30% transfer bonus from HSBC Awards to British Airways Avios

HSBC is offering an award 30% transfer bonus On British Airways Avios for the month of June 2022.

This is lower than the previous 35% and 40% transfer bonuses we saw in late 2020 and mid-2021, respectively, but it’s worth waiting to see if you plan to use HSBC Rewards Points for Avios in the coming months.

Avios 30% transfer bonus from HSBC

From June 1, 2022 Per June 30, 2022, You get 30% bonus if you convert HSBC Rewards Point to British Airways Avios.

The standard conversion ratio is 25,000 HSBC reward points = 10,000 Avios, so the ratio will be effectively bumped. 25,000 HSBC Reward Points = 13,000 Avios For the month of June 2022 – effectively, a shadow above 2: 1.

The terms of promotion are as follows:

Keep in mind that HSBC rewards follow a strange redemption structure when it comes to its trio of frequent flyer partners:

  • A minimum of 25,000 HSBC prize points must be redeemed at once
  • Above the minimum amount, HSBC reward points can be redeemed by an increase of 10,000 points

Therefore, you have the option to convert your HSBC reward points into 25,000, 35,000, 45,000, etc., you can earn 13,000, 18,200 avios, 23,400 avios and much more.

If you want to convert exactly 50,000 HSBC reward points to 26,000 Avios, you need to do so in two transactions of 25,000 points each.

Should you transfer the HSBC Prize to British Airways Avios?

If you have a large stash of HSBC Rewards Points from your previous signup offer or from regular charges on the card, it’s worth considering whether the 30% transfer bonus represents the best use-case for you.

The Baseline The redemption method for HSBC rewards is to offset a rate against travel purchases. 200 points = 1, Or effectively 0.5 cents per point (cpp). You simply charge any travel purchases on your card and then apply your points to the purchase and “delete” from the statement.

(And if you redeem your points this way against a refundable travel purchase and then go ahead and cancel it, the refund will be back to your credit card, basically leaving you with a statement of credit.)

Meanwhile, if you want to transfer HSBC reward points to Avios with a 30% transfer bonus, we can imagine how much you would have to pay to redeem your Avios as a result to “beat” the baseline redemption.

Let’s imagine that you have 50,000 HSBC award points In your balance, which can be redeemed as 250 Travel shopping.

By June 2022, these 50,000 points could also be converted 26,000 British Airways Avios – However keep in mind that you will need to make this transfer in two parts of each 25,000 points as described above.

In my opinion, 26,000 Avios is easily the most interesting option here – you need to at least redeem them 0.96cpp To come forward compared to the baseline cash option.

Convert HSBC Award to Avios to fly Qatar Airways Qsuites

It should be very easy to extract 0.96cpp from your Avios, whether you want to convert Avios to Qatar Airways to book Qsuites, Toronto-Dublin in Aer Lingus, short-haul flights to Oneworld carriers in other parts of the world, or creatively avios multi-carrier bookings around the world. Has been merged.

Additionally, with a 30% bonus, the Avios transfer option easily outperforms the other two frequent flyer partners: the conversion of Singapore Airlines to a 25: 9 ratio of ChrisFlyer or a 25: 8 ratio to Cathay Pacific Asia Miles – unless, of course, you earn KrisFlyer Miles. Ready to do so that you can one day fly the Singapore suit.


As of June 2022, HSBC Rewards is offering a 30% transfer bonus to British Airways Avios, which offers a great opportunity to find out the maximum value from your HSBC Rewards Points.

If you have HSBC Rewards Points in your account and you are looking forward to an Avios conversion, now is the time to take action and maximize your earnings.

You may need to plan some of your expenses to top-up the required point threshold for a transfer, but I hope that effort will be worth it in terms of the final redemption value.

As we have seen in the past with 35-40% transfer bonus to 30% transfer bonus, it seems we can rely on this promotion year after year to make the best use of our HSBC rewards points.

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