Earlier this autumn, four of us – total newcomers on long-distance trekking – walked around Europe’s highest mountain. (On the first day, the big birds of prey hovered over my head. My guess is: they were vultures just waiting for one of us to come down.)

The Tour du Mont Blanc is a 100-mile, ten-day hike – but we cheated a bit, hiking the best 60 miles in six days from Mountain Lodge to Mountain Lodge, catching a local bus through less exciting parts and a “Sherpa service” in France, Italy. And run our bags every day from Chamonix to Chamonix via Switzerland.

The Tour du Mont Blanc is a 160 km (100 mi) perimeter of Europe’s highest mountain. We have made 100 km (60 miles) the most efficient way to connect parts with public buses
I prefer the Sherpa service at Mont Blanc: you leave your big bag in the hotel lobby or in your mountain shelter and rely on the shuttle bus to pick it up and deliver it safely and safely to your next accommodation. Every day, our bags were happily waiting for us at check-in.
The Tour du Mont Blanc has an array of buses and mountain lifts available to assist travelers as they choose. The season is short, however, and most elevators and buses are closed from mid-September.

This is the first time I enjoyed a piece of Europe with my girlfriend Shelley and we were joined by Sue and David from Minnesota. (I worked with David Preston for 20 years at TPT – Twin Cities PBS. In the world of public television, he is considered a “please drive guru”.)

Everyone seems to have hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc counterclockwise, starting from the official start point in the village of Les Houches just outside the Chamonix. And this arch is always good for a happy, pre-blister group shot.

Each day, we would take a five-hour hike to what the trail signs said – which took us six or seven. Our motto: “Take your time. That’s why we’re here.” Typically, the day begins with a 3,000-foot climb (or “call”) 8,000 feet above sea level.

Part of our pre-trip training was taking steep hikes near the house. On a typical day’s climb of a thousand meters (or about 3,000 feet) at TMB, I would recommend choosing a practice hike with a 3,000-foot altitude gain so you can use it as a reference point. In the state of Washington we had the Mount Sea Trail. We even had a word for a 3,000-foot elevation: “A Mount Sea.”

Every morning at Mont Blanc, we will do our hard work, usually climbing to a height of 3,000-feet. It seemed to last forever … but it didn’t. And reaching the pass (usually about 8,000 feet above sea level) was always a celebration of lunch.

This week, Bloomberg broke the hot news that Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance, will launch a co-branded credit card.

The advantage of this product? A unique personal loan solution that will allow you to earn points and redeem Star Alliance has 26 airlinesPlus at least one non-airline partner.

Let’s dissect the news and see what might be included in the upcoming Star Alliance credit card.

What is a Star Alliance Credit Card?

The announcement of the Star Alliance credit card has been confirmed by Jeffrey Goh, CEO of Star Alliance. Although the key issues of the product and its general capabilities have been revealed to the public, it is a bit difficult to ascertain exactly what its capabilities might be.

First, the good news. Star Alliance has confirmed that it will allow credit card users to earn and redeem points on any one of their partner airlines.

Even better, it looks like all the airlines will be transfer partners, which means that the points earned on the credit card can be transferred to one of the airlines in question.

That’s pretty big news, and one that will launch any over-the-top aviation enthusiast like me into speculation overdrive. This decision indicates that a potential Pan-Star Alliance could be created.

Such a decision has significant implications, as it would mean that all of a sudden each point program would now have some sort of “base” exchange rate with the Star Alliance program.

More importantly, it will allow international customers to start earning from some of Star Alliance’s more secretive carriers. For example, I haven’t had the opportunity to consider exploring Japan as a result of the epidemic (despite having the same first name as their biggest brand of beer) and thus there is no reason for everyone to make money. The Mileage Club of Nippon Airways, though ANA offers one of the best business class products on the market.

With this credit card, I am able to suddenly redeem points within the ANA Mileage Club, which will make it easier to book one of their elusive first class flights or the ANA Round-the-World Awards.

On top of these benefits, Mr Goh has confirmed that at least one “non-airline partner” has been added to the credit card facility network, and so far it is speculated that this will point to one of Europe’s railways.

Since Europe is leaning towards green energy, and indeed many carriers (such as Lufthansa and Switzerland) offer train travel as part of their transportation services, this would probably seem to me.

