In December 2019, just before the world took a strange turn for the worse, the Canadian Air Passenger Protection Regulations (APPR) became fully effective.

The COVID-19 epidemic must have tested the implementation of these new rules, which largely disappointed the people they had to protect.

As a result of the epidemic, the Canadian Transportation Agency recently announced changes to the APPR, which they argue provide better service to air travelers traveling from, or within, Canada.

Let’s take a look at the changes, effective September 8, 2022, and see if they fit the bill.

What are the Air Passenger Protection Regulations?

The Canadian Air Passenger Protection Regulations (APPR) are rules that legislate what airlines have to offer passengers. They affect the airlines’ responsibilities in a number of ways, including:

  • Seating for the family
  • IRROPS time communication
  • Lost or damaged luggage
  • Delayed and / or canceled flights, and
  • Denied boarding example

Of these rules, delayed and / or canceled flight obligations are the most effective.

The number of delayed and canceled flights in the last two years is unprecedented. This was especially the case during the height of the epidemic, when air travel was largely halted, but continues to the present time, when airports, airlines and government service providers fight to provide a non-stop experience.


As a reminder, in the case of flight delays, airlines are obliged to provide specific standards of treatment depending on the cause and length of the delay.

Situations that are under the control of the airline, such as overbooking or mechanical errors during routine maintenance, require the airlines to pay the following compensation:

  • If late In three to six hours, You deserve to get at least 400 With large airlines and $ 125 With smaller airlines.

  • If late In six to nine hours, You deserve to get at least $ 700 With large airlines and 250 With smaller airlines.

  • If late Nine hours or more, You deserve to get at least 1,000 With large airlines and $ 500 With smaller airlines

For situations that are under the control of the airline but necessary for safety, such as safety decisions made by the pilot or unforeseen events that are legally required to reduce the risk to passengers, as well as situations that are completely under the control of the airline:

  • Reasonable amount of food and drink should be provided
  • Arrange to stay at the hotel in case of overnight delays
  • Rebook passengers on any airline, if the delay is nine hours or more, and
  • Offer return to passengers if arrangements no longer meet their needs

Although passengers will not receive any compensation if the cause of the delay is under the control of the airline but for safety reasons, they will at least (theoretically) be fed, sheltered and eventually reach their final destination.

Until now, if the cause of the delay was out of the airline’s control, such as war, inclement weather, bird strikes, or labor disruption, airlines had to make sure passengers completed their itinerary.

If they are not able to accommodate the passenger within 48 hours of the end of the disruption incident from the same airport, passengers must be booked to depart from another airport, as much as possible.

Changes to the APPR affect delays and cancellations Because the airline is out of control. Let’s take a look at what’s changing in particular.

What is change?

By September 8, 2022, if a flight is canceled or delayed by more than three hours due to out of air control, airlines must offer passengers the option to refund or rebook.

Significantly, this only happens when the passenger cannot be accommodated with the option to leave Within 48 hours of original departure time.

In addition, airlines have up to 30 days to issue refunds.

In other words, if the airline can re-book you flights that depart within 48 hours of your original scheduled departure time, either operated by the parent airline or by a partner airline, you are not eligible for a refund.

If the airline Can’t Provide a guaranteed reservation for departure within 48 hours of your original scheduled departure time, only then will you be offered a choice between re-booking or returning.

Again, these changes only affect flights that are delayed or canceled due to circumstances outside the airline’s control; Other aspects of the APPR remain largely the same.

These changes are effective as a result of loopholes in existing regulations during epidemics. The Minister of Transport directed the Canadian Transportation Agency to consult with the public, airlines, consumer lawyers and industry representatives so that these gaps can be closed in a way that is reasonable to all parties involved.

Upcoming changes, detailed above, are a direct result of this hearing. But it remains to be seen how effective they will be.

Are these changes helpful?

At first glance, it seems great for airlines to refund passengers for long delays or cancellations in situations beyond their control.

We have all seen that during the epidemic, customers fought against the airlines for getting their flights canceled. Airlines are stuck on money, basically without any kind of reaction, when passengers go to extremes, including taking the airlines to court to get their money back.

In addition, airlines have used or are using very liberal explanations of what was in their control and what was not to avoid returning passengers under the first iteration of the APPR.

Although crew scheduling certainly falls within the airline’s control, the airlines argue that crew scheduling limitations COVID-19 caused by the ongoing effects of the epidemic Was actually out of their control.

It appeared that the airlines were able to use any excuse to avoid the return of passengers, again basically without any response. As past events disappear, will these changes make a big difference for front passengers?

The key detail of these changes is that 48-hour timeline airlines require passengers to re-book. For delays or cancellations outside the airline’s control, unless they take you on your way within two days, they avoid a refund offer.

From the main hub and to the big airlines, it is very likely that they will be able to offer you one of the many options to get you to your destination in a reasonable time. This is especially the case if the airline is a member of an airline alliance, such as Star Alliance or SkyTeam, as they will use partner airlines if necessary.

From smaller hubs or smaller airlines, a reasonable alternative is less likely to be available, as there are not many options at the disposal of the airline.

For many passengers who travel for short trips, such as weekend trips or business day trips, or who travel on a tight timeline and have a small window to get to their destination, 48 hours is a long time. In fact, a full trip can last less than 48 hours.

If a flight is canceled on a Friday evening and you are re-booked on a Sunday morning, does the trip really make any sense if you have to return on a Sunday night anyway? In this situation, you will still not be eligible for a refund under the new provisions and you will either waste your money or your precious time.

For example, I recently booked a flight from Vancouver Island to Edmonton to soak in a play-off environment. I had a Saturday morning departure and set back on Sunday evening.

Fortunately, the cancellation was under the control of the airline and I got my money back without any problems, but if the new rules were in effect and the cause of the delay was out of the airline’s control, I would have fallen into an unfortunate situation.

Critics of the changes argue that giving the airlines a 48-hour risk-free window will leave many passengers hanging, while airlines and industry partners may suggest that this is a reasonable time for situations. Actually Out of their control.

I am not entirely confident that the reasons given to passengers for flight delays and cancellations in Canada are 100% honest, and I am not fully confident that there is strong enforcement or oversight.

