Buy World of Hyatt points with 30% bonus

World of Hyatt is fast emerging as an attractive alternative to the Marriott Forest Fear and Hilton Honors Hotel Loyalty program.

They recently announced their recent promotion on purchased points, a valuable way for members to balance their points and book hotels. This can be a great deal, especially if you want to enjoy your globalist status as often as possible.

Buy World of Hyatt points with 30% bonus

The World of Hyatt is offering bonuses on point purchases August 1, 2022. If you buy at least 5,000 points you will get 30% bonus.

Typically, Hyatt charges 2.4 cents per point (USD) to buy points. With this 30% bonus, the rate is reduced 1.85 cents per point (USD).

This is a fairly competitive price where the world of Hyatt points, buy a shade over Our current assessment 1.5 cents per point (USD).

How many World of Hyatt points can you buy?

World of Hyatt imposes a limit of 55,000 points purchased per calendar year.

When they have a promotion for extra points, such as the current 30% bonus, those points are not counted in the annual limit. (Note that World of Hyatt refers to all purchased points as bonus points.)

If you make the most of this promotion, it will cost ৷ For US 1,320 71,500 Hyatt points.

Purchase points will be credited to your account within 48 hours.

Which credit card should you use to buy World of Hyatt Points?

World of Hyatt sells points through, an external retailer. These are not considered travel purchases, and there are no additional benefits to using Chase’s US-issued personal or business World of Hyatt credit cards.

Instead, I’d recommend any card with a high base earning rate, or one where you’re working to meet the minimum spending requirement.

Specifically, any US credit card will. Because if your billing address is in Canada, you will be charged Canadian sales tax.

So, even a Canadian-issued credit card without a foreign transaction fee would be a bad choice – even if you still don’t have a US credit card, it’s still your best option.

Who should buy Hayat Point World?

Intelligent travelers will be able to find valuable pockets at both the top and bottom of the World of Hyatt hotel portfolio.

However, earning a World of Hyatt point is not easy for Canadians. Hyatt’s only co-branded credit cards are in the United States, and it’s a bit of a process for Canadians to get US credit cards with Chase. Therefore, you may be inspired to look for other ways to earn points, such as buying them directly, assuming the price is right.

High-priced aspiring hotel

The World of Hyatt program has many exciting hotel brands and features that provide an exceptionally unique travel experience.

Ricky recently visited Calala Island, a private island in Nicaragua with only four villas. For an all-inclusive stay your room covers two, food, drinks, activities and round-trip planes and boat transfers to and from the island.

Calala Island Nicaragua

It is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, which has a marketing partnership with Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. Members of World of Hyatt can stay in small luxury hotels for 35,000-45,000 points per night.

Cash value astronomers, starting at US $ 2,350 per night and reaching US $ 3,650 on the maximum date.

Instead of booking points, you will bring this exclusive experience within reach. You will get an offensive price of 6-9 cents per point (USD), Above our nominal assessment of the Hyatt point.

With the current bonus of buying points, it will cost you US $ 744 to buy 40,000 points for a typical night on Calala Island – a screaming deal compared to the room’s cash rate.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you line up the availability of rewards at the hotel before you pull the trigger to buy points, especially for small luxury hotels, which limit the number of rooms that can be booked at points.

Hyatt’s own portfolio includes some dilapidated resorts, even in the United States. For example, you could book a night at Alila Ventana Big Sur for 56,000-66,000 points on the new award chart for the suite, or US $ 2,400 for the same room.

Purchasing points is definitely a good deal, as with the current promotion it will only cost up to US $ 1,108 per night.

You’ll find the same value in Hawaii, where you can redeem prizes in high-end Category 7 properties for more than 5 cents per point (USD).

Lower-class hotels with higher cash rates

The Hyatt brand has particularly strong footprints across the United States. In particular, find hotels in popular small-town leisure destinations.

For my next trip to the American Southwest, I keep an eye on Hayat. Southern Utah lacks housing, often not enough to meet demand during the tourist season.

As a result, the cash value can be over US $ 300 per night, which in my opinion is an easy place to rest after a long day of adventure when you need to be extraordinarily steep.

When Hayat Place Moab Recently moved to Category 4, even at 15,000 points the standard night is still a strong redemption at 2 cents per point (USD).

