How to earn and redeem Hyatt Free Night Awards

The Free Night Certificate is a great way to increase the hotel loyalty program and score Hotel Night with nothing out of pocket.

After reviewing the free night certificates offered by Marriott and Hilton, let’s continue with a primer. Free night prizes In The world of life Activities.

How To Earn Hyatt Free Night Awards

1. Chase Hyatt Visa

Entering the US credit card market and finally applying for a Chase Hyatt visa is the best-valued way to win the Free Night Award with Hyatt each year.

You’ll earn one Category 1-4 Free Night Award Every year thereafter and after the Chase Hyatt visa renewal for the second year in the World of Hyatt program.

The annual fee for the card is US $ 95, and it will be very possible to redeem your Free Night Award for a Category 4 hotel which would otherwise cost much more than US $ 95, making Chase Hyatt Visa a card worth keeping for a long time. Run after collecting the welcome bonus in the first year.

In addition, you will receive a Category 1-4 Free Night Award after spending US 15,000 Chase Hyatt visa every calendar year.

This may not be a realistic goal for everyone, but if you need personal or business expenses that exceed the minimum you can afford on new credit cards, it may be a good idea to spend on a Chase Hyatt visa and earn an extra free night reward.

Grand Hyatt Melbourne, where you can redeem a Category 1-4 Free Night Award

(Keep in mind that Hilton’s Free Night Prize can be earned by spending US $ 15,000 per calendar year on the same Amex US Hilton Sarpus and Hilton Business Card. Hilton can be redeemed at the best luxury hotels, where the Hyatt is limited to 4 categories.)

Also, note that Chase Hyatt Visa has already offered a Free Night Award as part of the Welcome Bonus. If this sounds interesting to you, then it may be worthwhile to wait for such offers to return in the future before applying for this card.

2. World of Hyatt Milestone Award

If you have not yet traveled far enough to travel your US credit card to apply for a Chase credit card, you can still earn a Free Night Award Certificate with Hyatt through the World of Hyatt program.

World of Hyatt offers members Milestone Award They earn for every 10 elite qualifying nights. There are two thresholds where you will receive a Free Night Award:

  • On arrival 30 elite qualifying nights, You’ll earn one Category 1-4 Free Night Award
  • On arrival 60 Elite Qualifying Nights, You’ll earn one Category 1-7 Free Night Award

Traditionally, 30- and 60-night thresholds have been associated with acquiring or retaining Hyatt Explorer and Hyatt Globalist status, respectively.

However, keep in mind that you’ll earn milestone rewards simply by staying in the actual number of nights, and not by any shortcut to achieving Hayat status (such as status match or temporarily reduced eligibility criteria).

3. World of Hyatt Brand Explorer Award

In addition to the above opportunities to win up to four Free Night Awards on an annual basis, there is a one-time opportunity to earn up to five more. Category 1-4 Free Night Prize Through life Brand Explorer Promotion.

Under your World of Hyatt account, you’ll find Brand Explorer Tracker, which tracks how many of Hyatt’s 26 hotel brands have located you. After staying in five different Hyatt brands, you will receive a Free Night Award.

It’s a fun way to encourage members to try different brands, and I’d like Marriott and Hilton to offer something similar.

Personally, I now own a total of eight Hyatt brands, so I’m looking forward to winning a second Free Night Prize after trying out a Thompson and an unbound collection property.

Keep in mind that the nine brands under the “Inclusive Collection” are all-inclusive features, so collecting them can be even more challenging unless you go for all-inclusive every moment as part of your travel style.

How to redeem the Hyatt Free Night Awards

Free Night Award certificates are credited to your World of Hyatt account within 10 weeks of earning, although they will usually be credited early. You’ll find your free night prizes listed under the “My Awards” section of your World of Hyatt dashboard.

These prizes can be redeemed online. You must tick the “Use Points” search option and make sure your selected hotel has standard room availability for redeeming World of Hyatt points; If so, it would also be eligible for a Free Night Award redemption.

Free Night Awards are issued from Chase Hyatt Visa with a validity of one year, whereas Milestone Rewards or Brand Explorer is issued for a period of six months. Accommodation must be completed within that period, not just booked.

There are certain restrictions when redeeming the Hyatt Free Night Awards: You may not apply for the Suite Upgrade Award or Club Access Awards on reservations (both of which are earned as part of the Hyatt Milestone Award for frequent stays).

If you want to apply for a Suite Upgrade Award to secure a suit before you stay, it is best to book with cash or World of Hyatt points to place the equipment.

Strategies to maximize the Hyatt Free Night Awards

Most participants in the World of Hyatt program can expect to receive one, two or three Category 1-4 Free Night Awards each year, depending on whether they have enough Hyatt to reach the 30-night threshold and whether they hold Chase Hyatt. Visa.

If you are a dedicated Hyatt member who follows Globalist Status on 60 qualifying nights each year, you will also receive the more powerful Category 1-7 Free Night Award as a reward for your loyalty.

Promoting Brand Explorer may increase the balance of your Free Night Awards in the first few years of your Hyatt membership, but it will not necessarily be a reliable source of free nights in the long run.

Since Category 4 falls square in the middle of Hyatt’s eight hotel divisions, this means that non-globalist members should expect to use these awards for relatively high quality hotels, rather than features that represent the top of luxury in Hyatt’s portfolio.

Guess San Diego, where I redeemed the Category 1–4 Free Night Award

You will definitely want to redeem for the highest prize category of each type of Free Night Awards (categories 4 and 7, respectively) and especially for top-tier brands such as Park Hyatt, Alila, Andaz, Thompson and small luxury hotels. World.

You can check out Hyatt’s Explore Hotels page and find 4th and 7th classified hotels by category, brand and geographic area that might work best for your travel goals.

What’s more, now using the World of Hyatt Peak and Off-Peak pricing, another strategy to maximize the value of your Free Night Award is to redeem it on a night that would otherwise be priced as the highest rate.

In this way, the Category 1-4 and 1-7 Free Night Awards can be considered as a “save” up to 18,000 or 35,000 World of Hyatt points, respectively.

Personally, I’ve redeemed a few Category 1-4 Free Night Awards in my short life career so far, and I’ve found 300 (CAD) Or 250 (USD) To get out of these certificates I want to be a reasonable benchmark for the outsourced value – mostly in the mid-range city center or resort property in the high season.

I have yet to win a Category 1-7 Free Night Award with Hyatt, but I look forward to doing so this year as part of renewing my Globalist status. I would definitely try to redeem for ambitious properties like Alila Villas Uluwatu or Park Hyatt Tokyo if I do.

Park Hyatt Tokyo


Getting involved with the World of Hyatt Loyalty program can take some work, especially from a Canadian perspective. But the rewards are usually very rewarding once you do – and the Free Night Awards are a major part of that equation.

Whether you’re aiming for the Milestone Award, applying for a US-issued Chase Hyatt visa, or planning to stay in the Hyatt brand in a group of five, the Category 1-4 Free Night Award can help you find more value. Don’t pay anything out of pocket while staying at the hotel.

In addition, for true Hayat loyalists who spend 60 eligible nights each year as a Globalist member, a Category 1-7 Free Night Award is awaited for a complimentary stay on Hayat’s many ambitious luxury properties.

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