US-issued American Express small business cards show some mind-blowing welcome bonuses:

These offers either match or exceed previous all-time highs and are initially available through a friend link made from Business Platinum cards. Let’s take a look at all the details.

Amex US Business Platinum Card: 150,000 US MR points

In the past, the Amex US Business Platinum card has historically carried a welcome bonus that was around 75,000 US MR points.

At the moment, however, the card will offer a dazzling offer 150,000 US MR points By applying through selected referral-to-friend links, but only in the first three months a laborious US $ 15,000 is spent. So the offer is only suitable for those business owners who have a high cost or have the ability to spend high.

(If a friend-friendly link doesn’t show 150,000 US MR points at first, try opening it in incognito mode or in another browser.)

Remember, since Amex US applies strict once-in-a-lifetime rules on the Welcome Bonus, the effective strategy for all Amex US cards applies only when there are historically high offers on the table.

The 150,000 US MR points on the US Business Platinum card must match that bill, so if you’ve never held this card before and are ready to dive into the high cost threshold, now is the time to do so.

150,000 US MR points will suffice for the following redemption:

US Business Platinum signup bonus will suffice for ANA first class round-trip flight

The US Business Platinum card indicates an annual fee US 695, Which is the highest annual fee among major Amex US products. This may sound scary at first glance, but the card also boasts a series of credits that can reduce the annual fee.

Every calendar year, you get US $ 200 Airline accessory fee credit and US $ 400 On Dell US credits (US $ 200 from January to June and US $ 200 from July to December). If you can maximize these credits, your net annual fee can be reduced to US $ 95.

(Loading funds at United Travel Bank is a popular way to use airline ancillary fee credits, allowing you to spend these funds on United-operated flights within five years.

If you want to consider US Business Platinum as a one year love affair, you can go a long way in the first year as opposed to the US $ 695 annual fee. By applying now, in June 2022, you can earn:

  • US $ 200 as credit for airline accessories fee for 2022
  • US $ 200 as credit for airline accessories fee for 2023
  • US $ 200 in Dell US credit in June 2022
  • US $ 200 in Dell US credit in July 2022
  • US $ 200 in Dell US credit in January 2023
  • US $ 200 in Dell US credit in July 2023

By July 2023, you will still have one month to post to your second year annual fee account, so you will be able to cancel the card without paying another US $ 695 annual fee if you wish.

This means that within a year of holding the card, you have advanced to the value of US $ 505 – above the incredible 150,000 US MR points you earn as a welcome bonus.

Amex US Business Gold Card: 130,000 US MR points

Also, the Lower-End Counterpart of US Business Platinum, the Amex US Business Gold Card, offers the best Welcome Bonus we’ve ever seen: 130,000 US MR points, The first three months cost US $ 10,000.

(Again, if a friend-friendly link doesn’t show 130,000 US MR points, open it in incognito mode or in a different browser for best results.)

While the US $ 10,000 cost requirement is still high, it is arguably one Good If the offer is more limited than your spending power compared to the Business Platinum card: the Welcome Bonus is only 20,000 US MR points less, but to earn it you have to spend US $ 5,000 less.

130,000 US MR points will suffice for ANA First Class (via Virgin Atlantic Flying Club) for a round-way flight or for the above mentioned Emirates First Class (via Emirates Skyward) one way flight, in addition to many powerful premium redemption at ANA Mileage Club, Singapore Via Pacific Asia Miles, Air France / KLM Flying Blue, etc.

The US Business Gold signup bonus will suffice for a one-way flight to Emirates First Class.

US Business Gold Card has an annual fee US 295, Except a lot of credit ways to offset fees.

Instead, the card price offer includes its unique 4x earnings rate in the US technology shopping, shipping, advertising, dining, gas and airfare segments. The 4x earnings rate applies to the two categories with the highest cost per billing statement, up to a combined US $ 150,000 per calendar year.

In particular, US Business Gold is a very popular card for those businesses that spend a lot of money on online advertising. For example, Canadian-based online retailers would do well to get US Business Gold and generate 4x US MR points for their advertising costs.

If you can’t maximize these spending categories, I would say that US Business Gold is also best suited for a one-year holding period, the main prize of which is a wonderful welcome bonus of 130,000 US MR points.

Canadians are applying for an Amex US Business Card

When Amex US Private Cards are easier for Canadians to apply for, even if they are completely new to US credit cards, the situation with Amex US is less clear. Business Cards.

In the United States, business credit cards do not report to your personal credit file, meaning that they will not be useful for creating your US credit history over time.

If you are considering getting your first US credit card, you should ideally choose a personal card to get started, so that it supports your credit history and builds up your account average age (AAoA) over time. .

Even if you want to start with a business credit card, this may not be possible. Amex US allows Canadian applicants to use Nova Credit to apply for their first US card based on their Canadian TransUnion credit profile, but this only works for personal cards, not business cards.

If you have already started your US credit card journey, you can apply for Amex US Business Platinum or Business Gold Card by inputting or applying for your Social Security Number (SSN) or Personal Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). On the phone using a foreign passport as your documentation.

On the other hand, if you are just starting out with a US credit card, I would recommend choosing a personal card and apply through Nova Credit as the first step, and then you apply for an Amex US Business Card once. Hold your personal card for six months or more.


Amex US Business Cards has created an all-new record-breaking list, offering a few great opportunities for those of us who are involved with US credit cards to earn points.

Amex US Business Platinum Card is offering new applicants 150,000 US MR points, the largest single portion of a welcome bonus I’ve ever seen on any credit card in the United States or Canada.

Meanwhile, Amex US Business Gold Card is offering 130,000 US MR points to new applicants, which is reasonably higher than the card’s US $ 295 annual fee, and the best bonus we’ve seen in this product.

Both offers come with an expensive threshold of US $ 15,000 and US $ 10,000, respectively, so you either need to channel your actual business expenses, plan for your biggest purchase of the year, or use some creative spending strategies yourself.

Marriott International’s Homes & Villas has launched a new limited time promotion: By booking a five-night stay with Homes & Villas anytime in 2022, you can win a Free Night Award for the Marriott Hotel worth 35,000 Bonavoy Points.

What are Homes and Villas by Marriott International?

The Marriott International Hotel Chain offers a curated selection of over 2,000 vacation rentals worldwide. Homes & Villas by Marriott International, which was launched in 2019 north of Marriott to compete with Airbnb, has a tendency to focus on higher fares in each regional market.

The home rental program, as an alternative to the traditional portfolio of Marriott hotels, allows Marriott loyalists to experience unique accommodation with an enhanced travel experience, where there is still the opportunity to earn and redeem forest fear points and qualify for elite status.

In fact, staying with Marriott Homes and Villas will earn you the elite qualification for annual Marriott Forest Fear status, so if you’re in the mood to book a vacation fare for an upcoming trip, it’s always worth checking out the Homes & Villas platform, tell Airbnb.