While passengers can raise their claim by going to court for a CTA or small claim, it is an unnecessary burden that drags on much longer than it should be in a simple, streamlined process.

How does APPR compare to other countries?

It is impossible to please all parties involved in such a vague situation, but can APPR be combined with air passenger rules in other jurisdictions?

Those involved in creating the APPR have described it as “the world’s leading approach to air passenger rights,” while consumer advocates and critics point out the flaws in the APPR faster than similar regulations in other countries.

EU261, which covers travel to and from the European Union, is often regarded as the gold standard for the rights of airline passengers worldwide.

Under EU261, passengers are entitled to a refund if their flight is canceled For whatever reason.

In contrast to the impending changes to Canada’s APPR, there is no grace period for airlines to accommodate passengers in situations both inside and outside their control under EU261; If you delay more than five hours or your flight is canceled, you have the right to a refund.

This also happens in other countries like the United States, Israel and Turkey, where airlines have to offer passengers a refund if their flight is delayed by more than a few hours or is canceled for any reason.

In addition, in other jurisdictions, refunds must be processed in a more timely manner – Usually within a week.

Compared to similar air passenger safety regulations in other countries, Canada’s upcoming changes to the APPR, and indeed the standards of the APPR, seem to be very low.


An upcoming change is coming to Canada’s Air Passenger Protection Regulation. From September 8, 2022, in situations outside the airline’s control, airlines must return passengers if they cannot re-book within 48 hours of their original scheduled departure time.

Although these changes will be applied to close some of the gaps in the APPR exposed by the COVID-19 epidemic, the Canadian APPR will fail to offer the same or better regulations as in other countries.

These changes probably won’t affect most travelers who are likely to stay within the 48-hour window. Those who book short trips will lose time and / or money and it would be wise to close this gap further for APPR.

We’re seeing a new Amex offer for Marriott hotels across the country that lets you monetize. A $ 50 statement credit after spending $ 250 Until staying at the Marriott Hotel in Canada October 5, 2022.

Marriott Hotel in Canada: Spend $ 250, get 50

The new Marriott Amex offer requires manual registration before applying to your card.

You will get one $ 250 পরে 50 statement credit after purchase In a Marriott property in Canada.

If you want to make a purchase for exactly 250, you will effectively get an unlock 20% discount আপনার 50 on your purchase via statement credit.

This offer includes a registration cap of 40,000 cardholders, so be sure to log in to your Amex online dashboard to register now so you don’t miss out.

The offer is shown on a wide range of American Express products such as Platinum Card and Airplane Reserve Card. Somewhat frustratingly, it won’t necessarily appear on your Marriott Bonavoy card or Marriott Bonavoy Business Card (which would otherwise provide the highest return rate on Marriott purchases).

Since the credit has been applied to Amex, the discount will start based on the final amount charged at the Marriott Hotel. That means you can combine it with other location-specific deals or money-saving strategies – as long as the bill is at least 250, you’ll get a 50 credit.

The Amex offer is valid October 5, 2022. As usual, this indicates the date of the transaction for your hotel stay, so any hotel stay within that date (excluding prepaid stays) should work.

Book the Marriott Hotel with the Prince of Travel

Fine print

The most relevant part of the terms is as follows:

Offer valid only in participating Marriott Bonvoy ™ property Canada. Save online at via the Marriott Bonvoy ™ app or by calling 1-888-236-2427. Click here for a list of participating properties. Offer valid only at room rate and room charge. Online gift card shopping is excluded. All other purchases are excluded. The offer is not valid for staying in the offer before registering your eligible card or after 05/10/2022. EDITION®, The Luxury Collection®, Bulgari®, Marriott Vacation Club®, Design Hotels ™, Gaylord Hotels®, Protea Hotels®, Marriott®’s AC Hotel, Moxy® Hotel, Marriott International™’s Homes & Villas, Marriott Executive Apartments Excluded Gives 6, and Vista 6.

As you can see, there are several excluded brands, although their joint footprint in Canada is quite limited. But if you are considering staying at the AC Hotel Montreal Downtown, this is something to keep in mind.

Although the terms state that the offer only applies to room rates and room charges, historically these Marriott offers have worked. General purpose Marriott gift cards, purchased from the hotel front desk Shopping is not separated from regular hotel room and incidental charges.

Therefore, if you do not plan to stay at adequate Marriott hotels in Canada this summer and have dropped out to maximize your statement credit, you can still show a local Marriott property that sells gift cards and can unlock an effective discount for future Marriott stays. .

For those of you who play games in two-player mode or more, remember that at most Marriott hotels you have to pay with a credit card in your own name.

I raced against it at JW Marriott Park Vancouver a while ago, when I tried to share কার্ড 1,000 + in gift card purchases across multiple person cards; The hotel swiped a card that was not in my name before requesting a refund (although the statement credit still remains in the account).

Scotia Gold Amex cardholders can also register

As we saw in previous Amex offers, the “Spend $ 250, Get $ 50” Marriott offer is also available for Scotiabank American Express cardholders to register via this link.

This option is available for primary and supplementary cardholders of Scotiabank American Express Card, Scotiabank Gold American Express Card and Scotiabank Platinum American Express Card.

This gives you another option to multiply your savings under this promotion, especially since Scotiabank-issued Amex cards may be individually registered for the offer, where Amex-issued Amex cards cannot.


American Express is now rolling out a new set of $ 50 statement credits for staying at the $ 250 + Marriott Hotel in Canada. All current cardholders need to see at least one of these offers in their account, unless you hold your card for a few weeks and start seeing Amex offers.

Be sure to register your Amex Offer Dashboard before the maximum number of registrations, and then start planning your stay at the Marriott Hotel (or buy a gift card) October 5, 2022.

With the addition of direct flights from Vancouver to Bangkok, Air Canada has further expanded their west coast offers. Direct Vancouver-Osaka service is being re-launched.

Needless to say, these new flights can be booked via Airplane Point, and Spoiler Alert: Availability is much better than Bangkok flights!

Air Canada’s new Vancouver-Osaka route

The beginning June 2, 2023, Air Canada will again operate direct flights from Vancouver to Osaka.