That being said, I also think it is possible to name other partners, such as Uber, which has a co-branded credit card in the United States.

If I were an adventurer, it might even refer to a cruise line partner, although I think the most contrary to me is that it is very unlikely.

When and where will the Star Alliance credit card be launched?

For those of you who have been waiting, Star Alliance has confirmed that their first co-branded credit card will be launched. By 2022.

I hope there would have been a more specific date for this announcement, but given such a vague benchmark it is hard to imagine that this card would be available before Q3 or even Q4.

While the wait will be unfortunate, it is clear that a lot of thought has been given to the design of this credit card and the price offer to potential customers. It also appears that the product’s first voyage will be in an indefinite “regional market”, which I believe will exclude the United States.

With a population of less than 40 million and a distinct lack of strong “non-airline partners”, I think it is unlikely that this card would be as good as expected to be launched in the Canadian market.

My personal theory is that the initial offer for this product will be somewhere in Europe or East Asia, where heavy payment cards and the presence of Star Alliance such as Germany and Singapore have strong testing grounds.

A huge chunk of me would be happy, though, if the company throws us a huge carbball and decides to launch its initial test product somewhere with huge potential, which is rarely served by either the credit card issuer or the airline loyalty program, such as Ethiopia.

In the end, only time will tell but you can bet that we will follow every update here in Prince of Travel. Personally, I can’t help but hope that this card was introduced in the United States and then gradually made available around the world, giving us access to our US credit cards here in Canada.

Star Alliance Point: A Variable Currency?

While I’ve talked at length about how the introduction of the Star Alliance currency could allow Canadians to earn points that were previously difficult to access, I would also like to highlight the possibility that this could offer another benefit: Exchange from one program to another.

If member program points, such as airplane points, could be transferred to the Star Alliance currency, this would be Actually Then allow them to be transferred to other programs, such as Swiss Air’s infamous inaccessible Miles and more.

Then I will be able to book the world-famous first-class Swiss product without having to worry about being unilaterally canceled!

I’m hopeful that the introduction of the Star Alliance credit card, wherever it may be, will make the most sought-after aviation experience more accessible for those dedicated enough to follow the new product.


Creating a Pan-Alliance co-branded credit card should be exciting for every Miles and Points enthusiast. In fact, I think it’s a positive development for anyone interested in aviation, as it indicates that airline alliances are taking their post-epidemic cooperation more seriously.

Whatever happens with the Star Alliance credit card, I hope its bonuses and benefits are accessible to all Canadians and help make all the ambitious, once-in-a-lifetime bookings easier.

Until next time, check out your newsfeeds.

Think fast, the best city in the world! Perhaps you dream of Paris, London, and New York.

Yet in the first quarter of 2022, about 2.2 million tourists visited Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Thousands of Americans visited the city and saw sights they had never seen before. You can too, unless you know some important facts about Dubai.

Interesting facts about Dubai

How is the history and climate of Dubai? What are the biggest tourist attractions of Dubai? How can you respect local customs and stay safe in the city? Answer this question and you can make the most of this spectacular destination. Here are 19 facts you should know.

1. 20 years ago, Dubai was a desert

Information about the Dubai Desert

People have been living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for 125,000 years. Yet the city we know today as Dubai before the 18th century was not established.

At first, the town was a small fishing village with only a few hundred people. It was small and compact, most modern day cities were desert. Farmers would not even use the land to grow plants or raise livestock because it was habitable.

The United Arab Emirates was established in 1971. The UAE has become a virtually rich country overnight due to its abundant supply of oil.

Oil has been found off the coast of Dubai, so traders are flocking to the city to start businesses. Although many traders left because of the Gulf War, they returned when oil prices rose. Starting in the 2000s, they invested in the development of Dubai, which continues to this day.

2. Don’t confuse the city with the emirate

Information about Dubai Emirates

When people think of Dubai, they think of the city of Dubai. But there is also an emirate in Dubai. Read more: 25 Best Things to Do in Dubai

The city of Dubai is the capital of the emirate, but the emirate also has small communities and underdeveloped areas. When you are asking for directions or travel advice, make sure you are talking about the city.