Like Airbnbs, homes and villa properties are managed by private owners or management firms and not by Marriott; Instead, rents are simply stamped, promising to deliver the same values ​​you would expect when staying at a Marriott hotel property.

Book Five Night, Get Free Night Award

Marriott Homes & Villa has brought a number of promotions since its launch, none of which were particularly binding. The latest promotion, however, could certainly be worth taking a closer look at.

Travelers who book five or more nights in a row at a Homes & Villas property June 22, 2022, For a stay done by December 31, 2022, Marriott will receive a free night award worth double points for use at the hotel and 35,000 bonfire points.

Members typically earn 5 base Forest Fear points per US dollar spent with Homes and Villas, so the rate will double. Costs USD 10 per point.

Keep in mind that double point promotion is limited to base points only, and does not apply to the bonus points you receive as an elite member.

A chance for a cheap free night award?

The offer can be a great opportunity to pick up a relatively inexpensive Free Night Prize with lots of low-cost home and villa properties around the world if you are traveling to a region and need a place to stay.

For example, these two bedroom properties in Recife, Brazil cost only US $ 180 for a five night stay.

If you have a US-issued Chase credit card, you can use the ongoing Chase offer to reduce this cost to US $ 80 for five nights.

Since we will be charging 0.7 cents (USD) each for Forest Fear Points, the ,000 35,000 Free Night Award, valued at 35,000 Fear Point, can be considered US $ 245, which is many times more than the cost of your accommodation (and would be a great deal even if you don’t have a chase card). ).

Cape Town has similarly cheap deals, where after you factor in a refundable security deposit and a US $ 100 chase offer, your five-night stay is close to US $ 250 – a cost that can be easily recovered by redeeming your next free night. Reward with intelligence.

Don’t forget that you won a Free Night Prize Per Homes and villas that you book under the terms of this promotion will be in homes and villas for at least five nights.

That way, you can think of extended travel destinations in Brazil or South Africa as paying for yourself in the form of future stays at Marriott hotels if you want to use this promotion wisely.

No matter what your travel plans look like, it will be worthwhile to check out the homes and villas for any upcoming trip this year to see if you can find the five-nights that work best for you and get a Free Night Award from it.


Marriott International’s Marriott vacation home rental brand, Homes & Villas, is now offering a limited-time promotion that allows you to earn double points for five consecutive nights or more, and a Free Night Award worth 35,000 Fear Points.

The new promotion could be a great opportunity to try out an unconventional Marriott experience on your 2022 trip, earn a relatively inexpensive Free Night Award, and work toward elite qualification toward Marriott Forest Fear status.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the limited time promotion, be sure to book your accommodation by June 22, 2022, and complete it before December 31, 2022.

Since October 30, 2021, Canada has forced anyone on board a flight, train or cruise ship within the country to present proof of immunization.

This requirement will be lifted for planes and trains starting June 20, 2022, which means Canadians will soon be allowed to travel in and out of the country without any COVID-19 vaccine or testing.

Internal travel returns to normal

The Government of Canada has made this announcement June 20, 2022, Passengers no longer have to show proof of vaccination before their flight, train or cruise.

Currently, all travelers to Canada must provide proof of immunization to the airline or travel operator before departure, except for excluded private and medical evacuation flights.

In addition, this requirement currently applies to international flights originating in Canada, effectively meaning that you must be fully vaccinated before leaving the country.

Vaccine requirements Upcoming lifting means that non-vaccinated passengers will now be able to board flights and other modes of transport as usual, while those of us who have been vaccinated all the time will also enjoy a smoother ride by checking fewer documents along the way.

The only exception is cruise ships – due to the nature of close communication and the extended duration of the cruise, proof of vaccination will still be required to board a cruise departing from a Canadian port of call.

The removal of the vaccine requirement for planes and trains has been described as a “suspension” of the policy, with the government warning that COVID-19 could be withdrawn if the situation worsens.

What’s left of Canada’s travel ban?

Canada’s once-strict travel bans have largely been lifted, with only a few entry policies at the border remaining to be considered:

  • Foreigners must be fully vaccinated to enter the country
  • Returning Canadian citizens must be fully vaccinated prior to arrival for testing, day 1 and 8 day testing and mandatory 14-day quarantine bypass

In terms of domestic travel within Canada, things have practically returned to how they were pre-epidemic, with the only exception being the need for masks on planes and trains for the time being.

It’s tempting to think that the heavy-handed travel restrictions of the epidemic era are really over, and I sincerely hope that stability will be maintained between the autumn and winter of 2022, when we see new forms. Pop up over the years.

Random airport tests temporarily suspended

Regarding COVID-19 policies, it is also worth noting that random testing for fully vaccinated travelers upon arrival at a Canadian airport will be suspended until June 30, 2022, after which it will be removed from the airport grounds.

Of course, it’s no secret that traffic congestion at Canadian airports (as well as at airports around the world, rightly so) has risen to record levels, so postponing random checks on arrival should make congestion a little easier.

After June 30, random testing on arrival and compulsory testing for non-vaccinated travelers will continue in an off-site location.

There are some unanswered questions about where the test will be conducted and whether the burden of travel costs will be borne by the traveler, but regardless, it promises to be a less chaotic solution than temporary test booths at Canadian airports. Space and arrival process delayed.


As June 20, 2022, Evidence of vaccination will no longer be mandatory for all domestic air and rail travel within the country, as well as for flights departing from Canada.

This latest change marks the end of the COVID-19 travel ban for domestic travel, which makes Canada compatible with most parts of the world in terms of ease of travel within our own borders.

With less document checks required on our journeys and random testing on arrival, the traffic congestion at Canadian airports is expected to be somewhat less before the much-anticipated summer travel season.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is a popular program in Canada that sells co-branded MBNA credit cards, great deals on redemption and frequent mileage sales.

With their current sales, you can earn up to 50% bonus miles on your purchases. This is up to the sale June 252022, So don’t forget to invest first if you are interested.

Buy Alaska Miles with 50% Bonus

Typically, Alaska Airlines sells for 2.75 (USD) cents per mile, and a 7.5% tax recovery fee, totaling 2.96 (USD) cents per mile. Fortunately, Alaska often offers discounts on mile purchases.

Alaska is known for running targeted “mystery bonuses”. Looks like the best available offer Bonus up to 50% per purchase mile, Structural like this:

  • 50% bonus When you buy 30,000-100,000 miles
  • 40% bonus When you buy 15,000-29,000 miles
  • 30% bonus When you buy 3,000-14,000 miles

My own offer is quite low, with a maximum 30% bonus. Log in with your Mileage Plan account to see the exact breakdown of your bonus.

