Hiking Europe’s Tour du Mont Blanc was a completely different part of European culture for me: serving wonderful lunches in a distant farm-turned-thriving cafe… nicely sprinkled with flowers and cows (including classic bells)… and an Esprit de Corps where everyone is like family.

Before returning to our starting point in France, we trailed through three countries – France, Italy and Switzerland. This cow is completely Swiss.
One of TMB’s joys is coming to an old farmhouse on a hillside (or pasture) that, nowadays, is a rich little restaurant for hungry and thirsty hikers. The prices are reasonable, the service is friendly, the food is great and the vibe is a delight.

Since almost everyone hikes in the same direction (counterclockwise), you make friends with fellow travelers. Half of the people on the trail seemed to be from the United States, and I’ve met a lot of Seattleites.

It was easy to cross the long road immersed in deep conversations with those we met along the way.
I enjoyed meeting this fan of my book and TV show, who is celebrating his 60th birthday by hiking TMB with his son.

And for the sake of the hiking lights, the lunches were very simple – just a sandwich from the hotel, probably a carrot, a piece of fruit and water. But after arriving at the Mid-Day Summit, lunch was Marmot’s Feast. (Speaking of marmots, we didn’t see any wildlife on the trail except for a few rats trapped under the hiking boots.)

RBC has again increased the welcome bonus on their Avion Personal Card trilogy: Visa Infinite, Visa Platinum and Visa Infinite Privilege.

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Although the Tour du Mont Blanc claims, it is not a particularly difficult hike. It’s just long, with lots of height gain and loss, and always pleasant. On my recent trek around the hill with three friends, it seemed like each of us had a weak spot: the knee, the toes or the lungs. For some, the challenge was uphill, and for others (including weak knees), it was downhill. We took it easy, with very short breaks.

David, Sue, Shelley and I shared the whole hike in Mont Blanc. But in order to be free to run at our own pace, we usually think it is best to hike as a couple instead of four. It is really important to be able to stop and rest without any worries about what others want or need. Our motto was, “We came here to hike – to enjoy the moment, the path, the mountains – not to run to the hotel.”

For long climbs, steady, short steps are best. The trail can be really rocky, and I can’t imagine doing it without hiking poles. The road signs were great, and the apps made it easy to stay on the trail: just follow the blue dot. And I’ve got good use of a high-quality printed map. (I would spend the night before hiking and familiarize myself with the trail on the map.)

Although the weather forecast seemed awful, we hiked for six days (in September, the last week of the season) and fortunately, it rained for only an hour. Still, every day we packed rain gear, and we would add and close layers as we increased and lost altitude. Four days later, we sorted it out, and it came to us in the ranks of the newcomers, “We’re getting better at it.”

As we hiked in a large circle around a large mound of mountains and slept in the charming town every night, each day seemed to be on top of a terrifying mountain pass. One night treat was the stars walking under a milky blanket.

I will share more photos, stories and tips from Mont Blanc in the November 29 edition of Monday Night Travel. Want to come up with? Register now for this fun – and free! – Incidents.

American Express and Oxford Properties are back with another Amex offer, and this is a new twist on an idea we’ve seen before them.

You’ll earn one $ 70 statement credit When you spend Oxford Properties Gift Card 350 +, Whether purchased at Oxford Properties Guest Service Locations or online.

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Oxford Properties Gift Card: Spend $ 350, Get $ 70

Oxford Properties is a Canadian property management company with a wide variety of holdings across the country. The company also sells Oxford Gift Cards plus gift cards at oxfordgiftcardplus.ca, which can be redeemed in eligible Oxford Properties retail and travel businesses.

As part of this Amex offer, you will earn a lump sum $ 70 (CAD) statement credit If you participate online at the Oxford Properties Guest Service Desk in Canada or at Oxford Properties Guest Service Desk through oxfordgiftcardplus.ca, spend $ 350 (CAD) to purchase a gift card.

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Oxford Properties gift cards can be used at more than a dozen shopping malls and retail centers across Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia Canada:

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In addition, gift cards can be used to stay at Oxford Properties hotels across Alberta, British Columbia and Toronto, which may be of interest to travelers considering staying in one of these properties in the near future.

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This is because your $ 350 Oxford Properties gift card still has a value, if not equal to $ 350, for which you only have to pay $ 280.

