Review: Fairfield in Montreal Downtown

For our last stay in our spring break in the Maldives and the UAE, we spent two nights in Montreal. We stopped here for two nights to attend the Prince of Travel Signature Event Montreal 2022.

I was at this hotel during a previous visit to Montreal, so I was familiar with what to expect. It was especially important to have realistic expectations after staying at Le Méridien Maldives and Al Maha Desort Resort Dubai.

It has a look Fairfield in Montreal downtown And how it stacks up against countless other Marriott properties in the city.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Booking

We booked our stay about a month and a half before we arrived. I secured an excellent cash rate $ 87 Every night using a corporate code for which I was eligible. This was a substantial bargain compared to the almost regular cash rate $ 200 In or around the off-season $ 300 In the peak season.

Redemption bookings tend to revolve around 25,000 forest fear points Every night, though, that may change after Marriott switches to full-dynamic pricing in early 2023. So, cash payments have proven to be the best option here, as redeeming points would rarely fall short of the target assessment of 0.9 cents per point, Marriott Forest Fear Point redemption.

I knew we would spend most of our time in Montreal visiting friends and at events, so we decided to settle down at a lower price point instead of enjoying a beautiful property. If we were planning to spend more time at the hotel, I would probably choose one of the fancy options in town.

In addition, since I’ve been here before, I knew the hotel would meet some of my requirements for staying: quiet and comfortable.

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Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Location

The Fairfield Inn is located just outside the downtown core of Montreal, in Rue Berry and Boulevard Renেনে Levesque East.

The hotel opened in 2019 and has 154 rooms on nine floors.

While not the most beautiful neighborhood in Montreal by Longshot, the hotel is ideally located close to the main transit hubs and within walking distance of some of Montreal’s best areas.

The 747 bus from the airport drops you off one block from the hotel and takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on Montreal’s infamous traffic.

Nearest metro stations, Berry / UQAM, Green and Orange Line services, running east to west and north to south, respectively.

From this station, you can also access the Yellow Line, which stops at Park Jean Drapo, an island in St. Lawrence Bay and one of my favorite spots in Montreal, as well as Longville (which surprised me despite its pronunciation) who lived in town for three years.)

Just a few minutes’ walk from Old Montreal, where you’ll find spas, restaurants, bars, the Notre-Dame Basilica and some wonderful places to explore around the waterfront.

Downtown Montreal is easily accessible on foot or at a few stops along the Green Line.

Take a walk along the Orange Line in the plateau, mile-end or Little Italy before or after visiting Mount Royal, or enjoy a leisurely stroll for a while.

The Green Line takes you to Verdun or the former Hochelaga-Masonio to get away from the crowds.

If you’re looking for a hotel to base out while spending most of your time exploring Montreal, I would argue that Fairfield Inn is definitely worth considering.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Outer part

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Check-in

Our friends were kind enough to pick us up from the airport after our short flight from Washington. We had a fantastic lunch together at the Isle of Wight The Little Fatherland Earlier in the afternoon they dropped us off at our hotel.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Entrance

There was no line up when we arrived, and check-in was fast. Behind the check-in desk is a black-and-white map of Montreal and its surroundings, which I found visually appealing as the hotel staff worked through my bookings.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Check-in desk
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Check-in desk

We were given a standard room with a king bed. Obviously, the hotel actually has a few suite options available, but I was not offered an upgrade to my Platinum status or I was not involved in any “suit-talking”.

I chose to store my Suite Night prizes in a property for future consideration where they could go some distance.

