Marriott Amex Offer: Spend $ 250, get $ 50 at Canadian Hotel

We’re seeing a new Amex offer for Marriott hotels across the country that lets you monetize. A $ 50 statement credit after spending $ 250 Until staying at the Marriott Hotel in Canada October 5, 2022.

Marriott Hotel in Canada: Spend $ 250, get 50

The new Marriott Amex offer requires manual registration before applying to your card.

You will get one $ 250 পরে 50 statement credit after purchase In a Marriott property in Canada.

If you want to make a purchase for exactly 250, you will effectively get an unlock 20% discount আপনার 50 on your purchase via statement credit.

This offer includes a registration cap of 40,000 cardholders, so be sure to log in to your Amex online dashboard to register now so you don’t miss out.

The offer is shown on a wide range of American Express products such as Platinum Card and Airplane Reserve Card. Somewhat frustratingly, it won’t necessarily appear on your Marriott Bonavoy card or Marriott Bonavoy Business Card (which would otherwise provide the highest return rate on Marriott purchases).

Since the credit has been applied to Amex, the discount will start based on the final amount charged at the Marriott Hotel. That means you can combine it with other location-specific deals or money-saving strategies – as long as the bill is at least 250, you’ll get a 50 credit.

The Amex offer is valid October 5, 2022. As usual, this indicates the date of the transaction for your hotel stay, so any hotel stay within that date (excluding prepaid stays) should work.

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Fine print

The most relevant part of the terms is as follows:

Offer valid only in participating Marriott Bonvoy ™ property Canada. Save online at via the Marriott Bonvoy ™ app or by calling 1-888-236-2427. Click here for a list of participating properties. Offer valid only at room rate and room charge. Online gift card shopping is excluded. All other purchases are excluded. The offer is not valid for staying in the offer before registering your eligible card or after 05/10/2022. EDITION®, The Luxury Collection®, Bulgari®, Marriott Vacation Club®, Design Hotels ™, Gaylord Hotels®, Protea Hotels®, Marriott®’s AC Hotel, Moxy® Hotel, Marriott International™’s Homes & Villas, Marriott Executive Apartments Excluded Gives 6, and Vista 6.

As you can see, there are several excluded brands, although their joint footprint in Canada is quite limited. But if you are considering staying at the AC Hotel Montreal Downtown, this is something to keep in mind.

Although the terms state that the offer only applies to room rates and room charges, historically these Marriott offers have worked. General purpose Marriott gift cards, purchased from the hotel front desk Shopping is not separated from regular hotel room and incidental charges.

Therefore, if you do not plan to stay at adequate Marriott hotels in Canada this summer and have dropped out to maximize your statement credit, you can still show a local Marriott property that sells gift cards and can unlock an effective discount for future Marriott stays. .

For those of you who play games in two-player mode or more, remember that at most Marriott hotels you have to pay with a credit card in your own name.

I raced against it at JW Marriott Park Vancouver a while ago, when I tried to share কার্ড 1,000 + in gift card purchases across multiple person cards; The hotel swiped a card that was not in my name before requesting a refund (although the statement credit still remains in the account).

Scotia Gold Amex cardholders can also register

As we saw in previous Amex offers, the “Spend $ 250, Get $ 50” Marriott offer is also available for Scotiabank American Express cardholders to register via this link.

This option is available for primary and supplementary cardholders of Scotiabank American Express Card, Scotiabank Gold American Express Card and Scotiabank Platinum American Express Card.

This gives you another option to multiply your savings under this promotion, especially since Scotiabank-issued Amex cards may be individually registered for the offer, where Amex-issued Amex cards cannot.


American Express is now rolling out a new set of $ 50 statement credits for staying at the $ 250 + Marriott Hotel in Canada. All current cardholders need to see at least one of these offers in their account, unless you hold your card for a few weeks and start seeing Amex offers.

Be sure to register your Amex Offer Dashboard before the maximum number of registrations, and then start planning your stay at the Marriott Hotel (or buy a gift card) October 5, 2022.

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