With a 50% bonus, You can buy 160,000 Alaska miles at a cost of $ 2,956, including taxes 1.97 US cents per mile.

At our current assessment 1.8 US cents per mileIf you have a specific use in mind, that price is decently competitive.

Historically, Alaska has offered bonuses in the range of 35% to 60%, although we have seen rare offers up to 70%. If you are thinking of buying Alaska Miles, 50% is a good rate to buy, although it may be worth waiting until the 60% bonus pops up.

How many miles can you buy?

If Alaska doesn’t have your elite status, each Mileage Plan member is limited to receiving 150,000 miles per year from mileage purchases, buy for yourself or receive a gift from someone else.

This limit only applies to base miles, although there is a limit of 100,000 base miles per transaction. If you split your purchase into multiple transactions, you can buy up to 225,000 miles With a 50% bonus, I assume you haven’t already bought or received the Alaska Mile this year.

Which credit card should you use to buy Alaska Miles?

Mileage Plan sells miles through Since you are not buying directly from Alaska Airlines, you will not receive any bonus points for using Alaska Airlines credit cards.

The purchase will not code as a trip for the category accelerator. Instead, you can consider any card with a high base income rate, or where you are working to meet the minimum spending requirements.

Purchase will be charged USD. To avoid additional costs, you should use a US credit card.

If you use a card with a Canadian billing address, you will be charged GST / HST on top of the tax recovery fee, so even if you have a Canadian card without any foreign transaction fees, I would recommend using it as a last resort.

Who should buy Alaska Miles?

If you’re looking for a quick redemption, buying miles can be a great way to top up your account.

Booking an expensive ambitious flight

I should note that there is some uncertainty surrounding the future value of the Alaska Mileage Plan.

Since joining Alaska Oneworld in March 2021, they have been slowly creating new partner charts for Qatar Airways, Iberia and Royal Air Maroc, and they have also promised that any changes to the existing award chart would be announced with at least 90 days notice.

With that in mind, the Alaska Awards Chart continues to offer some spectacular rates on fine first-class cabins.

Some examples from Canada or the United States include Cathay Pacific First Class for a 70,000 mile one-way with a stopover in Hong Kong, or Japan Airlines First Class for a 70,000 mile one-way with a stopover in Tokyo.

Compared to the exorbitant cash price, prize tickets can be booked for an absolutely wild price. 70,000 Alaska miles 1.8 (USD) cents worth US $ 1,260 Compare this to the US $ 11,563 cash prize for Cathay First Class, and you see the dictionary definition of outsize rewards!

Looking the other way, this redemption would be worth it 16.5 (USD) cents per mileMore than 15 times the baseline value of a mile – and this is before considering the option of adding a stopover at no extra cost.

At this rate, buying miles would make sense if you had a specific high-cost redemption plan. Buying at about 2 cents per mile sounds steep, but not when you are confident that the price will exceed many times the cost.

Even if you start from scratch and need to buy all the miles required for this ticket, the mileage with 50% promotion will cost US $ 1,379 including fee – a very slight premium above their baseline value, and a no-brainer compared to a revenue fare.

Of course, this only makes sense if you can find a place to reward. Although they can be booked online on Alaska search engines, it can be difficult to snatch first-class JAL prizes because they are notoriously popular.

Meanwhile, the Cathay Pacific First Class Awards seem to be available in North America and Asia, but need to be booked over the phone.

I would recommend that you align your seats before you pull the trigger to buy points.

Quick top-up for upcoming redemption

If you have identified a good opportunity to redeem your Alaska Miles at the price of your choice, but your account is shy of the amount you need, you may find it tasty to pay above the baseline price to make a difference.

Until you redeem above the cost of 1.97 cents per mile (USD) to purchase through this promotion, you will continue.

Even if you redeem at low cost, it can still be valuable. After all, your miles are useless if you don’t have enough to book your will. If most of your miles are earned at a very low cost, you can still get a good price for the average cost of your miles, even with a small premium for the instant gratification of buying a small mileage.

However, in general, if I’m a little short on a one-point program for a low-end redemption, I’d first like to book with other programs that can offer a good deal or even cash. In case of less urgency, I am happy to continue the collection until it is sufficient to redeem at the price of my good choice.

Cathay Pacific First Class

Other Ways to Earn Alaska Miles

Before rushing to buy miles at promotional rates, I’ll first look at other low-cost sources, if you don’t need miles immediately for your booking.

Canadian credit card by MBNA

Initially, Alaska Miles MBNA can be earned with a welcome bonus from Alaska Airlines World Elite MasterCard 30,000 miles To spend $ 1,000 in the first three months.

The lower-income variant of the card, MBNA Alaska Airlines Platinum Plus MasterCard, offers 20,000 miles with the same cost requirements and you can’t hold both cards at once.

At an annual fee of $ 99, the World Elite Card represents a purchase of 31,000 Alaska miles at 0.32 (CAD) cents per mile, or approx. 0.25 US cents per mile. Definitely cheaper than buying direct miles, though a much slower way to accumulate a large balance.

Also, you can sometimes find offers from MBNA with a -2 100-200 statement credit, which is enough to offset the annual fee.

MBNA Alaska Airlines MasterCard

US credit card by Bank of America

If you have a Social Security number, you can also apply for Bank of America co-branded cards. The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature And Alaska Airlines Visa Business Both offers 40,000 miles The first three months cost US $ 2,000.

Both cards have frequent credits equivalent to first year fee rebates and occasional enhanced point offers. Otherwise, at an annual fee of $ 75, the cost of earning points 0.18 US cents per mile.

Marriott Forest Fear

Marriott Forest Fear Points can be transferred to the Alaska Mileage Plan in a 3: 1 ratio, with a 5,000 mile bonus if transferred to 60,000 Fear Point points.

Our current price is 0.7 US cents per point, 60,000 forest fear points cost US $ 420. When transferred to the Alaska Mileage Plan, it is equivalent to buying 25,000 miles 1.68 US cents per mile.

It’s still lower than the Baseline Alaska Redemption standard of 1.8 US cents per mile and cheaper than the promotional cost of buying miles directly. Depending on your wildlife balance and hotel redemption goals, you may want to consider whether this is a better choice than paying cash for Alaska Miles.

Mileage plan shopping

You can also visit the Mileage Plan shopping portal for bonuses on online shopping from many popular global retailers ranging from technology to sportswear companies. High bonuses are often found on big shopping days like Black Friday or Boxing Day.

In my experience, miles usually arrive within two weeks, although many stores have restrictions for shopping outside the United States.