In this case, it would be perfectly understandable to buy Hyatt Points. With the current 30% bonus, at a rate of 1.85 US cents per point, an off-peak night will cost around US $ 220 or US $ 275 for a standard night, which is less than the cost of direct cash payments.

Consider the Spirit Ridge Resort Osoyus for an Okanagan winery trip, for an option a little closer to home and with more property benefits. Also a Category 4 property will cost up to 18,000 points per night on a maximum date compared to the মূল্য 400 (CAD) cash value in the summer.

Spirit Ridge Resort Osoyos, Unbound Collection

It is always worth checking the prices on your travel dates. As long as your redemption price is above the acquisition cost of points, you will be ahead in any booking.

The only reason I don’t do this is if I save my World of Hyatt points for more valuable redemption. There aren’t many ways to earn Hyatt points, so you may want to keep them for exclusive opportunities and pay cash elsewhere.

Other Ways to Earn Hyatt Points World

Although the value of World of Hyatt points is more reliable than that of its competitors, it is always a risky proposition to buy points if you do not plan to book immediately.

In fact, with the recent news of the devaluation of the Marriott Forest, the World of Hyatt is the only major hotel program that will continue to publish an awards chart in 2022. However, they have recently set off-peak and maximum prices, which could be a sign that further changes may occur in the coming years.

If you prefer to build up your balance slowly for a big redemption down the road, I’d recommend looking at other earning methods first.

US credit card by Chase

Chase south of the border, Chase issues two co-branded World of Hyatt Visa cards:

  • World of Hyatt Credit Card: Make money Up to 60,000 worlds at Hyatt Point Spend US $ 3,000–15,000 for the first three to six months, with an annual fee of US $ 95.
  • World of Hyatt Business Credit Card: Make money 60,000 World of Hyatt points Spend US $ 5,000 in the first three months, with an annual fee of US $ 199.

In addition, with a personal card, you can win up to two Free Night Awards for 1-4 class hotels each year:

  • Starting your second year, earn a Free Night Prize on your card anniversary
  • Also, earn an additional Free Night Reward by spending US $ 15,000 in a calendar year

In addition to the co-branded World of Hyatt card, Chase Ultimate Rewards Points can be transferred to 1: 1 World of Hyatt. You can win these awards at any of the Chase Sapphire products:

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve: Make money 60,000 final prize points Spend US $ 4,000 in the first three months, with an annual fee of US $ 550 (offset by a US $ 300 annual travel credit).
  • Chase Sapphire Preferences: Make money 60,000 final prize points Spend US $ 4,000 in the first three months, with an annual fee of US $ 95 (offset by a US $ 50 annual travel credit).
  • Chase Inc. Business Preferences: Make money 100,000 final prize points Spend US $ 15,000 in the first three months, with an annual fee of US $ 95.

If you have one of the above cards, you can turn your cash-back rewards from some other chase cards into Ultimate Rewards, including their Freedom Lineup.

These credit cards are definitely a great way to get value out of the World of Hyatt program as you delve deeper into the US credit card game.

US credit cards for Canadians

Multi-player mode: Pool point within the family

You can combine points from multiple accounts. However, if you want to quickly-track the balance of your life, there are a few key precautions to be aware of:

  • You must be a member for at least 60 days before purchasing points.
  • You can only transfer points “to get enough points to redeem a certain reward”.
  • You can only collect points, whether sent or received, once every 30 days.
  • Point transfer is a slow process under human supervision, and you need to fill out a request form.

Because of these limitations, in general I would not recommend relying on the World of Hyatt Pool Pool. However, the option is available and may be effective in selected situations if you run out of points before booking.

Previous promotion

Whether you’re deciding if this promotion is a good opportunity for you to meet your travel goals, look back at previous promotions to last year’s World of Hyatt purchase points:

30% discount on purchase points

30% higher purchase points

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30% higher purchase points

25% discount on purchase points


World of Hyatt is offering a strong promotion at the point of purchase with the heat of revenge travel. With a 30% bonus, you can effectively buy at a rate of 1.85 cents per point (USD).

While I don’t usually recommend immediate redemption or speculative buying points without a long-term plan, I would consider this opportunity somewhat, as the World of Hyatt program has a strong track record of pricing where its peers have failed.

Make sure you buy World of Hyatt Points in advance August 1, 2022 Take advantage of this offer if you are interested.

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