3. Foreigners love Dubai

Information about Dubai foreigners

Dubai’s population is just three million people. Despite the importance of Dubai to the UAE, only 15% of the population is made up of local UAE residents.

Dubai has a large population of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi residents. Many of these residents are businessmen who have moved to Dubai in search of different opportunities. You can find Indian and Pakistani communities and businesses across the city, especially in high-income areas.

The largest population of Western expatriates is made up of British people. But you can find a lot of people from Africa, especially Somalia, as well as Americans.

4. But rain does not cloud

Information about Dubai Rain

The climate in Dubai is similar to the one you will find across the Middle East. On an average, it rains only 25 days throughout the year. February is the month of average rainfall, yet the city receives only 1.4 inches of rain that month.

Despite the lack of rain, there is not much sun in Dubai. There is 12 hours of daylight every day in June and only eight hours in January. You should expect to use street lights to navigate the city, especially if you are out late.

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5. Be sure to go in the colder months

Information about Dubai Cool Month

Dubai fills the lack of sunlight with heat. In spring and summer, average temperatures can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

But in other parts of the year the temperature drops significantly. In January, you may have days where temperatures hover around 75 degrees. Since you are planning a vacation in Dubai, you should try to go to the city during winter or autumn.

6. Weekly holidays are not Saturday and Sunday

Information about Dubai Weekend

Year after year, the weekend in Dubai is Friday and Saturday. In January 2022, Dubai changed its official weekend to better align with the international financial markets.

However, their weekly holidays and vacations are still a little different. Dubai traders work Monday to Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. They work until noon on Friday and their weekly holiday lasts until Monday morning.

7. Address system up and running

Interesting information about Dubai address system

When asked about interesting information about Dubai, many say that the city has no official address system. That used to be true. When residents sent packages to each other, they wrote instructions on how to find the recipient instead of writing the address.

In the last few years, Dubai local government has created an address system. They have allocated codes on roads and buildings, so that people can send packages with written address.

However, many residents remain unfamiliar with the system. You should be able to provide instructions on how to get to the locations you want to go to.

8. You can use many languages

Interesting facts about Dubai language

Arabic is the official language of the United Arab Emirates. If you are talking to a government official or important businessman, you should try to use Arabic. Even a basic greeting can help break the ice.

But Dubai is a multicultural city, and many people are familiar with English. You can also speak Hindi, Chinese and Urdu, especially with Indian and Pakistani residents.

9. You can have luxury

Information about Dubai Luxury

Dubai is probably the biggest city in the world for luxury hotels. Even if you travel on a budget, you can stay in a position with great facilities and personal services.

There are thousands of five-star reviews on Burj Al Arab’s TripAdvisor, yet you can stay at the hotel for as little as 200 per night. You can use the free high-speed internet, enjoy a massage and manicure at the hotel spa, and have breakfast at the buffet. We were at JW Marriott Dubai and The Habitat Grand Dubai they were both great and quite affordable.

10. Burj Khalifa is the king of buildings

Interesting facts about Dubai Burj Khalifa

Ask someone about the information in Dubai, and they will talk to you about Burj Khalifa. At 2,722 feet, it is the largest building in the world.

The building is multi-purpose, so you can find various attractions inside. You can take one of the fastest lifts in the world up to an observation deck about 1,500 feet from the ground. When you are hungry, you can eat at the atmosphere Burj Khalifa, the highest restaurant in the world.

11. Miracle Garden is the largest flower garden in the world

The Dubai Miracle Garden has more than 50 million flowers spread over an area of ​​780,000 square feet. It is the largest natural flower garden in the world, and inside the garden you will find flowers of virtually every species.

The garden also has the world’s largest flower installation, a life-size version of the Emirates A380 made entirely of flowers. When you need to rest, you can sit under a flower canopy in the seating area and look out over the fountain.

12. You can find wildlife in Dubai

Information about Dubai Wildlife

Despite the rapid development of Dubai, you can find many different animals in and around the city. You can imagine, you can see camels and even run on them. However, you can see falcons, wolves, leopards and Arabian orcs in their natural habitat.

You can also visit conservation centers outside the city, including the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. If you prefer to stay within the city limits, you can visit Green Planet, which has a complete tropical rainforest inside a bio-dome.