Previous promotion

While considering whether this promotion is a good opportunity for you to meet your travel goals, here is a snapshot of previous offers for mileage sales of the Alaska Mileage Plan, covering all of last year’s promotions:

Miles purchased up to 60% higher

Miles purchased up to 60% higher

Miles purchased up to 50% higher

Miles purchased up to 60% higher

Miles purchased up to 50% higher

Miles purchased up to 60% higher

Miles purchased up to 60% higher

Miles purchased up to 60% higher

Miles purchased up to 50% higher

Miles purchased up to 60% higher

Miles purchased up to 60% higher


Alaska Mileage Plan Miles Shopping 50% Bonus Promotion is a great opportunity to push your balance for a dream trip. Be sure to take advantage in advance June 25, 2022 To make the most of this offer.

Fortunately, even after joining the Oneworld Alliance, Alaska has confirmed that their Rewards Chart will offer their current unique Sweet Spots for the time being and that they will provide at least 90 days’ notice for any changes to their Redemption Chart.

If there is an announcement in the coming months about any upcoming changes to the Alaska Flight Rewards, you will still have time to redeem the points you have purchased under this promotion and click on one last sweet spot.

That said, if you don’t have a specific redemption in mind, you may prefer to go slower by focusing on credit card bonuses and transfers, and wait for the next point sale if any future purchases make sense.

The IHG’s anniversary has taken on a more prominent role since the Free Nights Recent upgrades to the IHG One Rewards loyalty program: Certificates now have more flexibility, while the introduction of a new Chase IHG Business Credit Card provides another way to earn free nights each year.

With an ever-expanding portfolio of nearly 6,000 properties and luxury properties worldwide, IHG’s Annual Free Nights is worth understanding alongside Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt.

Let’s take a look The best way to earn and redeem IHG Anniversary Free Night.

How To Earn IHG Anniversary Free Night

For Canadians, it’s worth noting that IHG Anniversary Free Night is only accessible to those who have started with a US credit card; However, it is a relatively simple strategy to set up as a one-time job before reaping the rewards year after year.

1. Chase IHG Awards Premier Card

Applying for the flagship Chase IHG Rewards Premier card is the easiest way to earn an Anniversary Free Night each year.

By simply holding the card, you will immediately receive an Annual Free Night worth 40,000 IHG ​​One Rewards Points. Despite having a cap on how many points can be redeemed for Anniversary Free Night, the redemption can be topped up with extra points for a more expensive reward.

The annual fee for the card is US $ 99; However, each year should be higher than the Anniversary Free Night Fee, and a great reason to keep the first year card once the welcome bonus has been collected.

2. Chase IHG Awards Premier Business Card

The Chase IHG Rewards Premier Business Card is the latest addition to the Chase IHG portfolio, providing a second way to earn up to two annual free nights each year.

The annual fee for the Chase IHG Rewards Premier Business Card is US $ 99, and again, you’ll get an Annual Free Night holding the card.

In addition, you can earn a second anniversary free night by spending US $ 60,000 per card per calendar year. Unfortunately, this is probably not worth following unless you have significant business expenses to keep on the card and you are not particularly loyal to IHG.

Regent Porto Montenegro

How To Redeem IHG Anniversary Free Night

The IHG Anniversary Free Nights is automatically credited to your account 12 months after the card is opened and is valid for 12 months from the date of issue (i.e., must be on the date of your stay within that period).

Annual Free Nights Redemption with IHG can be done directly online through the IHG booking engine. By logging in to your IHG Rewards account and selecting your name in the top-right corner, and then selecting “Reward Wallet”, you can access and monitor your Anniversary Free Nights.

You can break and book your free night directly on this page by clicking on “Redeem”

After selecting your destination, eligible hotel redemptions will be met. Any hotel has a room that can be booked with an anniversary free night otherwise booked.

Hotels will be displayed in redemption order within the price of your anniversary free night, then follow the ones that need to be topped up for redemption.

Of course, to maximize your Anniversary Free Night, you should redeem it for a night that would otherwise cost 40,000 IHG ​​One Rewards Points or more, because you can always top-up with more points if needed.

Strategies for maximizing IHG anniversary free nights

Most IHG One Rewards members who have increased their participation with a co-branded US-issued credit card will find it possible to earn 1-2 Annual Free Nights each year, depending on whether they have one or both of their personal and business credit cards. By.

(For those who wish to spend $ 60,000 on a business credit card, it is possible to earn a third anniversary free night, although this may not necessarily be the case.)

In terms of redemption, in the past, Anniversary Free Night was limited to a maximum of 40,000 points and individuals outside this range were not eligible for redemption. However, with the newly introduced ability to top-up your certificate with points for more expensive redemption, there is now considerable flexibility when redeeming IHG Anniversary Free Nights.

Six senses uluwatu, sand

As a Chase IHG Rewards Premier cardholder who still does not use IHG as my primary hotel program, I have basically redeemed my Annual Free Nights for convenience rather than comfort.

For example, I often find myself in need of crash pads overnight in Manhattan, where I do not plan to spend much time in the room. In this case, it would be nice to cover the room with an IHG Anniversary Free Night without any money out of pocket, while the option would pay US $ 250 + in cash.

Intercontinental New York Times Square, where I rehearsed an IHG anniversary free night

Now that the anniversary can be topped up with Free Night Points, and the IHG One Rewards Loyalty program has also improved, I would like to redeem these certificates with more ambition considering it a 40,000-point discount on one of the IHG’s. Top-notch features, like the Kimpton, Regent or Six Sense Hotel, every moment.

If you’re deep into the US credit card game and really want to maximize the value you get out of IHG, it’s best to set yourself up with both personal and business chase IHG credit cards to earn two free nights each year.

And of course, if you’re playing games in two-player mode or more, replicating this strategy between players will allow you to combine your credentials for free or discounted up to four nights at IHG’s top features.


IHG’s Anniversary Free Nights is one of the easiest and most flexible of the major hotel loyalty programs, offered as an annual benefit on the Chase IHG Rewards Premier Card or the Chase IHG Rewards Premier Business Card.

To make the most of these certificates when redeeming, be sure to choose a hotel that would otherwise cost 40,000 IHG ​​One Rewards Points or more, since you now have an unlimited number of points to book any one of IHG’s 5,000. You can top-up the certificate + Hotels that catch your eye.

For our last stay in our spring break in the Maldives and the UAE, we spent two nights in Montreal. We stopped here for two nights to attend the Prince of Travel Signature Event Montreal 2022.

I was at this hotel during a previous visit to Montreal, so I was familiar with what to expect. It was especially important to have realistic expectations after staying at Le Méridien Maldives and Al Maha Desort Resort Dubai.

It has a look Fairfield in Montreal downtown And how it stacks up against countless other Marriott properties in the city.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Booking

We booked our stay about a month and a half before we arrived. I secured an excellent cash rate $ 87 Every night using a corporate code for which I was eligible. This was a substantial bargain compared to the almost regular cash rate $ 200 In or around the off-season $ 300 In the peak season.