Based on the initial schedule list, this flight will operate four times a week, with the following scheduled schedules.

  • The AC23 will depart Vancouver (YVR) to Osaka (KIX) at 1:10 pm and arrive a day later at 4:05 pm
  • AC24 Osaka (KIX) to Vancouver (YVR), depart at 5:40 pm and arrive at 11:05 pm

Vancouver-Osaka: Another Amazing Airplane Suite Spot!

The reopening of the Vancouver-Osaka route means that there is another option to take advantage of one of the airplane’s best sweet spots: flying between the west coast and Japan.

From Vancouver, Osaka falls within the first distance band below 5,000 miles on Aeroplan’s North America-Pacific Awards chart:

Thus, a direct flight at the lowest dynamic level would cost exactly 55,000 airplane points In business class.

In fact, next summer’s Vancouver-Osaka flights are already loaded and bookable, so we were able to get an idea of ​​Air Canada’s dynamic pricing at launch. And in this case, the news is almost overwhelmingly positive.

In business class, the Vancouver-Osaka flight seems to leave four seats at the bottom of the dynamic pricing band.

Some bookings are priced even at extremely affordable prices 54,400 points One way – Less More than a fixed-level price of 55,000 points on partners!

If you have Aeroplan Elite status and / or an Aeroplan co-branded credit card, you will be able to unlock more discounts by logging in.

Don’t forget, if you book business (flexible) for an additional 10,000 points, you will have access to your Air Canada signature suite Vancouver before your flight.

(Surprisingly, there are more than four seats available at this price on some dates, which I recommend if you are looking for a family trip to Japan in the summer, grab it now.)

Although in economy class, prices are a bit more expensive than in business class at launch, the standard rental section is priced at 72,500 points one-way and 92,500 points in latitude.

There is a decent amount of eUpgrade space spread across the board, but we can’t recommend the “latitude attitude” strategy when booking directly in business class is more affordable.

Another useful option for going to Japan

The Vancouver-Osaka route will be operated by a Boeing 787-8, featuring 20 signature class “pods” across five rows in a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration.

Comparing Air Canada to other transpacific airlines that fly to Osaka, the ANA will be the only major competitor to the Star Alliance, which operates a single route to Chicago. Meanwhile, Japan Airlines offers an alternative west coast route between Osaka and Los Angeles.

In terms of flight experience, I would prefer both ANA and Japan Airlines to Heartbeat over Air Canada, as well as thanks to the strong food and service you will find on domestic airlines in Japan.

However, at the moment the prize space does not seem to be very high in these products like Air Canada’s direct Osaka route and in the end the advantage of a non-stop flight in the Kansai region cannot be lost.

If you’re a little interested in traveling to Japan next summer (of course the country is awaiting reopening of its borders for tourists), I’ll jump to this award seat in a heartbeat.


Air Canada will load direct flights from Vancouver to Osaka next June, with plans to reopen the route for the 2023 summer tourist season.

The direct flight from Vancouver to Osaka will run four times a week, departing in the afternoon on both sides.

With adequate rewards at the bottom end of the dynamic scale and a reliable signature class onboard product, Air Canada’s direct Osaka flight promises to be a very popular route and I would recommend locking seats for next summer as soon as possible.

Brim Financial has announced that it has partnered with Air France / KLM Flying Blue to issue a co-branded credit card for the Loyalty Program in Canada.

Although the details are light, it is always exciting when a new airline co-branded credit card takes shape in the Canadian market. Let’s take a look at what we know so far and think about what we can expect from an Air France / KLM Flying Blue credit card in the future.

Bream Will The New Year France / KLM Credit Card

Air France / KLM Flying Blue has sought to build a strong presence in Canada in recent years, launching new routes to Canadian cities and joining American Express to allow point transfers like last year.

Partnering with Brim to issue a co-branded credit card is the next step in that process, and the choice of a new generation of fintech as their financial partner represents a bolder move than going with a traditional financial institution like Big 5 Bank. American Express.

For Brim, Air France / KLM is the first airline loyalty program to sign up to its end-to-end financial platform services, and represents a major expansion of their credit card portfolio beyond their rather pedestrian internal MasterCard offers.

What can we expect from the new Air France / KLM credit card?

While some details about the upcoming product and launch date are available at the moment, we can make some light guesses about what we can expect from the new Air France / KLM Flying Blue credit card issued by Brim.

Brim credit cards are all issued on the MasterCard network, so it is fairly certain that the Air France / KLM credit card will also be a MasterCard product, ensuring widespread acceptance to virtually all retailers in Canada and abroad.

Brim’s products basically offer no foreign transaction fees and I hope this feature survives the new airline co-branded offer, especially as it is a simple competitive differentiator compared to most credit cards in Canada.

Beyond that, anyone guesses what this somewhat unexpected partnership will bring to the market.

I’m sure we’d all like to see a healthy welcome bonus at Flying Blue Mile, so we hope Brim gets rid of its existing World Elite, World and No-Feet Mastercard trend of not offering a slight $ 10 welcome bonus.

I think it makes sense to expect an income rate based on everything else with a higher income rate on Air France / KLM purchases.

Air France La Premier

Choose additional facilities that reward Air France / KLM frequent flyers and cardholders, such as Flying Blue Elite Status or Air France Lounge access in Toronto and Montreal, it will also be very welcome – although it will depend on price points and market segment to read new products.

As part of its integrated financial “platform-to-service” product, Brim also places a lot of emphasis on dynamically targeted offers for cardholders and I believe they will be better equipped to deliver on that promise than anything in Canada. More established, but less clever, peer bank.

Finally, there’s one thing I think we can expect from the new Brim – Air France / KLM credit card: the unexpected.

We’ve never seen an airline loyalty program connect to a digital banking platform before, and it’s quite exciting to consider the new possibilities presented here.

Here’s hoping Brim and Air France / KLM Flying Blue want to make a real splash with their new credit card, rather than figuring something out to make numbers.

KLM 787-9 Business Class


Are we going to launch Brim Air France / KLM Flying Blue World Elite MasterCard in Canada, perhaps with a juicy welcome bonus of 100,000 Flying Blue Miles? Only time will tell, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the latest airline co-branded credit cards coming to our shores.

