in hand, you can consider which Google Fi plan is best for your travel needs. Personally, I think the best economic option is available for US $ 20 per month with US $ 10 per gigabyte of data, although there are others with more extensive service to think about.

The best part is that on all Google Fi plans, you are charged for a maximum of six gigabytes of data, or US $ 60 per billing cycle, including data. Unlimited and free past this point.

After that, you need to order a Google SIM card And as a modern technology company, they offer you a few choices.

You can get an e-SIM card and start using your Google Fi account right away, but not every phone is able to do that.

Alternatively, you can wait for your physical SIM card to arrive at your US address and either pick it up and activate it during a trip, or arrange to receive the chip sent to you here in Canada.

Either way, it is up to you to get your US IP address to work, for which you need a US VPN. Having that US IP address will allow you to successfully activate your Google Fi account, at least if your device e-SIM is compatible.

Once your account is activated, you can always suspend your service through your Google Account, which will suspend your payments (taken automatically via Google Pay) until you re-enable Fi. I would recommend doing this whenever you are not traveling, in which case you will be billed at a regular monthly rate for your chosen plan.

For those of you who either have e-SIM capabilities or have a dual SIM port (which many modern cell phones, especially flagship models), Google Fi always allows you to create your travel options on your device – an ideal roaming solution for anyone Traveler

A word of caution, though: I would be wary of using your Fi account too much in Canada and would certainly not switch to using it as your daily carrier, as this product is intended for Americans only.

Excessive foreign use may seem suspicious, and there is no point in taking the risk of closing a potential account so you can avoid Canadian telecom companies.

One last thing to consider: Google Fi is in beta development for Apple. Although I’m an Android fanboy, I know many Miles and Points enthusiasts are equally loyal to iOS.

So far, I haven’t heard any complaints from my US-based Google Fi user friends who are Apple lovers, but it’s something to consider.


In a digitalized world, communication is more important than ever.

That’s why cell phone service can be a source of concern for any Globetrotter, and it can be an unexpected expense if not calculated properly before catching your flight.

I hope some of you can use a local SIM for a fraction of the price, or jump through the hoops to join our cousins ​​in the South using Google Fi.

And if both of these solutions seem less appealing than using public Wi-Fi, why not launch your career roaming plan just for convenience?

Until the next time, go around cheap.

Nowadays there seems to be a lasting truth in the landscape of Canadian loyalty: wherever Air Canada goes, WestJet will follow.

In fact, in line with Air Canada’s recent double status-qualification campaign, WestJet is taking similar steps to encourage its status members, including double qualifying spend promotions for existing Silver, Gold and Platinum members on summer travel.

Offering double eligibility costs for existing status members

WestJet members will need to register for the promotion before they can start earning double the qualifying expenses.

Generally, 100% base fare for any WestJet flight you purchase is calculated as the cost eligible for your WestJet status.

Under this promotion, if you currently hold WestJet Silver, Gold or Platinum status, you will be charged instead for travel booked until July 5, 2022 and for travel completed between September 6, 2022. 200% of base rent Your status-eligibility costs towards your travels.

The promotion excludes basic economy fares or any travel whose base fares are booked using WestJet dollars (including members’ exclusive fares).

With the launch of this summer’s travel across WestJet’s domestic and international route networking, WestJet status members should keep this promotion in mind, as it may be possible to easily reach the next level by strategically booking a few flights for the rest of the year.

However, while existing WestJet status members may find this promotion useful, it is unfortunate that non-status members will not be allowed to benefit from this promotion. If you do not currently have status, you will need to acquire at least Silver status biologically before you can benefit from double the qualifying expenses on your next trip.

It is clear that WestJet is not necessarily interested in increasing its loyalty pool, but rather in strengthening its existing base – and indeed, to avoid tempting its members by airplane elite status and similarly powerful promotions.

What does WestJet Status offer?

As a reminder, eligibility criteria for WestJet Platinum, Gold or Silver status are as follows:

Members only need to meet these spending requirements to achieve the status; No additional segments or mileage requirements to meet.

In addition to flying, it is also possible to gain status-qualification through the status lift facility at WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard, although the price offer is not the strongest in doing so.

The status facility can be found on the WestJet website. Silver members receive free first and second checked bags, priority check-in and airport lounge vouchers, Gold members receive unlimited lounge access, and Platinum members receive the highest priority for upgrades.

While flying with WestJet, all Status members increase their earnings in WestJet dollars, with Platinum members topping the 8% earnings rate.

In my view, WestJet Status is most suitable for travelers to or from WestJet’s hub in Calgary, or those who frequently fly only on routes served by WestJet, but there is no broad attraction to the program.

Status benefits can be achieved through many other means. For example, a free first-check bag is available for any WestJet RBC World Elite cardholder, while access to WestJet’s flagship elevation lounge in Calgary is limited by American Express Platinum Card or Business Platinum Card provided by American Express. Priority pass network.

Moreover, WestJet seems to lack an idea of ​​how they can boost their loyalty and elite status programs, often with Air Canada rolling out similar loyalty initiatives months after the incident.