Redemption bookings tend to revolve around 25,000 forest fear points Every night, though, that may change after Marriott switches to full-dynamic pricing in early 2023. So, cash payments have proven to be the best option here, as redeeming points would rarely fall short of the target assessment of 0.9 cents per point, Marriott Forest Fear Point redemption.

I knew we would spend most of our time in Montreal visiting friends and at events, so we decided to settle down at a lower price point instead of enjoying a beautiful property. If we were planning to spend more time at the hotel, I would probably choose one of the fancy options in town.

In addition, since I’ve been here before, I knew the hotel would meet some of my requirements for staying: quiet and comfortable.

Book the Marriott Hotel with the Prince of Travel

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Location

The Fairfield Inn is located just outside the downtown core of Montreal, in Rue Berry and Boulevard Renেনে Levesque East.

The hotel opened in 2019 and has 154 rooms on nine floors.

While not the most beautiful neighborhood in Montreal by Longshot, the hotel is ideally located close to the main transit hubs and within walking distance of some of Montreal’s best areas.

The 747 bus from the airport drops you off one block from the hotel and takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on Montreal’s infamous traffic.

Nearest metro stations, Berry / UQAM, Green and Orange Line services, running east to west and north to south, respectively.

From this station, you can also access the Yellow Line, which stops at Park Jean Drapo, an island in St. Lawrence Bay and one of my favorite spots in Montreal, as well as Longville (which surprised me despite its pronunciation) who lived in town for three years.)

Just a few minutes’ walk from Old Montreal, where you’ll find spas, restaurants, bars, the Notre-Dame Basilica and some wonderful places to explore around the waterfront.

Downtown Montreal is easily accessible on foot or at a few stops along the Green Line.

Take a walk along the Orange Line in the plateau, mile-end or Little Italy before or after visiting Mount Royal, or enjoy a leisurely stroll for a while.

The Green Line takes you to Verdun or the former Hochelaga-Masonio to get away from the crowds.

If you’re looking for a hotel to base out while spending most of your time exploring Montreal, I would argue that Fairfield Inn is definitely worth considering.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Outer part

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Check-in

Our friends were kind enough to pick us up from the airport after our short flight from Washington. We had a fantastic lunch together at the Isle of Wight The Little Fatherland Earlier in the afternoon they dropped us off at our hotel.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Entrance

There was no line up when we arrived, and check-in was fast. Behind the check-in desk is a black-and-white map of Montreal and its surroundings, which I found visually appealing as the hotel staff worked through my bookings.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Check-in desk
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Check-in desk

We were given a standard room with a king bed. Obviously, the hotel actually has a few suite options available, but I was not offered an upgrade to my Platinum status or I was not involved in any “suit-talking”.

I chose to store my Suite Night prizes in a property for future consideration where they could go some distance.

To the left of the check-in area is a small pantry for instant grabs.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Pantry

The lobby lounge has a false fireplace and a few seats around a television. I spent some time here for an Uber later that day, but the lobby is otherwise awesome.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Lobby Lounge

After getting our keys, we went to our room upstairs in the hotel.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Lift

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Room

We entered room 1004, which was far enough away from the elevator not to be disturbed by the annoying noise.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Hallway
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Room 1004

The room is set up in a completely open manner, visible with bed, work desk, television and cabinet access.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Room
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Room

The King Bed, which was comfortable but not memorable, had lamps and shelves with a phone and an alarm clock on either side.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Bed
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Bed

Opposite the bed is a flat-screen TV and a work desk. I worked a few hours at the desk and found it practically comfortable.

Fairfield in Montreal downtown – work desk, TV and chairs
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – TV and work desk

A padded wooden chair by the window and to the left of the work desk. The view from the window overlooks the neighboring hotel and apartment building.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Chair
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – See

Back at the entrance to the room, there is a small luggage rack, as well as a mini-fridge and safe under the coffee maker. These two pieces of furniture are to the right of the work desk.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Luggage Rack, Mini-Fridge and Coffee Maker
Fairfield in Montreal downtown – mini-fridge and safe
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Coffee Maker

Next to the door is a small cupboard with an ironing board and a handful of coat hangers.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Toilet

The bathroom is to the left of the entrance to the room. There is a sliding door with a large mirror.

The bathroom is simple, but functional. A round, LED-light mirror sits on top of the single sink.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Vanity

Facilities are available in a circular storage unit above the toilet, although the hotel appears to have fixtures for refillable facilities that were probably reduced due to epidemic-related sanitary policies.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Toilets and facilities

The walk-in shower had decent water pressure, but it wasn’t as strong as I usually like.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Fountain

Overall, the house is simple and functional. As I mentioned earlier, we spend most of our time in the city, and only need a quiet place to rest at night, for which our house is suitable.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Breakfast

A feature of Fairfield Inns is that they offer a complimentary breakfast for all guests. On other properties, I have seen fairly decent hot buffet spreads, but the hotel has not yet been able to reopen them due to ongoing COVID-19 related arrangements.

Breakfast is served on the main floor of the hotel, right next to the lobby.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Dining area

It seems to be set up to eat personally, although I still haven’t seen it in the case of my several stays here. The room is cordoned off, but guests can come for coffee, tea and their breakfast

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Coffee and Tea Station
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Grab-and-Go Breakfast

The hotel offered us a grab-and-go breakfast during our stay, which inspired us comparatively. Inside the bag, we found an apple, a boiled egg, cheese, yogurt, breakfast cereal, a carrot poundcake and a small bowl of milk.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Take breakfast

Coffee and tea stations are set up here, which guests can access in the morning and throughout the day.

It even looks like there’s a nice, lonely espresso machine begging at the coffee station to treat guests to something other than coffee-flavored water.

We nibbled some portions of breakfast, but saved our appetite for coffee and breakfast from one of the many (and extremely high) cafes and bulangaris in Montreal.

Fairfield in Montreal downtown – other facilities

The hotel does not have much to offer guests.

There is a fitness center on the main floor of the hotel just below the hall from the check-in desk. It is accessible 24 hours a day.

The fitness center has a treadmill, free weights and several other cardiovascular and body building machines.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Fitness Center
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Fitness Center

The hotel’s website advertises Fairfield Bistro BarWhich offers hot meals and cocktails, but during my stay at this property it was not yet in operation.


Our two-night stay at Fairfield Inn in downtown Montreal was just what we needed: a quiet, comfortable place to rest at night.

The house was simple but functional, and the workplace was ideal for getting a few hours of work without any problems.

Grab-and-go breakfast has a long way to go. I warmly welcome the return of a full hot breakfast, as well as the use of espresso machines in the dining area.

The location of the hotel is great for those who want to get around the city, and it is one of the best selling points in the hotel.