Interesting facts about Dubai shopping

One of the best things about shopping in Dubai. With an area of ​​more than five million square feet, Dubai Mall is one of the largest malls in the world. You can buy luxury items from retailers like Louis Vuitton as well as electronics and home furniture.

If you want to shop and then see some attractions, you should visit the Emirates Mall. The mall offers a variety of clothing and fashion stores, as well as a theater and VR experience.

14. Dubai loves New Year’s Eve

Funny information on the eve of Dubai New Year

If you want to go to Dubai on holiday, you should schedule your trip on New Year’s Eve. Dubai is one of the largest fireworks displays in the world surrounding the Burj Khalifa.

If you prefer something a little more comfortable, you can go on dinner cruises and desert safaris. You can see live bands and dancers performing their work. You can also listen to live music at the Dubai Opera and dance to the latest tunes on your own.

15. Don’t worry about your safety

Information about Dubai security

Dubai is a safe area, including for women traveling alone and for families. You may encounter similar travel scams in other cities, including bump-and-grab. You should follow the same security precautions that you take elsewhere, but you should not worry too much.

If you plan to worship or visit the mosque, you should keep an eye on your departure. Many mosques in Dubai can accommodate thousands of people at once and can be trampled in an emergency. Avoid the crowds and move to the exit in a straight line.

16. Do not show affection in public

Information about showing affection in Dubai

Dubai is notorious for its strict rules. Regardless of whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you must respect local rules and deal with some cultural shocks.

Dubai takes public affection very seriously. Kissing your significant other in public can lead to fines or deportation. You may be able to hold hands with them in a restaurant, but you should not walk down the street holding hands.

LGBTQ people can be imprisoned or executed for any romantic or sexual activity in the UAE or even in Dubai. If you are an LGBTQ person traveling through the city, be very careful. There is no official spot for LGBTQ people to hang out and the police have used dating apps to trap people.

17. See what you are saying

Interesting information about Dubai local customs

There are also restrictions on freedom of speech in the UAE. You cannot criticize the government, the police or the royal family in any way. Foreign nationals have been jailed for making sarcastic videos and tweets about the government.

The government regulates internet usage. Although social media sites are free, you cannot access dating, LGBTQ or isolated websites.

18. Prioritize hygiene at the dinner table

Interesting facts about Dubai Hygiene

UAE dining etiquette revolves around food and keeping oneself clean. You have to wash your hands before eating.

You should pick up glasses and finger food with your right hand, even if you are left-handed. Many people in the UAE use their left hand to clean themselves, so the food you eat with your left hand will be seen as dirty.

Don’t leave personal items like your cellphone on the table. This will free up space for the plates and prevent you from dropping things. If you run a business or need to show someone something, you can leave paperwork on the table.

19. Be humble in Ramadan

Information about Dubai Ramadan

Ramadan is the holiest month in the Muslim calendar. Observer Muslims fast during the day and perform prayers while awake.

It is a criminal offense to eat food in public during Ramadan. When you can eat at home, you should avoid doing it in front of other people so that you do not disturb anyone.

You should avoid playing music or dancing in the street during the month as well. Try to dress conservatively and avoid the house of worship unless you are going to pray.

Learn the most important information about Dubai

Interesting facts about Dubai

There is no doubt that some information about Dubai will surprise you. Dubai is a very young and arid city. Yet it is a center of culture, money and religion.

You can enjoy various attractions like Burj Khalifa and Dubai Miracle Garden and at the same time you can have a lot of fun with beautiful architecture and exotic animals.

However, you must pay attention to etiquette. In Ramadan, you should avoid showing affection, criticizing the government and avoiding provocative behavior.

We are lucky enough to visit Dubai and experience everything the city has to offer. Hopefully, this information about Dubai will help you understand the city better and encourage you to plan a trip to this unique city in the UAE.

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Hiking Europe’s Tour du Mont Blanc was a completely different part of European culture for me: serving wonderful lunches in a distant farm-turned-thriving cafe… nicely sprinkled with flowers and cows (including classic bells)… and an Esprit de Corps where everyone is like family.

Before returning to our starting point in France, we trailed through three countries – France, Italy and Switzerland. This cow is completely Swiss.
One of TMB’s joys is coming to an old farmhouse on a hillside (or pasture) that, nowadays, is a rich little restaurant for hungry and thirsty hikers. The prices are reasonable, the service is friendly, the food is great and the vibe is a delight.