It has always been exciting to see more competition among airline credit cards, especially since this is a place where Air Canada has been virtually unchallenged in recent years.

Air France and KLM offer flights to less than six Canadian metropolitan centers and their Flying Blue Loyalty program unveils a variety of travel options on Skytim Airlines, with the new co-branded credit card issued by Brim promising to make waves after its arrival. In the near future.

From September 22, 2022, American Express will bring a significant change to the US Marriott Bonavoy Brilliant Card: the annual $ 300 Marriott credit will be replaced by 12 sets of $ 25 monthly dining credit (all figures in US dollars).

This presents a big shock to this card and whether it will be positive or negative for you depends on your monthly spending habits.

$ 300 Marriott Credit Replacement 12 × $ 25 Dining Credit

The Amex US Marriott Bonavoy Brilliant Card is a premium Marriott co-branded credit card offer in the United States, and comes with a ফ 450 annual fee.

However, the annual fee is justified by many benefits, including 15 elite qualifying nights, an annual $ 300 Marriott credit, and an anniversary free night award worth up to 50,000 bona fide points.

The $ 300 Marriott credit, in particular, can be used for any Marriott purchase – be it room rate, accessories, or even a gift card from the front desk. If you spend $ 300 per year with Marriott, this credit was as good as the cash in your pocket.

However, since September 22, 2022, American Express is implementing a major change to this credit, changing it from $ 300 per annum of Marriott purchases to যোগ্য 25 per month of eligible dining credit at restaurants worldwide.

For existing cardholders, this means you must use your $ 300 Marriott credit before September 22nd. If you don’t already have a hotel line, you can go to the local Marriott Hotel to buy a gift card. And credit triggers.

You’ll then start receiving a 25 dining credit per month from October, so due to the change this membership year you’ll get a little more value from the card.

This makes the Forest Fear Brilliant card even more annoying to hold

On the page, 12 25 per month for 12 months is equivalent to $ 300 per year, so the face value of statement credits remains the same. Dining Credit is also redeemable at restaurants worldwide, so Canadian-based cardholders should have no problem using it.

If you find it easier to take advantage of 12 sets of $ 25 dining credit than spending $ 300 a year with Marriott, you will see this change as a positive development.

However, if you typically spend at least $ 300 a year with Marriott (as I imagine most wildly brilliant cardholders would), splitting this credit into 12 sets of dining credits makes holding this card even more “annoying.” Long term

You’ll need to keep track of each monthly credit and remember to use it, and you’ll be offered better prizes on your Amex US Gold Card or Amex Cobalt Card for your dining purchases.

If you miss a month or two, you’ve lost the potential value that you must be able to unlock with the old $ 300 Marriott credit – and this is clearly the trap that Amex US has created for cardholders through this change.

I imagine some cardholders would be able to maximize the monthly 25 dining credits so that they could lower their net annual fee to $ 150 for the year, which is still an attractive price to pay in exchange for a প 50,000 Free Night Award.

However, if you feel the headache of using the card for dining once a month, you also have the option to download Bonavoy Brilliant to the Amex US Bonavoy card, which is a $ 95 product that has been discontinued for new applicants but remains. Available via a downgrade path.

$ 95 Amex US Bonavoy Card offers 15 Elite Qualifying Nights per year (which would be 30 if you had Amex US Bonavoy Business Card), as well as an Annual Free Night Award worth 35,000 points to justify the annual fee.

Personally, I currently have two Forest Fear Brilliant cards active through my family. I’d like to try the monthly dining credits once and see how “annoying” they are to be tracked and used each month, and I could downgrade one of these cards to a $ 95 Bonvay card if it becomes too much to handle.


The Amex US Forest Fear Brilliant card will be converted from a $ 300 annual Marriott credit to a monthly $ 25 dining credit set by September 22, 2022.

This does not change the nominal value proposition of the surface card, but makes it a more time-consuming card that maximizes handling and moving forward.

If you are an existing Forest Fear Brilliant Cardholder, this is a good opportunity to reconsider whether the card is meaningful to you in the long run; If that doesn’t happen, it’s time to dump her and move on.

On June 21, 2022, Staples customers who signed up to receive flyers or promotions were treated to some amazing news.

Effective July 1, 2022, just 10 days later, Staples unexpectedly Ending their partnership with Air Miles.

It quickly followed the news that Sobeys’ parent company was acquiring a stake in Empires Scene + and was planning to phase out Air Miles, quickly leaving the disrupted “loyalty program” with a number of partners.

Another messy public breakup for Air Miles

Staples is one of the largest and most iconic office retail stores in Canada, generating billions of dollars in revenue each year. This is the latest high-profile Air Miles partner to announce the end of their partnership.

The concern is how fast this separation is happening. Customers were sent only one reckless email, which was light in detail.

The letter appears to have been rushed, as it made no provision for future loyalty programs beyond a vague assurance that Staples’ in-house “preferred” loyalty programs would be developed and upgraded for customers.

Of course, the program of choice is of some interest because it offers some discounts on certain products and comes with benefits like free shipping, but unfortunately, it is only available to small businesses. When you sign up for this link you will need to check a box stating that you are a business.

Even if you’re a proud sole proprietor who makes great use of your American Express small business payment solutions, signing up isn’t boring.

Loyalty programs with open redemption options for travel, even if Air Miles was fairly weak in that case, are much more flexible than flat discounts which are less likely to be significant.

What’s next for Air Miles?

To put it bluntly, it seems that Staples saw Sobes’ decision to exit Air Miles and then decide to leave the ship immediately. At this stage, it seems that the future of the whole loyalty program may be in serious question.

Traditionally, Air Miles has relied on a combination of two factors to stay competitive in the Canadian market.

The first is ubiquity: whether it’s filling the shell with gas, shopping for home renovation supplies in Lowe’s, or collecting wine at the LCBO, you can be sure you’ll be able to earn at least a few air miles a day – on a day-to-day basis, usually boots. With promotional accelerator to do.