I will consider another stay at Fairfield Inn on my next visit to Montreal. There are of course other, more luxurious hotels in town, but if I don’t have time to enjoy their extra comforts, this hotel offers a quiet, comfortable and affordable place to relax after a busy day.

The Air France / KLM Flying Blue The loyalty program is popular for its monthly promotional awards in selected markets on Air France and KLM flights, unique redemption in partner airlines and much more.

Flying Blue has just launched its all-time bestselling promotion for Miles, which can be a great opportunity to buy Flying Blue Miles if you plan to redeem them for a higher price.

Buy Flying Blue Miles with 120% Bonus

From now until now June 30, 2022 Flying Blue members can buy miles and get up to 120% bonus on their purchases.

The bigger your purchase, the higher the bonus. The breakdown of the current bonus promotion is as follows:

  • 50% bonus When you buy 4,000-14,000 miles
  • 70% bonus When you buy 16,000-30,000 miles
  • 100% bonus When you buy 32,000-48,000 miles
  • 120% bonus When you buy 50,000-100,000 miles

Flying Blue has recently converted miles sold from Euro (EUR) to USD (USD). The standard rate is 3.05 cents per mile (USD), before any discounts or bonuses.

This is a very expensive rate where points can be earned, and without the promotion of the game buying Flying Blue Miles would make almost no sense.

However, during a 120% bonus event, you’ll get more than double the mileage, which means you’re effectively buying points for less than half the price. 1.39 cents per mile (USD), Which is almost equivalent 1.78 cents per mile (CAD).

Flying Blue has historically sold the lowest mile, but it’s still a bit higher than our current price of 1.6 cents per point (CAD), so it’s best to keep in mind a certain redemption (CAD) that can be more than 1.78 cents per mile.

That said, if you’ve been waiting for a sale to buy Flying Blue Point, this would be the perfect time to buy, as this is the best sale we’ve seen in recent years.

How Many Flying Blue Miles Can You Buy?

Without elite status, Flying Blue members are limited to buying 100,000 miles per calendar year before calculating any promotional bonuses.

In the meantime, Flying Blue members with elite status can purchase an unlimited number of miles, but during this current promotion they can only receive a maximum bonus of 360,000 miles (which will be reached if they purchase 300,000 miles).

If you as a non-elite member want to make the most of this current promotion, it will cost US $ 3,050 for 220,000 Flying Blue Miles.

Which credit card should you use to buy Flying Blue Miles?

Flying Blue sells its points through an external retailer, Purchases made through are not considered travel purchases because you are not purchasing directly through airlines.

Instead, I would suggest a card with a higher base income rate or perhaps a card where you are working to meet the minimum spending requirements.

Importantly, since is a Canadian-based company that obliges Canadians to impose GST / HST on purchases, it is best to pay with a US credit card with a US billing address to avoid the additional tax amount that is the cost of your purchase.

KLM 787 Business Class

Should You Buy Flying Blue Miles with 120% Bonus?

Buying points can be very helpful when you have low points for booking flights and need to top-up your account on an urgent basis.

Additionally, premium cabins can offer a significant discount for award tickets where cash rates are expensive, point purchases and then redeemed for a prize ticket.

Flying Blue Promotion Award

Flying Blue’s rolling promo awards regularly offer some fairly attractive deals.

For example, before 2022, both Montreal-Paris and Montreal-Amsterdam Economy Class and Business Class can be booked at 25% discount on normal prices, which means you can book transatlantic business class flights to Paris or Amsterdam. 39,750 Or 45,375 miles One-way in business class, respectively.

Suppose you were interested in business class Montreal-Paris round-trip redemption for two passengers. For a total of 159,000 miles, this promotional award will cost 79,500 miles per person under the agreement.

With the current 120% bonus, you can buy 159,000 miles for US $ 2,210 or about $ 2,820 (CAD). It works at $ 1,410 (CAD) per person.

Even after factoring in Flying Blue’s surcharges, the total out-of-pocket costs are a nice discount compared to the best deal you can get when paying cash.

Keep an eye out for future promotional rewards, which revolve on a monthly basis, because if deals are lined up with your upcoming trip, some value can always be captured.

Air France A350 Business Class

An ambitious flight booking

Even missing promotional rewards, Flying Blue may offer some convenient routing options at reasonable price points when traveling in business class.

For example, KLM operates the only direct transatlantic flight outside of Edmonton and costs 60,500 flying blue miles for a one-way trip to Amsterdam or 121,000 miles for a round-trip.

If you want to see the fastest route in Europe as an Edmontonian, buy 121,000 Flying Blue Miles US 1,681 Or $ 2,144 (CAD), which brings business class flights within reach more than cash.

The same policy applies to other North American routes of Air France and KLM, including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City, all of which cost. 55,000-60,000 flying blue miles For one way flight in business class.

Other Ways to Earn Flying Blue Miles

Before deciding to acquire Flying Blue Miles with a 120% bonus, keep in mind that there are many slow but inexpensive ways to get Flying Blue Miles that might be worth considering if you are not in a hurry to book.

Canadian credit card

There are many ways to earn Flying Blue with the credit card we have in Canada.

American Express Membership Awards can be transferred to Flying Blue in a 1: 0.75 ratio. Any membership reward card would be a good choice, as the high annual fee effectively represents the opportunity to “purchase” miles.

American Express MR Card for Flying Blue Redemption

Credit card The best opportunity The value

90,000 MR points

99 499 annual fee

90,000 MR points 1,646

Apply now

75,000 MR points

$ 199 annual fee

75,000 MR points 1,561

Apply now

Up to 67,000 MR points

$ 99 annual fee

Up to 67,000 MR points 1,221

Apply now

85,000 MR points

99 699 annual fee

85,000 MR points $ 1,063

Apply now

55,000 MR points

$ 250 annual fee

55,000 MR points 906

Apply now

US credit card

In addition to cards issued by Amex Canada, major US credit cards offer many ways to rack up Flying Blue Miles.

Amex US Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, City Thank You Point and Capital One Point can all be transferred to Flying Blue in a 1: 1 ratio. With substantial welcome bonuses across the board, you can earn points with each of the four major issuers and pool them into a single Flying Blue account.

In addition, Bank of America issues Air France / KLM World Elite MasterCard in the United States. The card is currently on offer 50,000 Flying Blue Miles In exchange for a US $ 89 annual fee.

With Bank of America, if you use a separate Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), you must go to a branch to apply.

Marriott Forest Fear

Marriott Forest Fear points can be transferred to Flying Blue in a 3: 1 ratio, with a 5,000 mile bonus if transferred to 60,000 Fear Blue Point pieces.

Our current price is 0.9 cents per point (CAD), 60,000 Bonvoy points cost 540. Moving to Flying Blue, that’s the equivalent of buying 25,000 miles 2.13 cents per mile (CAD).

