IHG One Rewards Status Challenge: Free Platinum Status for 120 Days

IHG recently relaunched their loyalty program in the form of IHG One Rewards, and the program now seeks to increase interest by providing a status challenging their two highest elite levels.

Now and in between July 31, 2022, Anyone can automatically register for a status challenge to enjoy IHG Platinum Elite status for 120 days At this point they have the opportunity to achieve Platinum Elite or Diamond Elite status until December 2023.

Sign up for the IHG One Rewards Status Challenge

The IHG One Rewards Status Challenge is open to anyone who is a member of the Competitive Hotel Loyalty Program.

There is no need to be an elite member of a specific location – having an account with another hotel chain allows you to participate in the IHG Challenge.

After registering on a subscription basis with a different chain, you will receive a free 120 day IHG Platinum status.

At this time, you are invited to stay with the IHG and take your Platinum Elite status to visit their property to see if the hotel and loyalty experience is right for you.

If you have five paid nights in the 120-day Status Challenge period, you will automatically maintain Platinum status by the end of 2023.

And if you have 15 payday nights in a 120-day period, you will achieve top-level diamond status by the end of 2023.

Remember that the 120-day challenge period begins as soon as you successfully register for the campaign, which you can do anytime before July 31, 2022.

That way, make sure you register accordingly – if you can’t arrange to stay at an IHG hotel until the end of October, for example, you’ll want to wait until the end of July to register.

Is it worth following IHG Platinum or Diamond status?

Staying five or 15 nights in 120 days is a fairly lucrative opportunity to achieve IHG Platinum or Diamond status by 2023.

Platinum and Diamond status usually requires 40 and 70 nights per year, respectively. Therefore, this status challenge represents a significant reduction from the normal threshold, and will probably be a one-time opportunity with the relaunch of their loyalty program at IHG.

In the case of meaningful status benefits, both Platinum Elite and Diamond Elite members are entitled to a suit upgrade subject to availability, where Diamond Elite members are offered a free breakfast in the morning.

From a Canadian perspective, this promotion is one of the easiest ways to get involved with IHG One Rewards, and if you visit IHG’s properties in Canada or abroad, you can find some value out of the program.

After all, unlike Marriott Bonbay, IHG One Rewards does not offer a co-branded credit card in Canada, which makes it challenging for the average traveler to participate in the program if better options are available.

Kempton St. George, Toronto
Kempton St. George, Toronto

Ultimately, whether you are eligible to take advantage of this status challenge will depend on your choice of existing hotel status.

If you don’t travel frequently enough to earn 50 Elite Qualifying Night Marriott Bonavoy Platinum Elite Status each year, then of course it makes sense to take advantage of 120 days of free IHG Platinum Status and get some useful benefits out of it. Such as suit upgrade and initial check-in, subject to availability.

Also, for rare travelers, staying 15 nights with IHG in summer or autumn could represent the easiest way toward top-level elite status in any hotel loyalty program – with them free breakfast, upgrades and other benefits (albeit rare) by 2023. Travels.

(Of course, assuming you’re not in a position to follow US credit cards, getting an Amex US Hilton Aspire card for instant top-notch Hilton Diamond status would be an even easier step.)

On the other hand, if you are already committed to the Marriott Forest Fear and plan to stay in most of your hotels with Marriott to earn, retain and / or reap the benefits of your Platinum Elite or Titanium Elite status, this may not be the case. Some of your accommodation will be diverted to IHG.

Still, there’s no harm in registering for the Status Challenge if it pays down the road – perhaps your trip will take you somewhere that is much better served by IHG features than the Marriott, and will at least have some advantage over your lag.


IHG One Rewards offers a lucrative status challenge for virtually anyone interested in signing up.

By simply registering, you will enjoy the benefits of the IHG Platinum Elite for 120 days, and you will be able to maintain that status until 2023 by staying five or 15 nights with the IHG during the status challenge, respectively, or upgrading to the top-tier diamond elite. Can.

The status challenge can be an interesting path for rare travelers towards mid- or top-level situations, although I don’t think it will affect many existing elite members of other hotel chains to change their allegiance.

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