However, things weren’t too rosy in the late Air Miles world: at the same time there was a tendency to devalue rewards and lower earnings rates on co-branded credit cards like BMO Air Miles World Elite MasterCard, which went from 1 1 earnings per 20 air miles in 2021. It cost 1 air mile.

Meanwhile, the program has also been bleeding partners left and right. Lowes (and its authorized hardware stores, Rona and Réno-Dépôt) left Air Miles directly, while LCBO joined the new-and-advanced Aeroplan.

Universalism is not something that Air Miles has been enjoying in the Canadian retail space for the past few years and it has only increased due to the loss of their recent Sobes and Staples.

The second way Air Miles retains customers is to increase cross-brand loyalty through promotions like Shop the Block, which encourages shoppers to make multiple purchases from multiple partner retailers. With Air Miles losing a large stake, the ability to maximize revenue through Shock the Block has shrunk significantly.

On top of all this, the basic income rate of $ 20 per 1 air mile is not only measurable when a huge 95 air mile is worth only $ 10. Add to that the lack of utility of the program’s flight rewards, and the hamstring of once-profitable seasonal promotions, there is little reason to be loyal to the remaining few Air Miles-affiliated companies.

Loyalty Ventures, Inc., the parent company of Air Miles, needs a serious change plan if this program is to continue, and one would expect that the person in charge of this work would begin the difficult process by adopting a more consumer-centric approach.


It’s sad, but it looks like one of Canada’s most iconic loyalty programs could soon be at its best, or at worst sent to the dustbin of history. Staples joins Sobeys as another partner, ending their relationship with Air Miles on July 1, 2022.

If there is anything to be understood from the fall of Air Miles, it is not to grant allegiance; Instead, customers must feel that they are getting both valuable and real value.

This basic requirement is something that Air Miles has rarely done to satisfy numerous myths and controversies, and a question they must address if they are to survive.

Until next time, cash out your Air Miles while you still can.

A new Amex offer has been introduced which allows you to earn $ 60 statement credit by spending $ 300 using your American Express card at Hyatt Hotel in Canada September 22, 2022.

Hyatt Hotel in Canada: Spend $ 300, Get $ 60

You will receive a one-time 60 (CAD) statement credit after spending $ 300 (CAD) after tax on participating Hyatt hotels. Promotion is limited to Canadian property, and purchases must be charged in Canadian dollars.

Hayat has a decent selection across the country, with a total of 19 properties, mostly concentrated in major metropolitan centers, including a few in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

The offer works on a total incremental purchase of 300 or more, so there is no need to meet the minimum $ 300 on a single purchase.

Offer ends September 22, 2022, And the first 30,000 cardholders have a registration cap, so it’s best to register as soon as possible to secure your eligibility.

We’ve seen this offer pop up on a wide range of American Express cards, including platinum cards and cobalt cards. If you’re playing the game in two-player mode or more, be sure to check each person’s card to see if the offer has popped up and register accordingly.

Save up to 20% on Hyatt Hotels this summer

This offer can be an easy way to save money if you plan to stay at a Hyatt hotel from now on September, especially if you are using your summer travels to renew your globalist status for next year.

With just $ 300 a purchase, you’ll want to effectively unlock one 20% discount আপনার 60 on your purchase via statement credit.

Since the statement credit will be applied to Amex, you can combine it with other ongoing property-specific contracts or money-saving strategies, such as the Ontario Station Tax Credit.

To make the most of the multiple Amex offers to stay the same, keep in mind that you can redeem Oxford Properties gift cards at Park Hyatt Toronto.

However, keep in mind that you can pay for your stay using an existing gift card and your credit card, which includes the Hyatt Amex offer – but not at the same time.

So, before using your Oxford Properties gift card, I recommend using the Hyatt Amex offer for the $ 300 portion of the hotel bill first, as it is a limited time contract with no expiration date.

Park Hyatt Toronto

Scotiabank American Express cardholders can also register

As we have seen in previous Amex offers, the offer is also available to primary and supplementary cardholders of Scotiabank American Express products: Scotiabank Gold American Express, Scotiabank American Express, and Scotiabank Platinum American Express.

The registration portal is accessible through this link.

This provides another way to maximize your savings under this promotion by registering and using the Amex offer in both your Amex- and Scotiabank-issued Amex credit cards.

If you have a more expensive Hyatt line, you can register multiple primary and complementary Scotiabank cardholders for the offer and split the bill into $ 300 pieces to maximize the $ 60 statement credit each time.


The latest Amex offer allows eligible cardholders to earn a $ 60 statement credit by spending a minimum of $ 300 for a growing purchase of Hyatt property in Canada this summer.

Not every American Express card is targeted for this offer, so be sure to check all your cards to see if the promotion is showing. For those who have a Scotiabank American Express credit card, be sure to register via the portal link to increase your savings.

Keep in mind that the registration cap is limited to the first 30,000 cardholders, so it’s best to register as soon as possible and then plan your stay this summer. September 22, 2022.

If you are thinking of making your credit card game flatter than what is available in Canada, we must first look at our neighbors in the South.

With lucrative signup offers, a wide range of transfer partners and a simple cross-border application process, American Express US is usually the issuer of choice if you sign in with a US credit card.

However, just like in Canada, it is important to be aware of the limitations of the number of different Amex US products that you can hold together.

Since there are a significant number of Amex US credit cards that can be worth applying for, you need to think about which ones you should keep and which ones you don’t mind waiting for the next date.

American Express US charge card vs. credit card

American Express US offers the same as their Canadian counterparts Charge card In addition to the value Credit Card:

  • Charge card There is no pre-defined credit limit, although you are obliged to pay the full balance each month.
  • Credit card Bring a credit limit and allow you to make a minimum monthly payment and keep a balance on the card (not that you shouldn’t).

With American Express US you are allowed to hold up to 10 charge cards at a time. These include some of the issuer’s most popular products:

(In fact, the only way you could possibly cross the 10 charge card limit is if you load multiple small business charge cards at once.)

Other than that, other Amex US products are credit cards with a traditional revolving credit limit.

And since American Express limits you to holding only Five Credit cards (including small business credit cards) make it even more appealing that there are five cards you should choose.