It costs 1.78 cents per point (CAD) more to buy than the current promotional cost. So, buying miles directly from Flying Blue would be a better deal, unless you have a huge forest balance that you want to offload and don’t aim for some relatively meaningful hotel redemption.

Previous promotion

While considering whether this promotion is a good opportunity for you to meet your travel goals, here is a snapshot of Air France / KLM Flying Blue’s previous mileage sales offers, covering all of last year’s promotions:

Up to 120% more purchased miles

Up to 100% more purchased miles

Up to 100% more purchased miles

Up to 100% more purchased miles

Up to 100% more purchased miles

Up to 80% more purchased miles

Up to 100% more purchased miles


If you want to see a transatlantic prize flight with Air France, KLM, or one of their SkyTeam partners, buying Flying Blue Miles at one of the program’s bonus events can be an interesting strategy.

This current bonus of 120% is the best we’ve seen in this program, making it a great opportunity to top-up your balance. Be sure to take action before the contract expires June 30, 2022

However, if you do not have a specific use of Flying Blue Miles in mind, it is better to convert them to Flying Blue Miles instead of collecting slowly transfer points such as Amex membership rewards and when it comes to booking.

Throughout the epidemic, COVID-19 testing requirements have come and gone in most countries of the world, with the summer of 2022 being the “most common” result.

The United States is one of the last countries to conduct pre-arrival testing, despite pressure from tourism boards, airlines and passenger requirements.

Well, good things come to those who wait, and the United States will finally eliminate their pre-arrival test requirements from this midnight. Sunday, June 12, 2022.

The US will no longer require pre-arrival tests

The White House has confirmed that the COVID-19 test for entry into the United States will end immediately. From midnight June 12, 2022, All travelers will no longer need a COVID-19 test to enter the United States.

Since January 2021, when an antigen test was required to enter the United States, the timeline was changed as the epidemic progressed. Then, travelers would have to complete a rapid antigen test within three days of their flight, and this was finally tightened in one day as COVID-19 variants began to appear.

Somewhat ridiculously, the U.S. test requirements were met with envy by Canadians for the better part of a year, as the Canadian government required more complex molecular COVID-19 tests to be taken within the 72-hour period of the final direct flight to Canada.

When Canada abolished all COVID-19 testing requirements on April 1, 2022, and soon, the United States was seen as an outsider in maintaining its test-and-enter scheme.

With these recent changes, the United States will return equally if the entry requirements are not relaxed compared to Canada.

Canadians still need to fill out the ArriveCAN form before entering the country. Meanwhile, from June 12, the United States will only require a pre-departure attestation form, which many airlines allow you to complete by ticking a checkbox during the online check-in process.

Covid-19 travel ban lifted?

Of course, the massive phasing out of travel restrictions does not mean that the COVID-19 epidemic is over.

Instead, it signals a shift from the United States and most countries around the world to consider Covid-19 as local and to learn to live with it instead of enforcing dubious travel bans.

At the moment, the world is completely open again, and it really is a handful of East Asian countries that are closed for entry, while other handfuls need pre-departure molecular or antigen testing.

The removal of its pre-arrival testing requirement in the United States is particularly significant for Canadians, who represent the vast majority of tourists visiting our neighbors in the South.

I’ve been to the United States a few times in the last few months and transited, and the need to complete an antigen test within a day of departure has always been a thorn in my side, both booking and showing hassle for checking appointments and spending extra money.

With a few more travel schedules in the U.S. for the rest of the summer, I’m glad the test requirements will be eliminated from this Sunday, and we’ll have nothing less to worry about once we start a new adventure. Again


Summer 2022 undoubtedly marks the true return of travel with all its glory, and the pre-arrival test requirements of the United States represent one of the last domineering readings here in North America.

Beginning at midnight on June 12, 2022, the United States will no longer require rapid antigen testing before arriving by air, with their travel policies aligning with most domestic health policies that recognize COVID-19 as local.

The first announcement a year ago, JetBlue Their new direct service from New York to Vancouver will start today

Vancouver represents JetBlue’s first entry into the Canadian market, providing additional transcontinental connections for Canadians and Americans alike.

JetBlue’s New Vancouver-New York flight

JetBlue will operate direct flights from Vancouver to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, based on the following daily schedules:

  • B6603 from New York (JFK) to Vancouver (YVR), departs at 6:59 pm and arrives at 10:26 pm
  • The B6604 will depart Vancouver (YVR) to New York (JFK) at 11:30 pm and arrive at 7:48 am the next day.

The airline hosted a media event at Vancouver International Airport today to celebrate the launch of the new route, and I went to check it out.

JetBlue leads this route with competitive pricing, with one-way fares starting at $ 200 on mid-week dates.

However, the all-economy configuration of the Airbus A320 means that there are not many premium applications on this route.

Instead, it will be convenient for travelers to the West Coast looking for a faster and cheaper non-stop option in central New York, as well as for East Coast Americans heading for British Columbia.

In fact, the new JetBlue service is the first connection between Vancouver and New York’s JFK Airport since Cathay Pacific dropped their fifth-independence route.

(Air Canada currently provides direct service between Vancouver and New York. Competing in economy products alone, JetBlue offers arguably more convenient New York airport services, with better onboard experience – although overnight advance schedule can be a big mistake.)

As a major international hub without the lack of pleasant departure lounges, JFK is often a useful resource when traveling to points to international destinations.

With this new flight on JetBlue, we now have a nonstop positioning flight from Western Canada – no longer traveling across Manhattan via Pearson or via a cab – which could be a more enjoyable way to set the stage for the next premium long ride. Experience

Everything about JetBlue Airways

In the US airline landscape, JetBlue is an important player, albeit a minor one. Roughly speaking, they play the same role as Canada’s WestJet.

They lack American, United and Delta international presence, instead focusing on domestic routes and sun destinations.

Despite their relatively limited footprint, JetBlue offers more frills than a regional low-cost carrier.

In particular, they are known for setting the bar with free Wi-Fi for all passengers, a robust food program (for domestic standards), and adequate footholds in the economy. They do all this with the aim of setting competitive prices.

JetBlue’s fleet is primarily a 3-3 configuration, with only one economy cabin on most of their shorter routes. For selected coast to coast and international routes, however, they have a pretty business class idea.

On this route, JetBlue features their Mint products, including the new Mint Suite and Mint Studio. These comfortable but cozy herringbone-style pods have a wide sense of privacy, like the seating style you can find in intercontinental carriers.

Unfortunately, the Mint service is not being offered on the Vancouver route, and we can only hope that the new service will be a commercial success and that JetBlue will attract more premium products as it expands its fleet.

JetBlue flight booking at the point

Like other major airlines, JetBlue has a loyalty program called Real blue. Without sugar-coating, however, the benefits for Canadians are extremely limited.

