Chase Forest Fear Unlimited Visa: Five free nights worth 250,000 points!

Big news from the US credit card market: Chase Chase Marriott returns one of its all-time welcome bonuses on the Boundless Visa: Five free night prizes worth up to 50,000 forest fear points, Evaluate the overall offer 250,000 forest fear points.

Chase Forest Fear Boundless Visa: Five Free Night Awards worth 50,000 Points

Most credit card signup bonuses are distributed in the form of reward points to a specific loyalty program, but Chase has adopted a different approach here.

After signing up for the Chase Forest Fearless Boundless Visa and spending US $ 5,000 in the first three months, you will earn a total. Five Free Night Awards, Each is priced up to 50,000 forest scare points. The annual fee for the card is US $ 95.

Free Night Awards will be credited to your account up to eight weeks after meeting the spending threshold. They will then be valid for one year from the date of issue, which means you will have the opportunity to redeem them for your travels throughout 2022 and between 2023.

On paper, up to the value of five free night certificates 250,000 Marriott Forest Fear Points Total, which is obviously a jaw-dropping bonus to get in a single credit card application.

Of course, you won’t actually have the full flexibility to have 250,000 Bonavoy Points in your account, because you’re limited to redeeming the Free Night Awards as they are – you can’t take advantage of Marriott Bonavoy Points to transfer to their airline partners, for example.

But if you initially collect Forest Fear Points for the purpose of staying in a high quality hotel, then this offer will be in your lane.

Not only can you redeem every Free Night Award for a hotel that would otherwise cost 50,000 Bonavoy points, but you can top-up the Free Night Award up to 15,000 points, thus using every possible certificate towards a hotel that might otherwise cost . At 65,000 points.

Use the welcome bonus for five free nights at St. Regis Langkawi

In addition, Chase Marriott Visa offers its own one-quarter-million Bonavoy Points with a signup bonus, an elite qualification boost of 15 elite nights, which can be stacked with the American Express US Marriott Bonavoy Business Card to give you. A total of 30 elite qualifying nights.

Remember, the only way to stack up two of these 15-night bonuses to reach 30 is to keep both a US-issued Personal Forest Fear card and a US-issued Business Fear card.

If you have the following combination of Marriott Forest Fear co-branded credit cards …

Canadian Private + Canadian Business

15 elite qualifying nights

Canadian Private + US Private

15 elite qualifying nights

Canadian Private + US Business

15 elite qualifying nights

Canadian Business + US Private

15 elite qualifying nights

Canadian Business + US Business

15 elite qualifying nights

US Private + US Business

30 elite qualifying nights

This will take you more than halfway to Marriott Platinum Elite Status, where you will begin to enjoy truly valuable benefits such as free breakfast, lounge access and suite upgrades.

Chase Forest Fear Boundless can also be worthwhile year after year, thanks to the annual bonus of a Free Night Award valued at up to 35,000 Marriott Forest Fear points, which can easily exceed the US $ 95 annual fee on the card.

After all, in terms of points earned, Chase Marriott earns boundless Costed 6 Marriott points per US dollar On the Marriott property, which is on par with its Amex US rival.

On all other purchases, earn it 2 Marriott points per US dollar, Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Who qualifies for the bonus?

As good as the offer is, there is a multi-layered set of eligibility rules that can limit the number of people interested in the offer to be able to get it.

First, Chase usually requires at least one year of established credit history established in the United States (and sometimes more) to approve you for a premium travel credit card. They will not process applications without the SSN or ITIN included in the application.

For Canadians, this means only those of us who have already embarked on our US credit card journey At least a year ago Potentially qualified at this point – if you haven’t started yet, there’s no better time than now, so you can get some skin in the game next time one of these stunning non-Amex offers arrives.

Chase also has the infamous “5/24 rule”, which means that if you have opened more than five credit cards in the last 24 months, they will not approve you for any credit card. So if you’ve recently gone to a US credit card application spray, you won’t be able to get approval for Chase Forest Fear Boundless until you return “below 5/24”.

The Chase Marriott Card, in particular, contains a very complex set of exclusion criteria for potential cardholders holding Marriott credit cards issued by American Express US. Here they are:

It’s actually some very granular fine print, and you’ll want to read through each of the criteria carefully to make sure No. Apply to you if you want to be eligible for the bonus.

Alas, I imagine that many Canadians who started with a US credit card may have applied for one of the Amex US Bonavoy Credit Cards: either US Bonavoy Brilliant or US Bonavoy Business.

If so, you may find yourself ineligible for the Chase Bonus because of the above eligibility criteria – Marriott obviously doesn’t want to give a big bonus to anyone who is willing to apply for their card from both issuers.

On the other hand, if you’ve already been fairly “deep in the game” with a US credit card but haven’t yet touched the Amex US Fear Cards, you’ll definitely be eligible for this rip-roaring bonus at Chase Fear. Unlimited, and you should absolutely jump onboard while it’s available.


Chase Bonavoy Boundless Visa brings back its widely celebrated welcome offer of five Free Night Awards, redeemable for a free night worth up to 50,000 Bonavoy points and valid for one year from the date of issue, when you apply and spend US $ 5,000 in the first three months. .

Unfortunately, Chase’s relatively strict approval criteria, as well as the specific eligibility criteria for this product, can disqualify many potential applicants (especially those from Canada) from receiving bonuses.

However, the offer has no published expiration date, so my guess is that it will be valid for at least a few months, to those of us who feel the opportunity to manage our US credit card portfolio with eligibility criteria.

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