Hyatt Amex Offer: Spend $ 300, Get $ 60 at Canadian Hotel

A new Amex offer has been introduced which allows you to earn $ 60 statement credit by spending $ 300 using your American Express card at Hyatt Hotel in Canada September 22, 2022.

Hyatt Hotel in Canada: Spend $ 300, Get $ 60

You will receive a one-time 60 (CAD) statement credit after spending $ 300 (CAD) after tax on participating Hyatt hotels. Promotion is limited to Canadian property, and purchases must be charged in Canadian dollars.

Hayat has a decent selection across the country, with a total of 19 properties, mostly concentrated in major metropolitan centers, including a few in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

The offer works on a total incremental purchase of 300 or more, so there is no need to meet the minimum $ 300 on a single purchase.

Offer ends September 22, 2022, And the first 30,000 cardholders have a registration cap, so it’s best to register as soon as possible to secure your eligibility.

We’ve seen this offer pop up on a wide range of American Express cards, including platinum cards and cobalt cards. If you’re playing the game in two-player mode or more, be sure to check each person’s card to see if the offer has popped up and register accordingly.

Save up to 20% on Hyatt Hotels this summer

This offer can be an easy way to save money if you plan to stay at a Hyatt hotel from now on September, especially if you are using your summer travels to renew your globalist status for next year.

With just $ 300 a purchase, you’ll want to effectively unlock one 20% discount আপনার 60 on your purchase via statement credit.

Since the statement credit will be applied to Amex, you can combine it with other ongoing property-specific contracts or money-saving strategies, such as the Ontario Station Tax Credit.

To make the most of the multiple Amex offers to stay the same, keep in mind that you can redeem Oxford Properties gift cards at Park Hyatt Toronto.

However, keep in mind that you can pay for your stay using an existing gift card and your credit card, which includes the Hyatt Amex offer – but not at the same time.

So, before using your Oxford Properties gift card, I recommend using the Hyatt Amex offer for the $ 300 portion of the hotel bill first, as it is a limited time contract with no expiration date.

Park Hyatt Toronto

Scotiabank American Express cardholders can also register

As we have seen in previous Amex offers, the offer is also available to primary and supplementary cardholders of Scotiabank American Express products: Scotiabank Gold American Express, Scotiabank American Express, and Scotiabank Platinum American Express.

The registration portal is accessible through this link.

This provides another way to maximize your savings under this promotion by registering and using the Amex offer in both your Amex- and Scotiabank-issued Amex credit cards.

If you have a more expensive Hyatt line, you can register multiple primary and complementary Scotiabank cardholders for the offer and split the bill into $ 300 pieces to maximize the $ 60 statement credit each time.


The latest Amex offer allows eligible cardholders to earn a $ 60 statement credit by spending a minimum of $ 300 for a growing purchase of Hyatt property in Canada this summer.

Not every American Express card is targeted for this offer, so be sure to check all your cards to see if the promotion is showing. For those who have a Scotiabank American Express credit card, be sure to register via the portal link to increase your savings.

Keep in mind that the registration cap is limited to the first 30,000 cardholders, so it’s best to register as soon as possible and then plan your stay this summer. September 22, 2022.

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