First, the award chart uses dynamic values. There aren’t many benefits to using TrueBlue points instead of cash, and you won’t get a great quality opportunity by flying JetBlue over points.

To earn, JetBlue has some co-branded US credit cards issued by Barclays. With the JetBlue Plus card, you can earn up to 40,000 points against the 99 annual fee. This is not unreasonable, but I would question whether it is worthwhile to engage in another loyalty program when we have so many transferable currencies to collect on both sides of the border.

The transfer of points from the bank program is also questionable, in my view. You can convert points from any one of the Big 4 US credit card providers: Amex, Chase, Citi, or Capital One. However, Amex transfers US MR points to TrueBlue in an unfavorable ratio of 1.25: 1.

In general, the value of either of these currencies would be much higher if used for long-haul international flights on global airlines or exclusive hotel bookings.

Meanwhile, Emirates Skywords JetBlue is one of the few partner airlines that allows you to redeem points on JetBlue flights. There is a distance-based chart, and a seat (2,449 miles per hour) on JetBlue’s new Vancouver-New York service will drive you 26,000 miles to the sky One way.

And yet, starting with ভ 200 one-way cash rent, 26,000 skyward miles is not worth redeeming – especially since skyward miles can be used for much more valuable things, such as Emirates First’s Glitz and Glamor Flying Class.

Unless JetBlue improves their loyalty offer, creates some new redemption partnerships, or creates a Canadian co-branded credit card that is now serving our market (don’t hold your breath), its new Vancouver route will probably be booked with cash. The airline is well known in one of the attractive price points.


JetBlue has launched a new daily service between Vancouver and New York JFK, which will operate westward and eastward overnight during the evening.

Although the route will be served by an Airbus A320 with an all-economy configuration, I still consider it a welcome development, as I now have a new option to return home to the West Coast conveniently and at an affordable price. Landing at New York JFK after a long distance flight.

JetBlue’s plans are not over yet, either: the airline announced last summer that it also wants to connect Vancouver and Boston, providing more coast-to-coast connectivity as it builds on the Canadian market.

This is another easy status match when choosing a match: Sandman Hotel Group is offering automatic top-notch status for Visa Canada cardholders.

Although Sandman is not a major global hotel chain, Hospitality Group has a significant presence in Canada and this new offer can certainly be effective for members to try out some of the benefits while staying up close.

What is Sandman Hotel?

Founded in 1967 in Smithers, British Columbia, the Sandman Hotel Group is a Canadian-owned hotel chain with 50+ locations worldwide. The brand operates primarily in Canada, but has a small presence in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The chain has three different hotel brands, all catering to different groups of travelers:

  • Sandman Inns is a basic limited-service hotel, often found along Canada’s main highway route.
  • Sandman Hotels & Suites is Sandman’s mid-range brand, often found in and around metropolitan centers and airports.
  • Sandman Signature Hotel & Resort is the highest quality hotel offer in the chain, with high-end facilities including spa, business center and concierge services.
Sandman Hotel Oakville
Sandman Hotel Oakville

Sandman RSVP Award status for Visa cardholders

Known as Sandman’s loyalty program RSVP Award.

Members earn points for spending at the Sandman Hotel based on various factors, depending on their membership level, and can then redeem RSVP reward points at a flat rate of 1 cent per point (cpp) for future Sandman stays.

In an effort to expand their loyalty program, Sandman has partnered with RSVP Rewards Visa Canada to promote a broader status match:

  • Visa Infinite and Visa Infinite business card holders will receive automatic mid-level Platinum status
  • Visa Infinite Privilege Card Holders Get Automatic Top-Level Diamond Status

Typically, to reach Platinum or Diamond status, you have to spend $ 1,500 + and $ 4,000 + annually with Sandman, respectively. Holding a Visa credit card (which I imagine most of us do) is therefore a very easy way to instantly bypass these requirements on the way to high-level Sandman status.

To register for the Sandman RSVP Rewards and unlock your advanced status, simply go to the Promotions page and select the “Register Now” button at the top.

The process can then be completed relatively quickly. When creating an RSVP Rewards account, there is a “Verify Eligibility” button, where you can enter your Visa credit card number to confirm eligibility before completing your registration.

Upon completion of your registration, you will be automatically registered to the corresponding status, along with a “Welcome Bonus” of 1,000 RSVP reward points for booting (worth $ 10 for having a Sandman).

(If you already have an RSVP Rewards account, you need to call to get your status bumped based on your eligible Visa card.)

Note that your Sandman RSVP Rewards Platinum or Diamond Status does not appear to have a Visa Card holder deadline. In fact, the FAQ page mentions the following:

Will the status of my RSVP Rewards program change if I do not meet the general program spending requirements after I enroll?

No, your profile will be marked with Visa RSVP Rewards Benefit until you enroll in the RSVP Rewards Program with your eligible Visa Card and you will not be transferred to a status lower than Platinum Status for Visa Infinite and Visa Infinite Business Cards or Visa Infinite. Diamond status for privilege card. If you do not have a valid Visa card linked to your RSVP Rewards membership, your status may be reset according to the cost of your eligible program dollars.

Just hold your Visa card to protect your ongoing Sandman status, and if you give up your card, remember that status Maybe Reset

What gives you the status of Sandman RSVP Award?

Sandman RSVP Rewards Elite members get access to the following benefits:

As a Platinum member, you will earn 7 points per dollar spent on hotel qualification, whereas as a Diamond member, you will earn 9 points per dollar spent – equivalent to 7% or 9% for your next Sandman stay, respectively. .

Free room upgrades, breakfast boxes, and lounge access are the most useful features displayed; However, all hotels are subject to availability. If a hotel does not offer a breakfast box, Platinum members will receive a 5 gift card, while Diamond members will receive a $ 10 gift card.

On-site dining discounts can come in at 10% and 15%, respectively, and 1,000 bonus points per stay (equivalent to $ 10 for your next stay) for Diamond members gives Sandman a decent extra return for being massively cheaper.

Overall, anyone who has ever been to Sandman’s property before and finds the brand somewhat inspiring, these features are not inspiring me to redesign my upcoming travel plans and experience Sandman for the first time.

However, you may never know that a Sandman Hotel can make for an reasonably priced option at an airport hotel for an overnight stay somewhere in Canada – and I’d rather deal with a breakfast box and a free room upgrade.

Sandman Signature Hotel Toronto Airport


Sandman Hotel Group is now offering top-of-the-line status from within the automated RSVP Rewards loyalty program for Visa Canada cardholders.

Eligible Visa cardholders can verify their eligibility and register on the promotional page. The registration process is quick and easy, and is automatically upgraded to Sandman status after registration.

Getting top-notch status with other chains never hurts, even if it is fairly trivial in the grand scheme of things, and I find myself swinging myself to a sandman hotel somewhere in Canada one of these days to see what they have to offer.