A picture of the Marriott Brilliant Card

Which five American Express US credit cards?

To decide on the best strategy, we need to think about which of the best travel credit cards in American Express USA is eligible for a welcome bonus in advance, as well as which five are worth keeping in the long run.

It is important to note that the cards we will discuss below have no foreign transaction fees, making them suitable for use when traveling abroad or in Canada.

Slot # 1

If you are new to the US credit card market, it is usually a good idea to start with a credit card without any fees. This allows you to nurture your credit history without running costs if you decide to close another account that has an annual fee in the future.

(It’s not necessarily Always The suit, though. If you know for sure that you want to keep a certain credit card in the long run, even if it has an annual fee, it might make sense to get started there – see slot # 2 below.)

Among American Express US no-fee credit cards, the Hilton Honors card is generally considered one of the most popular choices, giving easy access to Hilton Honors points, a useful hotel point coin that is not the easiest to earn in Canada. Otherwise

The welcome bonus on this no-fee Hilton card often fluctuates around 70,000-100,000 Hilton Honors points (US $ 350-500) and the minimum spending requirement is generally fairly low.

Starting with the Hilton Card lets you build credit history over time and diversify your hotel rewards game, all at a very reasonable running cost of $ 0.

Hilton Queenstown

Slots # 2 and # 3

If you are already raising your credit card points in Canada, you must be familiar with Marriott Forest.

While it is possible to collect points from Canadian-issued personal and business Amex Forest Fear cards, this is ultimately a limited set of two credit cards for which you can sign up.

By diversifying your Marriott Forest Fear game in the United States, you will be able to access a wide range of welcome bonuses, as well as unlock a unique feature from the interaction between personal and business United States Fear cards.

Like the Canadian-issued Forest Fear cards, holding one card will earn you 15 elite qualifications each year. But hold on Both Personal and business versions of credit cards in the United States, they will be deposited for a total of 30 elite qualification nights.

If you have the following combination of Marriott Forest Fear co-branded credit cards …

Canadian Private + Canadian Business

15 Elite Qualifying Nights

Canadian Private + US Private

15 Elite Qualifying Nights

Canadian Private + US Business

15 Elite Qualifying Nights

Canadian Business + US Private

15 Elite Qualifying Nights

Canadian Business + US Business

15 Elite Qualifying Nights

US Private + US Business

30 elite qualifying nights

This means you’ll be on the fast track to 50 elite qualifying nights at Marriott Bonavoy Platinum Status, where you’ll find most status benefits, such as free breakfast, suite upgrades and guaranteed late checkouts.

US Credit Card Game Play For most Canadians, the next two Amex US credit cards in your five-card lineup are a very good reason to apply for two Fear Cards and hold on to them in the long run.

Personal Amex US Bonavoy Brilliant Card annual fee US $ 450, offset by the annual US $ 300 Marriott Bonavoy Statement Credit and a Free Night Award worth 50,000 Bonavoy Point after renewal each year.

Meanwhile, Marriott has a US $ 125 annual fee for BonVoy Business Card and offers a Free Night Award worth 35,000 BonVoy points after renewal each year.

In either case, the Free Night Awards should be worth enough to offset the corresponding US $ 150 and US $ 125 annual fees, so you’ll be coming forward year after year to take advantage of both cards for a big boost towards Platinum Elite status.

Hold close to Marriott Platinum Elite Status with a personal and business US-issued Forest Fear card.

Slots # 4 and # 5

Newcomers to the Amex US game have a compelling reason to keep a free Hilton card in their first slot and a tempting set of personal and business forest fear cards in their second and third slots.

For the fourth and fifth slots, on the other hand, the best strategy is a little more freeform, depending on your specific goals when applying for a US credit card.

There is a common frustration among Canadian point collectors in the current JitGist: Collecting airline miles is relatively easy, where hotel points are hard to find.

If this is the case for you, you may want to replenish your remaining two slots with the Hilton Sarpas Card, the Hilton Business Card and the Hilton Aspire Card, as well as more Hilton Credit Cards.

Sarpas and Business Cards offer a boost to your Hilton Honors balance with their welcome bonuses, which of course justifies their US $ 95 annual fee in the first year. In the long run, the chance to win a Free Night Reward by spending US $ 15,000 on a card may also justify placing one of these cards in your five-card lineup.

Meanwhile, the Hilton Aspire Card is one of the most useful credit cards for a frequent traveler, with an annual US $ 250 airline fee credit, an annual US $ 250 credit on Hilton property, and automatic Hilton Diamond status. And A free weekend night prize after each renewal. All of these benefits easily outweigh the US $ 450 annual fee on the card

(Given the five-card limit, the best sequence of activity here may be the Hilton Business Card and the Hilton Aspire card first, before switching business cards for the Surplus. This is because you can always upgrade and downgrade between the three personal ones. Hilton cards in the future, often targeted Take advantage of offers where the business card cannot be switched to another product.)

Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi

This strategy is understandable if you want to use your Amex US portfolio as a way to strongly diversify your hotel game in terms of Hilton Honors. But what if you’re not so interested in Hotel Point?

In that case, the other two slots in your Amex US Five-Card range (or perhaps more slots if you haven’t bothered with Hilton or Bonbay at first) can be tailored to the airline side variation – no matter what the additional membership like Amex US Everyday Card. Racking up Delta Skymiles with prize products, or often with Amex US Delta cards with impressive welcome bonuses.

However, keep in mind that Amex US is going to be the most powerful product for racking up airline miles. Charge card, Such as platinum or gold cards in personal or business flavors, not credit cards.

Looking at the big picture, directing your efforts to earn points for the flight using Amex US charge cards and hotel points using Amex US credit cards, as described above, creates a perfect strategy for well-rounded aspiring travelers.

Should You Get Five Amex US Credit Cards?

Generally speaking, the US credit card game is a marathon, not a sprint.

While it may be tempting to ramp up five credit cards all the way from start to finish, it may be a good idea to mobilize yourself as a way to establish a more stable credit history and apply for more profit when you start. Other US financial institutions offer credit cards.

