Amex US Hilton Card: Up to 130,000 Points + Hilton Statement Credit

American Express has introduced three new welcome bonuses in four Hilton Honors co-branded credit cards issued by US, which are on the market. July 6, 2022.

Amex US Hilton Cards represent one of the best ways to diversify your hotel rewards game outside of the Marriott Forest, so let’s take a look at the details of these exciting signup offers.

Amex US Hilton Card: 100,000 points + $ 100 statement credit

The Amex US Hilton Card Entry-level products without any annual fees. As part of the base offer, you can earn 100,000 Hilton Honors points And a US $ 100 statement credit at Hilton Hotel The first three months cost US $ 1,000.

Previously, the card offered a standard welcome bonus of 70,000-80,000 Hilton Honors points, as well as an occasional 100,000+ points limited time offer, sometimes accompanied by a statement credit or free night reward.

As part of this offer, you will receive a US $ 100 statement credit at the Hilton Hotel, which should be fairly easy to use within the first 12 months of holding the card.

While the signup offer isn’t as strong as some of the previous offers that came with the Free Night Rewards, it’s still an attractive deal if you want to sign up now.

If you haven’t started with a US credit card yet, Amex US Hilton Card represents one of the best choices for your first US credit card. Thanks to its āĻĢ 0 annual fee, you can easily keep it year after year and extend your US credit history in the long run.

Amex US Hilton surpass card: 130,000 points + $ 130 statement credit

The Amex US Hilton surpass card Hilton lineup mid-level personal card, with an annual fee US 95

As part of the base offer, you can earn 130,000 Hilton Honors points And a US $ 130 statement credit at Hilton Hotel The first three months cost US $ 2,000.

Previously, the card offered a standard welcome bonus of 130,000 Hilton Honors points, as well as a limited time offer with occasional incentives of 150,000+ points.

Again, the current bonus of 130,000 points and a US $ 130 Hilton statement credit in the first 12 months is a competitive signup offer, although not the best we’ve seen recently.

At an ongoing price of US $ 95 per year, Hilton Sarpas gives you instant Hilton Gold status as long as you hold the card, a priority pass membership with 10 lounge visits per year, as well as a free night reward. Costs US $ 15,000 per calendar year.

Amex US Hilton Business Card: 130,000 Points + Free Night Prize

Ready for business owners, Amex US Hilton Business Card Actually similar in many ways to Sarpas.

Its price point US 95 The same goes for the current extended signup bonus 130,000 Hilton Honors points And a US $ 130 statement credit at Hilton Hotel The first three months cost US $ 3,000.

As with Sarpas, as long as you hold the card, you will have the ability to obtain Hilton Gold status, a priority pass membership with 10 lounge visits per year, and a free night’s certificate at a cost of US $ 15,000.

Also, on the Hilton Business Card, you can actually earn a second Free Night Prize by spending US $ 60,000 in a calendar year, even though it’s probably not worth it.

Strategy for Amex US Hilton Card

Let’s take a look at some of the key strategies for maximizing these offers. Which of the three refreshed Hilton Honors credit cards should you apply for?

As mentioned above, if you haven’t yet started with a US credit card, it may be worthwhile to start with a no-fee Hilton card – which is also the most achievable minimum cost of the three.

However, I will note that the Hilton Sarpas card may also be the right choice.

This is because if you do not see the value of keeping the card year after year, you always have the option to switch the Hilton Sarpas card to a no-fee Hilton card after 12 months. That way, you’ll still be able to keep your oldest account open to strengthen your US credit history.

Hilton Queenstown
Hilton Queenstown

What’s more, in the early stages of your US credit card journey, the Hilton Business Card can also make sense.

Because Amex US Business Credit Cards do not report to your personal credit file, Hilton Business Chase will not count against the “5/24 Rule”, which is Chase’s unofficial policy if you refuse a new credit card for the last 24 months. More cards opened.

Overall, a newcomer to the US credit card scene, it’s best to start with the Hilton Card or Hilton Sarpus. In the meantime, anyone who has been around the block for a while can choose between personal cards with Hilton Business, remembering that you can get a one-time signup bonus on each product.

The best luxury property in Hilton is usually priced 120,000 Hilton Honors points The maximum per night, with two properties – Waldorf Astorias in Los Cabos and Maldives – exceeded the limit. 150,000 Hilton Honors points Every night.

If you can snatch one or two of these limited time bonuses, you’ll have enough points for a few nights or more overnight at some of Hilton’s best hotels if you book some of the more common hotels in Hilton’s portfolio.

Waldorf Astoria Dubai International Financial Center

What about the Hilton Aspire card?

You will also notice that, unlike its lesser-known peers, the top-level Hilton Aspire card Its welcome offer is fixed 150,000 Hilton Honors Points, With no additional statement credit.

Despite the US $ 450 annual fee, I believe the Hilton Aspire card is one of the most powerful reward cards in all of North America when you consider the ongoing benefits: an automated free night award each year, instant Hilton Diamond Status, a US $ 250 airline, A US $ 250 Hilton Resort credit, 14x points at the Hilton Hotel and an unlimited priority pass subscription for you and two guests.

However, unless you plan to stay with Hilton very soon and urgently need Diamond Status, it makes more sense to apply for one of three more Hilton Cards with higher bonuses while they are around.

You can add Aspire to your portfolio later, as its welcome bonus is quite stable with very few fluctuations over the last few years.

Apply now

Again, we see enhanced bonuses on the Hilton Card, Hilton Sarpas and Hilton Business Cards.

The point bonuses are at 100,000, 130,000, and 130,000 Hilton Honors points, respectively, and are stacked with statement credits of US $ 100, US $ 130, and US $ 130, usable on the Hilton property within the first 12 months of holding the card.

Advanced offers are available through both public and referral-to-friend channels, unless July 6, 2022.

So, if you earn points in two-player mode, it’s best to sign up using a partner referral link; Otherwise, feel free to contact us if you are interested in using one of our referral links here at Prince of Travel.

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