Since almost everyone hikes in the same direction (counterclockwise), you make friends with fellow travelers. Half of the people on the trail seemed to be from the United States, and I’ve met a lot of Seattleites.

It was easy to cross the long road immersed in deep conversations with those we met along the way.
I enjoyed meeting this fan of my book and TV show, who is celebrating his 60th birthday by hiking TMB with his son.

And for the sake of the hiking lights, the lunches were very simple – just a sandwich from the hotel, probably a carrot, a piece of fruit and water. But after arriving at the Mid-Day Summit, lunch was Marmot’s Feast. (Speaking of marmots, we didn’t see any wildlife on the trail except for a few rats trapped under the hiking boots.)

RBC has again increased the welcome bonus on their Avion Personal Card trilogy: Visa Infinite, Visa Platinum and Visa Infinite Privilege.

Until September 16, 2022, With each of these three products you can earn a staggering 55,000 avian points, which easily surpasses all previous highs.

RBC Avion Visa Unlimited: Up to 55,000 Avion Points!

Historically, the standard offer on RBC Avion Visa Infinite was only 15,000 avion points after the first purchase.

However, as of September 16, 2022, RBC has raised the welcome bonus to a total of 55,000 avion points:

  • 35,000 avian points after approval
  • 20,000 Avion Points for spending $ 5,000 in the first six months

You don’t even have to make a purchase to earn the first part of 35,000 avian points. Just apply for the card, and 35,000 points should be posted to your account via the first monthly statement.

Meanwhile, 20,000 Avian Points is a healthy return on 5,000 costs, especially considering that you have six months longer than the traditional three months to meet your spending needs.

We price RBC Avion Points 2 cents because of their flexibility and frequent transfer bonuses, making 55,000 Avion Points very valuable. $ 1,100 Subtract the $ 120 annual fee from this and the total value of the offer is $ 980, And that’s certainly the highest we’ve ever seen this card go.

In addition, although there is no free first year offer here, you can avail of RBC VIP Banking Account to waive your annual fee on this card.

RBC Avion Visa Platinum: 55,000 Avion Points Without Minimum Income

RBC Avion Visa Platinum is an entry-level product of the Avion family and is similar to the flagship Visa Infinite in many ways.

As of September 16, 2022, it has also increased its welcome bonus 55,000 aircraft points With the same breakdown as Visa Infinite, this is a wonderful time to apply.

There are a few minor differences between Avon Visa Platinum and Avin Visa Infinite:

  • Visa earns Infinite The aircraft cost 1.25 points per dollar Travel, where Visa Platinum earns a flat 1 aircraft point cost per dollar On all purchases
  • Visa Platinum offers a weak insurance package; Compared to Visa Infinite, emergency medical insurance and mobile device insurance are not included
  • Visa Platinum does not offer unique dining, hotel and event facilities that are exclusive to Visa Infinite cards.

The most important difference is the RBC Avion Visa Platinum No minimum income required, So it would be the right choice for you if you do not meet the personal or family annual income of $ 60,000 or $ 100,000, respectively, required for Visa Infinite.

And even if you meet these requirements, you can retain both Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum at the same time – total earnings 70,000 aircraft points Not for the minimum cost, or 110,000 avian points if you spend $ 10,000 across both cards – since they are two separate products.

RBC Avion Visa Unlimited Privilege: 55,000 Avion Points + VIP Facility

The high-end premium product of the Avion family, RBC Avion Visa Infinite Privilege, is also joining the action.

You will earn 55,000 aircraft points After signing up, with the same breakdown as Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum products.

The welcome bonus of 55,000 avian points certainly exceeds the $ 399 annual fee on this card, although it is obviously not as good as a deal like paying $ 120 annual fee on low-end Visa Infinite or Visa Platinum cards.

In addition, the ব্যক্তিগত 200,000 minimum personal or family income requirement may also be prohibited for most applicants.

Still, if you want to earn 1.25x airplane points Try using the ability to redeem points directly on all purchases and against the premium fare of 2 cents per point, now is the right time to apply for RBC Avion Visa Infinite Privilege with this higher bonus.