To the left of the check-in area is a small pantry for instant grabs.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Pantry

The lobby lounge has a false fireplace and a few seats around a television. I spent some time here for an Uber later that day, but the lobby is otherwise awesome.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Lobby Lounge

After getting our keys, we went to our room upstairs in the hotel.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Lift

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Room

We entered room 1004, which was far enough away from the elevator not to be disturbed by the annoying noise.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Hallway
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Room 1004

The room is set up in a completely open manner, visible with bed, work desk, television and cabinet access.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Room
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Room

The King Bed, which was comfortable but not memorable, had lamps and shelves with a phone and an alarm clock on either side.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Bed
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Bed

Opposite the bed is a flat-screen TV and a work desk. I worked a few hours at the desk and found it practically comfortable.

Fairfield in Montreal downtown – work desk, TV and chairs
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – TV and work desk

A padded wooden chair by the window and to the left of the work desk. The view from the window overlooks the neighboring hotel and apartment building.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Chair
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – See

Back at the entrance to the room, there is a small luggage rack, as well as a mini-fridge and safe under the coffee maker. These two pieces of furniture are to the right of the work desk.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Luggage Rack, Mini-Fridge and Coffee Maker
Fairfield in Montreal downtown – mini-fridge and safe
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Coffee Maker

Next to the door is a small cupboard with an ironing board and a handful of coat hangers.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Toilet

The bathroom is to the left of the entrance to the room. There is a sliding door with a large mirror.

The bathroom is simple, but functional. A round, LED-light mirror sits on top of the single sink.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Vanity

Facilities are available in a circular storage unit above the toilet, although the hotel appears to have fixtures for refillable facilities that were probably reduced due to epidemic-related sanitary policies.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Toilets and facilities

The walk-in shower had decent water pressure, but it wasn’t as strong as I usually like.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Fountain

Overall, the house is simple and functional. As I mentioned earlier, we spend most of our time in the city, and only need a quiet place to rest at night, for which our house is suitable.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Breakfast

A feature of Fairfield Inns is that they offer a complimentary breakfast for all guests. On other properties, I have seen fairly decent hot buffet spreads, but the hotel has not yet been able to reopen them due to ongoing COVID-19 related arrangements.

Breakfast is served on the main floor of the hotel, right next to the lobby.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Dining area

It seems to be set up to eat personally, although I still haven’t seen it in the case of my several stays here. The room is cordoned off, but guests can come for coffee, tea and their breakfast

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Coffee and Tea Station
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Grab-and-Go Breakfast

The hotel offered us a grab-and-go breakfast during our stay, which inspired us comparatively. Inside the bag, we found an apple, a boiled egg, cheese, yogurt, breakfast cereal, a carrot poundcake and a small bowl of milk.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Take breakfast

Coffee and tea stations are set up here, which guests can access in the morning and throughout the day.

It even looks like there’s a nice, lonely espresso machine begging at the coffee station to treat guests to something other than coffee-flavored water.

We nibbled some portions of breakfast, but saved our appetite for coffee and breakfast from one of the many (and extremely high) cafes and bulangaris in Montreal.

Fairfield in Montreal downtown – other facilities

The hotel does not have much to offer guests.

There is a fitness center on the main floor of the hotel just below the hall from the check-in desk. It is accessible 24 hours a day.

The fitness center has a treadmill, free weights and several other cardiovascular and body building machines.

Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Fitness Center
Fairfield in Montreal Downtown – Fitness Center

The hotel’s website advertises Fairfield Bistro BarWhich offers hot meals and cocktails, but during my stay at this property it was not yet in operation.


Our two-night stay at Fairfield Inn in downtown Montreal was just what we needed: a quiet, comfortable place to rest at night.

The house was simple but functional, and the workplace was ideal for getting a few hours of work without any problems.

Grab-and-go breakfast has a long way to go. I warmly welcome the return of a full hot breakfast, as well as the use of espresso machines in the dining area.

The location of the hotel is great for those who want to get around the city, and it is one of the best selling points in the hotel.

I will consider another stay at Fairfield Inn on my next visit to Montreal. There are of course other, more luxurious hotels in town, but if I don’t have time to enjoy their extra comforts, this hotel offers a quiet, comfortable and affordable place to relax after a busy day.

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