You can sell the $ 350 gift card to another buyer, perhaps for a small discount, and still have a 70 statement credit thanks.

Scotiabank American Express cardholders can also register

As we have seen in many recent Amex offers, primary and supplementary cardholders of Scotiabank American Express products can also register and take advantage of promotions.

Eligible cards include Scotiabank Gold American Express Card, Scotiabank American Express Card, and Scotiabank Platinum American Express Card.

The registration portal is accessible through this link.

Whether you plan to use or resell your Oxford Properties gift card, you can sign up for this Amex offer on both your Amex- and Scotiabank-issued Amex products to maximize your earnings.


With this new Amex offer, eligible cardholders can earn a $ 70 statement credit by spending a minimum of $ 350 to purchase a gift card online at Oxford Properties Canada or through oxfordgiftcardplus.ca.

Oxford Properties gift cards can be used to save up to 20% on eligible shopping locations, hotels or Porter Airlines flights, so there is a fairly wide range of uses for your discount gift cards.

Remember that the registration cap is limited to the first 20,000 cardholders, so be sure to press the register and then pick up your Oxford Properties gift card as soon as possible, and July 18, 2022 At the latest.

At age 66, I felt like the father of the hiking community while hiking around Mont Blanc earlier this fall. But the Tour du Mont Blanc is possible for any reasonably fit hiker, and there were plenty of people on the trail who were older than me.

For newcomers like Shelley and me, it’s wise to be proactive about health and safety. Here are some tips I learned along the way:

Good boots, liner socks, slippery powder and moleskin are essential for soft skin. We became a kind of gear geek – investing in good day bags (aspray), woolen clothes (socks, underwear, shirts) and great hiking shoes. I was not so grateful for wool hats in Europe.

I was skeptical of many “good ideas”, but the two things I finally appreciated were a daily bag of trail mix and my metal water bottle. (I complained about its steep ট্যাগ 40 price tag … but soon realized it was a great price).

I must say, if the weather gets bad and it rains hard, I don’t think most trails will be fun at all. In fact, it would be dangerous. Hiking poles are essential, and even in perfect weather, I would worry about stumbling without my own faithful set.

Eat a solid breakfast. One day we had breakfast without any protein, the climb was hard.

Apply sunscreen even if the weather is bad.

After learning my lessons about other long climbs, I decided from the start to be religious about expanding the Tour du Mont Blanc. I had a routine of six stretches and spent time all day to make sure I wasn’t tight. Very important!

Don’t be a hero. When the skin is hot, wrap it. I did a complete TMB hike without a blister – and then purposely got one in the last two hours.

Good gear, smart and active ways to stay healthy, stretch, and take it easy… it all worked great.

I will share more photos, stories and tips from Mont Blanc in the November 29 edition of Monday Night Travel. Want to come up with? Register now for this fun – and free! – Incidents.

Today is a day of deep sorrow. Russia’s offensive is heartbreaking in Ukraine and, at least indirectly, for death, suffering and economic unrest. Here in Rick Steve’s Europe, we hope that a diplomatic solution will be found and that peace will return to that fragile and long-violent part of our world.

Our goal at RSE is to help Americans get to know and understand our neighbors better through travel. But when we bring travelers to other countries, we also bring their dollars – dollars that will support Putin’s aggression. Therefore, to date, we have canceled all 2022 tours, including one stop in Russia.

Of course, we will keep a close eye on the unfolding events and observe the effects of travel in the rest of Europe. But it is important to keep in mind the geographical reality and remember that the war in Ukraine will be as far from our European vacation dream as the war in Guatemala will be from Texas or Florida. For over 40 years now, we’ve lived, worked, and traveled through many periods of tragic war in countries far away from our tour (and some nearby). And at this point, we see no reason to change the rest of our travel and travel plans.

The tragic reality unfolding in Ukraine only reminds me that for Americans to continue traveling and do things that make our world better and more employed citizens. I’m flying to Europe next month for a 40-day trip through a dozen great cities from London to Athens – and I’m proud that thousands of my traveling companions will experience the European journey of their dreams while having a long distance learning experience. A 2022 Rick Steves tour home.

In this time, let us be grateful for our blessings, support the leaders of our nation as they do their best to navigate this crisis and keep the turbulent corners of our world (Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan and more) in our thoughts and prayers.

– Rick