The best way to redeem 55,000 RBC avian points

RBC Avion is a transferable point currency that allows you to transfer the 35,000 points you earn from any of these Avion cards to the wide frequency flyer program:

  • 1,000 Avion Points = 1,000 British Airways Avios

  • 1,000 Avian Points = 1,000 Cathay Pacific Asia Miles

  • 1,000 Avian Points = 700 American Airlines Advantage Miles

  • 1,000 air points = 10 WestJet dollars

So, you have the option to convert your 55,000 avian points into one of the following:

  • 55,000 British Airways Avios
  • 55,000 Cathay Pacific Asia Miles
  • 38,500 American Airlines Advantage Miles
  • 50 550 WestJet
RBC Conversion Airline Pint Graphic

Above the normal transfer ratio, RBC is known to offer its transfer partners occasionally a transfer bonus of 20%, 30% or even 50%.

You can take advantage of such a transfer bonus and combine it with another sweet spot in the Avios program, such as booking Qatar Airways Quesuit flights from North America to the Middle East, starting from or outside points. 70,000 Avios.

With a 30% bonus per game, this booking will only cost 53,846 aircraft points, So the current signup bonus of 55,000 Avion Points will be enough to get you to Qsuites!

Qatar Airways Qsuites

Also, RBC’s own travel redemption chart works similar to the Amex fixed points travel program, so you can redeem a certain number of points for a flight to a specific region with the maximum cash ticket cost allowance.

Graphic 7 with a demonstration of how you can use your airline points for vacation

With this chart, the value is limited due to the maximum ticket price, so I would generally recommend maximizing your chances with RBC’s Frequent Flyer Partners instead.

This is where the lion’s share of the Avion program lies, since you can transfer them to any of your partners for a preferred booking and are not locked into a single loyalty program.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you want to book a round-trip flight to North America, And If you do not find a satisfactory alternative through Avios or WestJet Rewards, then the RBC Travel Redemption Chart can serve as a fallback option.

This will allow you to “cover” your 55,000 points base on any flight in North America, up to a maximum of $ 1,100, from one of the RBC Avion cards, so you don’t have to worry. Availability Limitations – Although overall uptake may be limited.


Welcome bonuses are bumped up on RBC’s flagship Avian credit cards. 55,000 aircraft points Until September 16, 2022.

Keep in mind that RBC will only approve you for one credit card every 90 days, I recommend choosing two Avion products to apply between now and September to maximize your earnings.

Combine these generous offers with potential transfer bonuses to one of RBC’s Frequent Flyer Partners and you’re ready to book some spectacular trips in 2022 and beyond.

Although the Tour du Mont Blanc claims, it is not a particularly difficult hike. It’s just long, with lots of height gain and loss, and always pleasant. On my recent trek around the hill with three friends, it seemed like each of us had a weak spot: the knee, the toes or the lungs. For some, the challenge was uphill, and for others (including weak knees), it was downhill. We took it easy, with very short breaks.

David, Sue, Shelley and I shared the whole hike in Mont Blanc. But in order to be free to run at our own pace, we usually think it is best to hike as a couple instead of four. It is really important to be able to stop and rest without any worries about what others want or need. Our motto was, “We came here to hike – to enjoy the moment, the path, the mountains – not to run to the hotel.”

For long climbs, steady, short steps are best. The trail can be really rocky, and I can’t imagine doing it without hiking poles. The road signs were great, and the apps made it easy to stay on the trail: just follow the blue dot. And I’ve got good use of a high-quality printed map. (I would spend the night before hiking and familiarize myself with the trail on the map.)

Although the weather forecast seemed awful, we hiked for six days (in September, the last week of the season) and fortunately, it rained for only an hour. Still, every day we packed rain gear, and we would add and close layers as we increased and lost altitude. Four days later, we sorted it out, and it came to us in the ranks of the newcomers, “We’re getting better at it.”

As we hiked in a large circle around a large mound of mountains and slept in the charming town every night, each day seemed to be on top of a terrifying mountain pass. One night treat was the stars walking under a milky blanket.

I will share more photos, stories and tips from Mont Blanc in the November 29 edition of Monday Night Travel. Want to come up with? Register now for this fun – and free! – Incidents.

American Express and Oxford Properties are back with another Amex offer, and this is a new twist on an idea we’ve seen before them.