In order to truly compete for trusted flyers, WestJet needs to innovate and bring new ideas to the market without relying on the tactics of operating cockpits in the shadow of its larger competitors.


Followers of WestJet will have the opportunity to book a flight this summer from July 5 and reach a higher level of promotion for the Double Qualifying Spand flight on the flight between September 6.

The promotion is valid on all WestJet routes of any booking class except Basic Economy, and registration is required before the bonus can take effect.

In terms of their track record so far, what do we see next from WestJet – a status extension with a certain level of co-branded credit card spending?

I had a chance to see Maple Leaf Lounge in Halifax Recent cross-country mileage runs. I had my first flight to Montreal, but arrived at the airport bright and early to check out the lounge.

Compared to lounges at larger airports, it was quite small, but let’s see how it stacks up against other maple leaf lounges.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Access

I arrived at the airport at around 5 am in anticipation of the 8:30 am flight. Safety was a breeze, because there weren’t too many unfortunate spirits on a long weekend Sunday morning.

The lounge is located on the third floor, one floor above the exit level in the center of the airport.

After going through security, I got on the exit level and then took an elevator to the Maple Leaf Lounge. There is also a staircase for those who like to go some extra steps.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Elevator
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Entrance

The lounge is open daily from 4:15 a.m. to 5:50 p.m. for travelers traveling to Canada and international destinations, but not to those flying to the United States.

I entered the lounge in different ways. Just holding an American Express airplane reserve card would suffice and I also had the opportunity to hold Air Canada Airplane Elite status as a Super Elite.

I was greeted by a friendly check-in agent who smiled as I took a few pictures after entering. Models of airplanes and world clocks are present in the check-in lobby, as they are in other maple leaf lounges.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Model Aircraft
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Lobby

After scanning my boarding pass to confirm my eligibility, I entered the lounge so that a few more people could occupy the place.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Seats

Upon entering is a business center with a door on the left. The area has several work desks, some lounge chairs and a printer.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Business Center Entrance
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Business Center
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Business Center

To get to the main part of the lounge, the space opens up to the initial seating area. Next to the hallway is a pair of seats with a small table.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Hallway seating area
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Hallway seating area

There are clusters of seats across the lounge with chairs in groups of two and four.

There are seats in front of a fish tank to the right of the immediate food and beverage area. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fish tank in any other Maple Leaf Lounge, so thank you Halifax.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Seating
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Fish Tank

An area to the right of the fish tank has a table in the middle of a standard maple leaf lounge chair. Next to them is an eight-story high-top workstation with a power outlet.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Early Seating
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Early Seating
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Early Seating

Near the high-top workstation is a television with four scooped seats and a small table. The television was playing sports highlights from the previous night’s action, which was a bit more at this time of day.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Television area

There are paired seats with tables along the walls. Behind the lounge, there is another cluster of lounge chairs.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Wall Seating
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Back Seat

There are more leather seats, including tables, in front of the window overlooking the terminal and tarmac. These seemed to be the most popular seats during my stay.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – window seat

In the dining area, two sets of red chairs along the windows and an island in the middle of four other spaces.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Dining Area Window Seat
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Dining Area Seating

I spent most of my time at the workstation because I wanted to get some emails sent before my flight.

The restrooms are located near the check-in desk with a door on the right at the time of entry. My visit to the men’s room was clean and tidy. Unfortunately, there is no shower in this lounge.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Entrance to the lounge area
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Restroom

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Bar & Dining

The bar and dining area meet in a single spot to the left of the fish tank.

As I visited very early in the morning, the lounge is not served alcohol. Standard Maple Leaf Lounge offers of domestic beer, wine and spirits seem to be available until 11am.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Bar area
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Bar area

There was an automatic juice machine, two refrigerators and a filtered water machine that were closed to the public. There were no staff members at the time, as the rest of the area offered the same thing.

Two Lavaza automatic coffee machines and a variety of self-serve teas are available.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Lavaja Coffee Machine
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Coffee Machine and Tea Selection

In the buffet opposite the dining area, you will find muffins and several cold drinks.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Buffet Area
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Muffins
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Cold Drinks

The only other food options were in a refrigerator near the window, which offers quality breakfast items and more cold drinks.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Cold Food & Cold Drinks
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Halifax – Breakfast menu

Since this was my first visit to this lounge, I’m not sure if hot food was served before the epidemic. In any case, it would be nice to see some hot food items, as well as more cold items, as the drinks are the most available in this lounge.

I took a sip of sparkling water and ate a muffin during my stay, knowing that on my flight later that day I would eat two parsley omelettes.


Halifax Robert L. The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at Stanfield International Airport is a small place with limited food available. The space has several seating options and a fish tank.

It was quiet during my morning visit, but I imagine it gets a lot busier during the day. I would love to see hot food items available, as well as some more variety in the beer offer.

As the only airport lounge, the Maple Leaf Lounge is a quieter, more comfortable place to spend time before your flight than at the terminal.

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