How To Earn And Redeem IHG Anniversary Free Night

The IHG’s anniversary has taken on a more prominent role since the Free Nights Recent upgrades to the IHG One Rewards loyalty program: Certificates now have more flexibility, while the introduction of a new Chase IHG Business Credit Card provides another way to earn free nights each year.

With an ever-expanding portfolio of nearly 6,000 properties and luxury properties worldwide, IHG’s Annual Free Nights is worth understanding alongside Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt.

Let’s take a look The best way to earn and redeem IHG Anniversary Free Night.

How To Earn IHG Anniversary Free Night

For Canadians, it’s worth noting that IHG Anniversary Free Night is only accessible to those who have started with a US credit card; However, it is a relatively simple strategy to set up as a one-time job before reaping the rewards year after year.

1. Chase IHG Awards Premier Card

Applying for the flagship Chase IHG Rewards Premier card is the easiest way to earn an Anniversary Free Night each year.

By simply holding the card, you will immediately receive an Annual Free Night worth 40,000 IHG ​​One Rewards Points. Despite having a cap on how many points can be redeemed for Anniversary Free Night, the redemption can be topped up with extra points for a more expensive reward.

The annual fee for the card is US $ 99; However, each year should be higher than the Anniversary Free Night Fee, and a great reason to keep the first year card once the welcome bonus has been collected.

2. Chase IHG Awards Premier Business Card

The Chase IHG Rewards Premier Business Card is the latest addition to the Chase IHG portfolio, providing a second way to earn up to two annual free nights each year.

The annual fee for the Chase IHG Rewards Premier Business Card is US $ 99, and again, you’ll get an Annual Free Night holding the card.

In addition, you can earn a second anniversary free night by spending US $ 60,000 per card per calendar year. Unfortunately, this is probably not worth following unless you have significant business expenses to keep on the card and you are not particularly loyal to IHG.

Regent Porto Montenegro

How To Redeem IHG Anniversary Free Night

The IHG Anniversary Free Nights is automatically credited to your account 12 months after the card is opened and is valid for 12 months from the date of issue (i.e., must be on the date of your stay within that period).

Annual Free Nights Redemption with IHG can be done directly online through the IHG booking engine. By logging in to your IHG Rewards account and selecting your name in the top-right corner, and then selecting “Reward Wallet”, you can access and monitor your Anniversary Free Nights.

You can break and book your free night directly on this page by clicking on “Redeem”

After selecting your destination, eligible hotel redemptions will be met. Any hotel has a room that can be booked with an anniversary free night otherwise booked.

Hotels will be displayed in redemption order within the price of your anniversary free night, then follow the ones that need to be topped up for redemption.

Of course, to maximize your Anniversary Free Night, you should redeem it for a night that would otherwise cost 40,000 IHG ​​One Rewards Points or more, because you can always top-up with more points if needed.

Strategies for maximizing IHG anniversary free nights

Most IHG One Rewards members who have increased their participation with a co-branded US-issued credit card will find it possible to earn 1-2 Annual Free Nights each year, depending on whether they have one or both of their personal and business credit cards. By.

(For those who wish to spend $ 60,000 on a business credit card, it is possible to earn a third anniversary free night, although this may not necessarily be the case.)

In terms of redemption, in the past, Anniversary Free Night was limited to a maximum of 40,000 points and individuals outside this range were not eligible for redemption. However, with the newly introduced ability to top-up your certificate with points for more expensive redemption, there is now considerable flexibility when redeeming IHG Anniversary Free Nights.

Six senses uluwatu, sand

As a Chase IHG Rewards Premier cardholder who still does not use IHG as my primary hotel program, I have basically redeemed my Annual Free Nights for convenience rather than comfort.

For example, I often find myself in need of crash pads overnight in Manhattan, where I do not plan to spend much time in the room. In this case, it would be nice to cover the room with an IHG Anniversary Free Night without any money out of pocket, while the option would pay US $ 250 + in cash.

Intercontinental New York Times Square, where I rehearsed an IHG anniversary free night

Now that the anniversary can be topped up with Free Night Points, and the IHG One Rewards Loyalty program has also improved, I would like to redeem these certificates with more ambition considering it a 40,000-point discount on one of the IHG’s. Top-notch features, like the Kimpton, Regent or Six Sense Hotel, every moment.

If you’re deep into the US credit card game and really want to maximize the value you get out of IHG, it’s best to set yourself up with both personal and business chase IHG credit cards to earn two free nights each year.

And of course, if you’re playing games in two-player mode or more, replicating this strategy between players will allow you to combine your credentials for free or discounted up to four nights at IHG’s top features.


IHG’s Anniversary Free Nights is one of the easiest and most flexible of the major hotel loyalty programs, offered as an annual benefit on the Chase IHG Rewards Premier Card or the Chase IHG Rewards Premier Business Card.

To make the most of these certificates when redeeming, be sure to choose a hotel that would otherwise cost 40,000 IHG ​​One Rewards Points or more, since you now have an unlimited number of points to book any one of IHG’s 5,000. You can top-up the certificate + Hotels that catch your eye.

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