Particular attention should be paid to the chase “Rule 5/24”, which states that anyone who has opened five or more credit card accounts (including charge cards, but most small business cards) in the last 24 months will not be allowed. To open any credit card with Chase.

If you rush to apply for five or more Amex US cards when you first start, you run the risk of blocking your diversity opportunities in other programs, such as Chase Ultimate Rewards, World of Hyatt, and IHG Rewards – or even cross-border strategy. . Chase with airplanes via airplane cards.

So the common strategy is to collect your first two or three Amex US products in the first year of your US credit history, using small business credit cards as a way to continue earning welcome bonuses without adding 5/24 of your total.

After approximately one year of credit history and obtaining a unique Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), you can start with Chase and apply for as many Chase Cards as you want until you reach your maximum under Rule 5/24. .

Then, once you’ve established a chase relationship, you can comfortably turn your attention to Amex US and fill out your five-card lineup if you wish, as well as other lucrative US issuers like Citi and Capital One.


In the United States, American Express limits cardholders to five credit cards at any given time.

When you can load freely Charge card In the Membership Rewards family, it’s important to think about what products you should have in the top five Credit card How you time these applications by keeping an eye on the eligibility rules by slots, as well as other issuers.

In my view, a healthy blend of Marriott Forest Fear and Hilton Honors cards makes the cross-border Amex the most understandable for US cardholders to keep open in the long run, allowing you to diversify your hotel prize game far more than what is available in Canada.

What does your best portfolio of American Express US credit cards look like? Would you rate Platinum Elite Status, Hilton Card for their free overnight certification for the combined growth of the Fear Card, or perhaps other Amex US credit cards if you’re not so interested in hotel loyalty programs? I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

American Express and Air Canada have teamed up to offer an exciting promotion for co-branded cardholders, which we saw late last year reflecting the TD 20% point back promotion.

From now on 3am, July 5, 2022 American Express Aeroplan cardholders can earn Return Aeroplan points up to 25% Air Canada Flight Awards, Air Canada Vacation Packages, Hotel & Car Rental, Travel Before December 31, 2022.

Register for the offer

Three American Express airplane co-branded cards are eligible for this promotion:

American Express airplane credit card

This link requires registration, and cardholders should receive an email to register.

Although you must be an American Express Airplane cardholder to participate, there is no need to pay for any part of the flight redemption or other rewards using your Amex Aeroplan credit card.

20-25% points return on flight redemption

Upon registration, cardholders will be able to get back 20-25% airplane points on all flight rewards, depending on the Amex airplane credit card. Points will be credited back to the airplane account after the trip.

The main deadline for awareness is as follows:

  • Booked by 3am on July 5, 2022.
  • Must complete the trip by Eastern time 3am December 31, 2022.

Effectively, this discount is up to 25% off all the prices you see on the Flight Rewards Chart, resulting in great deals across the board:

  • ~ 3,600 points For one-way transcontinental flights in Air Canada economy class
  • ~ 17,500–30,000 points For one-way transcontinental flights in Air Canada Business Class (lower end of dynamic price)
  • 41,250 points For Air Canada or ANA Business Class one way flights from Vancouver or Calgary to Tokyo
  • 45,000–52,500 points For one-way flights from North America to Europe in business class
  • 56,250 points For one-way flights from North America to Asia in business class
  • 63,750 points For a one-way flight from North America to “Asia 3” in business class up to 11,000 miles
  • 67,500 points For a one-way flight from US East Coast to Germany Lufthansa First Class
  • 82,500 points For ANA first class one way flight from North America to Tokyo
  • 90,000 points For Etihad Airways 787 First Class One-way Flights from Washington to Abu Dhabi

Needless to say, this is an incredible opportunity to lock in some travel in the second half of 2022.

Fly ANA First Class for just 82,500 airplane points!

The promotion combines with common airplane redemption strategies we already know:

  • Aeroplan Elite Status members or co-branded credit cardholders are already enjoying lower redemption levels on Air Canada flights as part of the preferred price advantage; This promotion offers more savings on top of that.
  • Adding a stopover to a one-way bound usually costs 5,000 airplane points, which will be reduced. 3,750 airplane points With this promotion.
  • Applying a priority reward on a qualified redemption result in a 50% discount on the required Airoplan points for booking; The remaining 50% points will then be subject to another 25% discount, resulting in a satisfactory one 62.5% discount Overall

Interestingly, the terms of the offer say:

Offer only applies to new redemption; Previous redemptions that have been canceled and then re-booked during the offer period are not eligible for this offer.

However, I think it is unlikely that it will be applied, because a previous redemption that has been canceled and re-booked cannot be practically separated from a brand new booking.

(Indeed, previous TD 20% point back promotion data points indicate that these conditions were rarely applied.)

If you have already booked trips during the promotion period, I would recommend taking advantage of Aeroplan’s flexible change and cancellation policy and re-booking them before July 5th anyway.

In addition, the terms further state:

If the actual eligible redemption travel dates are changed, the offer will still be credited to the participating card member’s account until travel is still completed by 31:00 am EST on December 31, 2022, respecting the travel time of the offer, and redeeming points update. Will be rewarded based on the number done.

Since flight bookings made before June 30, 2022 (as things are currently standing) enjoy a one-time free change, this means that you can lock a few new bookings before June 30 on a somewhat speculative basis and then change them to confirm 31. Plan your trip anytime in December – and still get back those 25% airplane points!

Return 20-25% points on hotel, car rental, and vacation

The most exciting part of this promotion is of course the 25% chance to get back airplane points when booking a flight.

However, the same discount applies to hotel, car rental and Air Canada vacation packages if you want to redeem your airplane points here.

Since the price is almost certainly going to be less than the redemption point for the flight, I would definitely not recommend following these other redemptions even if you get an effective 25% discount – save your airplane points for flight redemption at a sweet discount instead!


American Express and Airplane are promoting a spectacular 25% point back in advance of the summer travel season, which will undoubtedly drive the travel community into a frenzy as we plan our remaining travels for 2022.

Depending on whether you have an original or a premium card, you will receive 20-25% of all points re-credited to their account after the trip.

To be eligible, you must book between July 4, 2022 and travel until December 30, 2022 (these are the effective deadline for the 3am Eastern Time cutoff on the next calendar day).