You’ll earn one $ 70 statement credit When you spend Oxford Properties Gift Card 350 +, Whether purchased at Oxford Properties Guest Service Locations or online.

This is one of the easiest Amex offers to make the most of the last few years, offering a nice discount of up to 20% on upcoming purchases, hotel or flight bookings.

Oxford Properties Gift Card: Spend $ 350, Get $ 70

Oxford Properties is a Canadian property management company with a wide variety of holdings across the country. The company also sells Oxford Gift Cards plus gift cards at oxfordgiftcardplus.ca, which can be redeemed in eligible Oxford Properties retail and travel businesses.

As part of this Amex offer, you will earn a lump sum $ 70 (CAD) statement credit If you participate online at the Oxford Properties Guest Service Desk in Canada or at Oxford Properties Guest Service Desk through oxfordgiftcardplus.ca, spend $ 350 (CAD) to purchase a gift card.

Offer ends July 18, 2022, So you have to buy your $ 350 before that. Be sure to register early for the offer to secure your eligibility, as the first 20,000 cardholders have a limited registration cap.

There’s no need to pay a minimum of 350 for a single purchase, as the offer also works for incremental purchases totaling 350 or more. However, it is usually easiest to buy a কার্ড 350 gift card online to complete the terms of the offer as smoothly as possible.

We’ve seen this Amex offer on a wide range of American Express products, such as business platinum cards, airplane reserve cards and more.

This will usually appear on one card for each cardholder, so if you have multiple Amex cardholders in your family, be sure to check each account to see if the offer pops up and register accordingly.

Save up to 20% on shopping, hotel stays or flights

By purchasing and redeeming a $ 350 Oxford Properties gift card and earning a 70 statement credit, you can make an effective unlock 20% discount Whatever you use the gift card eventually.

Oxford Properties gift cards can be used at more than a dozen shopping malls and retail centers across Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia Canada:

  • Yorkdale Mall (Toronto, Ongoing)
  • Square One Shopping Center (Mississauga, Launched)
  • Scarborough Town Center (Scarborough, Ongoing)
  • Hillcrest Mall (Richmond Hill, Ongoing)
  • Upper Canada Mall (Newmarket, Launched)
  • Waterpark Place (Toronto, on)
  • Richmond-Adelaide Center (Toronto, ON)
  • Metro Center (Toronto, Launched)
  • Gatineau Prominades (Gatineau, QC)
  • Quartier Dix30 (Brossard, QC)
  • Gallery de la Capitale (Quebec City, QC)
  • South Center Mall (Calgary, AB)
  • Kingsway Mall (Edmonton, AB)
  • Bow Valley Square (Calgary, AB)
  • Centennial Place (Calgary, AB)
  • Oxford Place (Vancouver, BC)
  • MNP Tower (Vancouver, BC)

In addition, gift cards can be used to stay at Oxford Properties hotels across Alberta, British Columbia and Toronto, which may be of interest to travelers considering staying in one of these properties in the near future.

Eligible properties include the Banff, Jasper, Lake Lewis, and Whistler, the Intercontinental Toronto Center, and the Fairmont Hotel in Park Hyatt Toronto.

If you plan to stay at one of these hotels, the Oxford Properties Gift Card can stack up to 20% discount with other ongoing deals, such as the Fairmont Amex Offer or the Ontario Station Tax Credit.

In addition, Oxford Properties gift cards can be used with Porter Airlines, so travelers planning to travel to Canada and the United States outside of Toronto Billy Bishop this summer can save up to 20% on a Porter flight.

If you plan to fly with Porter, stay at one or two Downtown Toronto properties in Fairmont, Western Canada, or shop at one of the Oxford Properties Retail Centers on the list, it is not wise to register for the offer, buy a $ 350 online gift card. And save $ 70 for your last purchase.

However, even if you do not see yourself using the gift card (say, you live outside of a province with Oxford Properties location and do not plan to redeem the gift card for eligible travel), it is still possible to use the Amex offer to buy a gift card. Feelings.

This is because your $ 350 Oxford Properties gift card still has a value, if not equal to $ 350, for which you only have to pay $ 280.

You can sell the $ 350 gift card to another buyer, perhaps for a small discount, and still have a 70 statement credit thanks.

