Amex US Business Card: An Amazing 150,000 Points!

US-issued American Express small business cards show some mind-blowing welcome bonuses:

These offers either match or exceed previous all-time highs and are initially available through a friend link made from Business Platinum cards. Let’s take a look at all the details.

Amex US Business Platinum Card: 150,000 US MR points

In the past, the Amex US Business Platinum card has historically carried a welcome bonus that was around 75,000 US MR points.

At the moment, however, the card will offer a dazzling offer 150,000 US MR points By applying through selected referral-to-friend links, but only in the first three months a laborious US $ 15,000 is spent. So the offer is only suitable for those business owners who have a high cost or have the ability to spend high.

(If a friend-friendly link doesn’t show 150,000 US MR points at first, try opening it in incognito mode or in another browser.)

Remember, since Amex US applies strict once-in-a-lifetime rules on the Welcome Bonus, the effective strategy for all Amex US cards applies only when there are historically high offers on the table.

The 150,000 US MR points on the US Business Platinum card must match that bill, so if you’ve never held this card before and are ready to dive into the high cost threshold, now is the time to do so.

150,000 US MR points will suffice for the following redemption:

US Business Platinum signup bonus will suffice for ANA first class round-trip flight

The US Business Platinum card indicates an annual fee US 695, Which is the highest annual fee among major Amex US products. This may sound scary at first glance, but the card also boasts a series of credits that can reduce the annual fee.

Every calendar year, you get US $ 200 Airline accessory fee credit and US $ 400 On Dell US credits (US $ 200 from January to June and US $ 200 from July to December). If you can maximize these credits, your net annual fee can be reduced to US $ 95.

(Loading funds at United Travel Bank is a popular way to use airline ancillary fee credits, allowing you to spend these funds on United-operated flights within five years.

If you want to consider US Business Platinum as a one year love affair, you can go a long way in the first year as opposed to the US $ 695 annual fee. By applying now, in June 2022, you can earn:

  • US $ 200 as credit for airline accessories fee for 2022
  • US $ 200 as credit for airline accessories fee for 2023
  • US $ 200 in Dell US credit in June 2022
  • US $ 200 in Dell US credit in July 2022
  • US $ 200 in Dell US credit in January 2023
  • US $ 200 in Dell US credit in July 2023

By July 2023, you will still have one month to post to your second year annual fee account, so you will be able to cancel the card without paying another US $ 695 annual fee if you wish.

This means that within a year of holding the card, you have advanced to the value of US $ 505 – above the incredible 150,000 US MR points you earn as a welcome bonus.

Amex US Business Gold Card: 130,000 US MR points

Also, the Lower-End Counterpart of US Business Platinum, the Amex US Business Gold Card, offers the best Welcome Bonus we’ve ever seen: 130,000 US MR points, The first three months cost US $ 10,000.

(Again, if a friend-friendly link doesn’t show 130,000 US MR points, open it in incognito mode or in a different browser for best results.)

While the US $ 10,000 cost requirement is still high, it is arguably one Good If the offer is more limited than your spending power compared to the Business Platinum card: the Welcome Bonus is only 20,000 US MR points less, but to earn it you have to spend US $ 5,000 less.

130,000 US MR points will suffice for ANA First Class (via Virgin Atlantic Flying Club) for a round-way flight or for the above mentioned Emirates First Class (via Emirates Skyward) one way flight, in addition to many powerful premium redemption at ANA Mileage Club, Singapore Via Pacific Asia Miles, Air France / KLM Flying Blue, etc.

The US Business Gold signup bonus will suffice for a one-way flight to Emirates First Class.

US Business Gold Card has an annual fee US 295, Except a lot of credit ways to offset fees.

Instead, the card price offer includes its unique 4x earnings rate in the US technology shopping, shipping, advertising, dining, gas and airfare segments. The 4x earnings rate applies to the two categories with the highest cost per billing statement, up to a combined US $ 150,000 per calendar year.

In particular, US Business Gold is a very popular card for those businesses that spend a lot of money on online advertising. For example, Canadian-based online retailers would do well to get US Business Gold and generate 4x US MR points for their advertising costs.

If you can’t maximize these spending categories, I would say that US Business Gold is also best suited for a one-year holding period, the main prize of which is a wonderful welcome bonus of 130,000 US MR points.

Canadians are applying for an Amex US Business Card

When Amex US Private Cards are easier for Canadians to apply for, even if they are completely new to US credit cards, the situation with Amex US is less clear. Business Cards.

In the United States, business credit cards do not report to your personal credit file, meaning that they will not be useful for creating your US credit history over time.

If you are considering getting your first US credit card, you should ideally choose a personal card to get started, so that it supports your credit history and builds up your account average age (AAoA) over time. .

Even if you want to start with a business credit card, this may not be possible. Amex US allows Canadian applicants to use Nova Credit to apply for their first US card based on their Canadian TransUnion credit profile, but this only works for personal cards, not business cards.

If you have already started your US credit card journey, you can apply for Amex US Business Platinum or Business Gold Card by inputting or applying for your Social Security Number (SSN) or Personal Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). On the phone using a foreign passport as your documentation.

On the other hand, if you are just starting out with a US credit card, I would recommend choosing a personal card and apply through Nova Credit as the first step, and then you apply for an Amex US Business Card once. Hold your personal card for six months or more.


Amex US Business Cards has created an all-new record-breaking list, offering a few great opportunities for those of us who are involved with US credit cards to earn points.

Amex US Business Platinum Card is offering new applicants 150,000 US MR points, the largest single portion of a welcome bonus I’ve ever seen on any credit card in the United States or Canada.

Meanwhile, Amex US Business Gold Card is offering 130,000 US MR points to new applicants, which is reasonably higher than the card’s US $ 295 annual fee, and the best bonus we’ve seen in this product.

Both offers come with an expensive threshold of US $ 15,000 and US $ 10,000, respectively, so you either need to channel your actual business expenses, plan for your biggest purchase of the year, or use some creative spending strategies yourself.

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