Oman Air will join Oneworld in 2024

Oman Air OneWorld will join the alliance by 2024, bringing the color and flavor of Oman to more travelers as they take the lead in joining a global airline alliance.

Since the Airlines Alliance allows its member airlines to redeem all mileage programs on all partner airlines, we use the Oneworld Mileage currency to book Oman, including the likes of British Airways Avios, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles and Alaska Mileage Plan. .

Oman Air: New OneWorld Member Airline

Oman Air has expressed its desire to rejoin OneWorld in September 2021, so this announcement is not surprising.

For the price of it, the airline’s entry into OneWorld is expected to be held by 2024, which is still a decent way away. As such, it looks like it’s looking forward to the future, as we look to potential mileage redemption avenues ahead.

Oman Air’s long-haul flights spread across Europe and Southeast Asia, to London and Manila. They do not operate any flights to North America.

Technically, Oman Air is not adding a significant number of new destinations to OneWorld, due to the airline’s already strong coverage in the region, along with Qatar Airways and Royal Jordanian. However, Oman Air brings much more frequent connections to complement its Middle Eastern counterparts.

Although, say, Qatar Airways Quechua is a truly spectacular product, Oman Air offers itself a strong first class and business class product and I would be happy to fly again.

Oman Air First Class

In business class, Oman Air operates the Apex Suite, which is similar to the flagship product of Japan Airlines. 2-2-2 Seats may not be competitive, but window seats with privacy are incomparable.

Meanwhile, in first class, Oman Air’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner has a 1-2-1 configuration, complete with sliding doors, pajamas and caviar.

Finally, we cannot ignore their lounge offers at Muscat’s Home Base, including dining at La Carte in the Oman Air First Class Lounge and bedrooms and sleeping rooms in the Oman Air Business Class Lounge.

Oman Air First Class Lounge Muscat

New OneWorld Redemption in Oman Air

In 2024, we will be able to redeem OneWorld Mileage currencies like Oman Air, British Airways Avios and Cathay Pacific Asia Miles. Considering the ease of earning both currencies in Canada, it is worth looking at how to take advantage of both programs to travel to Oman national carriers.

British Airways Avios uses a distance-based award chart so that it works well for most of Oman Air’s domestic routes, Gulf routes and the Indian subcontinent, representing most of their flights.

All domestic flights, Bahrain, UAE and Karachi, Pakistan fall within the shortest Avios mileage band of 0-650 miles. Based on current Avios pricing conventions, these flights will only cost 6,000 Avios One-way in economy class or 12,500 Avios In business class.

Another mileage band and it will still cost a pretty good deal, Kuwait, Riyadh, the rest of Pakistan and West India 9,000 Avios One-way in economy class or 16,500 Avios In business class.

Regarding Oman Air’s long distance network, you will notice that Istanbul, Bangkok and all of Tanzania fall below 3,000 miles. Based on the current Avios pricing, there will be a charge for these 13,000 Avios In economy class and 38,750 Avios In business class.

With Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, the whole of Europe will surpass one mileage band, pricing 20,750 Avios In economy class and 62,000 Avios In business class, respectively.

Another proposal is to use Asia Miles, which also manages a distance-based rewards chart. A flight from one of Muscat’s long-haul destinations will cost the same level 61,000 Asia Miles.

Asia Miles would be a more favorable program for any connecting journey, as it calculates the number of points required using total incremental distances (and not the sum of individual parts like Avios).

For example, a one-way business class flight from London-Muscat-Hyderabad flies 4,992 miles, which falls just below the upper limit of the “medium” distance band of Asia Miles and thus costs the same. 61,000 Asia Miles Only Muscat as a flight.

Lastly, don’t forget the effects OneWorld multi-career chart For both Avios and Asia Miles. New possibilities should be added for planning multi-stop trips around the world at favorable rates for the relatively short distances of Oman Air flights.

In terms of award availability, Oman Air is very consistent with the award space, usually offering one first class seat and two business class seats on each flight.

And finally, there is no news of Oman Air’s current partnership with Aeroplan, but I personally do not expect that this partnership will change after Oman Air joins Oneworld in 2024.

After all, while cross-alliance airline partnerships are unusual, they exist here and there, such as we can redeem airplane points on selected Cathay Pacific routes or redeem Alaska miles on Singapore Airlines flights.


Oman Air will become the 14th OneWorld member airline when they officially join the alliance by 2024. I hope to see more details about the transformation in the next few years.

OneWorld has been rapidly increasing its membership following the addition of Alaska Airlines and Royal Air Maroc in recent years, increasing the value of the miles we hold within their alliance as the alliance expands its range of products and destinations.

Although Oman Air does not fly to North America, the airline provides useful additional connections to the Middle East, from where it is very easy to catch flights to almost anywhere.

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