Scotiabank American Express cardholders can also register

As we have seen in many recent Amex offers, primary and supplementary cardholders of Scotiabank American Express products can also register and take advantage of promotions.

Eligible cards include Scotiabank Gold American Express Card, Scotiabank American Express Card, and Scotiabank Platinum American Express Card.

The registration portal is accessible through this link.

Whether you plan to use or resell your Oxford Properties gift card, you can sign up for this Amex offer on both your Amex- and Scotiabank-issued Amex products to maximize your earnings.


With this new Amex offer, eligible cardholders can earn a $ 70 statement credit by spending a minimum of $ 350 to purchase a gift card online at Oxford Properties Canada or through oxfordgiftcardplus.ca.

Oxford Properties gift cards can be used to save up to 20% on eligible shopping locations, hotels or Porter Airlines flights, so there is a fairly wide range of uses for your discount gift cards.

Remember that the registration cap is limited to the first 20,000 cardholders, so be sure to press the register and then pick up your Oxford Properties gift card as soon as possible, and July 18, 2022 At the latest.

At age 66, I felt like the father of the hiking community while hiking around Mont Blanc earlier this fall. But the Tour du Mont Blanc is possible for any reasonably fit hiker, and there were plenty of people on the trail who were older than me.

For newcomers like Shelley and me, it’s wise to be proactive about health and safety. Here are some tips I learned along the way:

Good boots, liner socks, slippery powder and moleskin are essential for soft skin. We became a kind of gear geek – investing in good day bags (aspray), woolen clothes (socks, underwear, shirts) and great hiking shoes. I was not so grateful for wool hats in Europe.

I was skeptical of many “good ideas”, but the two things I finally appreciated were a daily bag of trail mix and my metal water bottle. (I complained about its steep ট্যাগ 40 price tag … but soon realized it was a great price).

I must say, if the weather gets bad and it rains hard, I don’t think most trails will be fun at all. In fact, it would be dangerous. Hiking poles are essential, and even in perfect weather, I would worry about stumbling without my own faithful set.

Eat a solid breakfast. One day we had breakfast without any protein, the climb was hard.

Apply sunscreen even if the weather is bad.

After learning my lessons about other long climbs, I decided from the start to be religious about expanding the Tour du Mont Blanc. I had a routine of six stretches and spent time all day to make sure I wasn’t tight. Very important!

Don’t be a hero. When the skin is hot, wrap it. I did a complete TMB hike without a blister – and then purposely got one in the last two hours.

Good gear, smart and active ways to stay healthy, stretch, and take it easy… it all worked great.

I will share more photos, stories and tips from Mont Blanc in the November 29 edition of Monday Night Travel. Want to come up with? Register now for this fun – and free! – Incidents.

Today is a day of deep sorrow. Russia’s offensive is heartbreaking in Ukraine and, at least indirectly, for death, suffering and economic unrest. Here in Rick Steve’s Europe, we hope that a diplomatic solution will be found and that peace will return to that fragile and long-violent part of our world.

Our goal at RSE is to help Americans get to know and understand our neighbors better through travel. But when we bring travelers to other countries, we also bring their dollars – dollars that will support Putin’s aggression. Therefore, to date, we have canceled all 2022 tours, including one stop in Russia.

Of course, we will keep a close eye on the unfolding events and observe the effects of travel in the rest of Europe. But it is important to keep in mind the geographical reality and remember that the war in Ukraine will be as far from our European vacation dream as the war in Guatemala will be from Texas or Florida. For over 40 years now, we’ve lived, worked, and traveled through many periods of tragic war in countries far away from our tour (and some nearby). And at this point, we see no reason to change the rest of our travel and travel plans.

The tragic reality unfolding in Ukraine only reminds me that for Americans to continue traveling and do things that make our world better and more employed citizens. I’m flying to Europe next month for a 40-day trip through a dozen great cities from London to Athens – and I’m proud that thousands of my traveling companions will experience the European journey of their dreams while having a long distance learning experience. A 2022 Rick Steves tour home.

In this time, let us be grateful for our blessings, support the leaders of our nation as they do their best to navigate this crisis and keep the turbulent corners of our world (Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan and more) in our thoughts and prayers.

– Rick