It’s time to start locking your travel plans for the rest of 2022 and confirm some bookings before July 5th!

On my way back from my recent stay in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, I decided to stop for some refreshments before my flight to Edmonton via Montreal.

The American Express Lounge Sao Paulo A statement piece, though not necessarily one that I think reflects the American Express in the best way possible.

Is it a bad lounge? No. But my four-hour vacation here has lengthened me for the air of “Suv ​​Premium” which evokes the Centurion Lounge named Amex.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Access

If you ever visit Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport, you will find that it can be confusing and confusing.

After a less-satisfying connecting flight from Rio de Janeiro on GOL Airlines, I had a frustrating time walking through Terminal 2 to Terminal 3 across the huge space of the airport. This effect was exacerbated by the fact that most of the space I was walking on was empty and devoid of human life.

Eventually, I went to a set of duty-free shops, I had no desire to buy anything. I was glad to see that they were located next to a series of escalators proudly listed VIP loungeOr VIP Lounge in English.

After the climb, I saw exactly what the American Express was trying to convey with its lounge.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – External

I was a little shocked to see my favorite credit card brand written so big, and knew I had to take my leave. I went to the front of the lounge and checked in.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – The entrance

Although Amex exited the domestic Brazilian market a few years ago (they also sold their portfolio to a local bank), worldwide issued American Express Platinum Card and Centurion card holders are still allowed access to this prestigious lounge.

My card swiped quickly, I was inside.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Check-in desk

Of course, this did not stop the space from being filled with claustrophobia later, but it was because the lounge was also available at the priority pass.

In addition, it allows access to aircraft crews from a variety of carriers, such as United Airlines, as well as anyone with a business class boarding pass.

Indeed, if this lounge wants to be more exclusive, its stricter access requirements should apply. If it wants to be open and fun, it needs more seating. Both have their own attractions.

The The American Express Lounge Sao Paulo is open daily from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Seats

When I entered, I noticed how many chairs and almost all the couches were completely occupied.

The entrance alone was jammed by passengers charging their benches or their devices at the numerous docking stations located nearby. For foreigners like me the lovely staff was kind enough to hold a charging adapter in hand, so they deserve recognition for it.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Entry hall
American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Common area
American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Central common area

Next to the lounge is a series of conference-style meeting rooms. Although their seating was not very comfortable.

To my surprise, they were mostly empty – although they filled up a little later, just as the lounge itself did.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Conference room

The restrooms are to the left of the first common area, immediately next to a more family-style home with an Amex-blue binbag chair. They were quite small in terms of lounge size, with only three stalls in the men’s restroom.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Family room and lounge access
American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Men’s restroom

There was also a shower room next to the bathroom, but each stall was locked. I didn’t see anywhere to change, and was informed by staff that they were off due to the COVID protocol. Rats.

I continued to make my way to the central common area, which included a lovely round couch in the middle of the room.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Round couch

To its left was the dining and buffet area, and to its right were various cafeteria-style seating areas, mostly with signature blue furnishings.

Again, it was busy when I entered, but was positively filled with people when I caught my flight.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Dining area
American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Dining area table

The bar is near the dining area, which I will talk a little bit about because it was great fun when it wasn’t busy.

Next to the bar was an area labeled “American Express First Class” although it did not indicate any significant difference. Despite being remarkably second-class compared to many patrons, I entered without any problems.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – First class room
American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – First class room

There was also a nice sleeping area with a Roman-style reclining couch, which I used almost immediately to get a little sleep.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Sleeping place

With my luggage safely set in my recliner and my tired head resting, it was time to take a bite to eat.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Dining

I’ll chase before showing the pictures: there was food here Acceptable. No dandy hors d’oeuvres or gastronomic bites were to be savored, and the food was nice overall quality for a cheap Brazilian buffet.

However, nothing tastes bad, so feel free to fill your stomach if you want to satisfy your hunger quickly. The variety was quite decent.

Everything was self-service, but the chimney provided by the lounge and the staff were refilling the items and sanitizing the area quite regularly. Sometimes, demand is not fast enough!

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Warm snack station
American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Bread and soup station

Personally, I ate sweets as well as hot entrees and charcuterie. My warm chicken was nothing short of memorable, but the saffron rice had a decent smell, and the mango dessert was good enough to pay for a cookie.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Hot food station
American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Charcuterie station
American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Dessert station

And yes, for those of you who insist on healthy living, eating clean and everything else that is annoyingly healthy, there was also a kind of green substance.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Salad bar

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Bar

The bar was quite decent When you can get the service.

As it was, the staff was so busy serving multiple customers and keeping the place clean that they did not have enough time to serve drinks. Fortunately, beer, soft drinks and mineral water were all available for free, without limit, from a self-serving refrigerator at the end of the bar.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Bar
American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Self-service drink fridge

The bar menu wasn’t bad either. It contains a variety of strong wines and wines, including a local sparkling wine that was quite tasty, if not as good as the Kirkland generic Proseco.

For the free price, I’ll definitely drink it again.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Bar menu
American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Wine and wine selection

As I mentioned, the area was often full of customers for drinks, so I decided to take a seat next to the first class where there was more seating and it was also a bit quieter. The staff also came around for occasional refills as an added bonus.

American Express Lounge Sao Paulo – Bar seating

With my bubble sip, I was sitting there feeling somewhat satisfied with the experience. However, due to many customers and delays in service, I was a bit annoyed at the mere word It’s not that the staff was bad, there weren’t enough of them to handle all the guests.


The American Express Lounge Sao Paulo was an adequate but uncomfortable experience.

I’m sure I would have been much less strict with the place if it hadn’t had the word American Express in its name, but sadly, I just expect a higher quality product and definitely better staff and / or service than anything else. American Express logo.

Crowd problems were something else, and should have been alleviated with more space or the need for more electoral entrances to accommodate them.

Although I don’t think it should be taken away from the other positive aspects of this lounge. It is still a good place to rest before the next leg of your flight, and because of the remoteness of Guarulhos, any flight from this terminal will be quite long.

I just hope that the lounge will be in better condition next time I visit.