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Just before I embarked on my long awaited trip – to stay at Emirates First Class Flying A380 and both Al Maha Desert Resort Dubai and St. Regis Maldives – I went Hexagon Restaurant Participates in Oakville, Ontario and their nine-course testing menu.

Hexagon is one of my favorite restaurants of all time, and it’s not just because I work there. The main reason Hexagon stands out to me as one of the best restaurants in Canada is that they consistently provide inspirational food associated with world-class service.

Hexagon – About restaurants and chefs

From the moment you walk into the restaurant, the hexagon’s interior is captivating.

Featuring smooth and modern honeycomb-shaped lighting fixtures and a back-light agate stone wall, from the floor to the roof windows, with a free view of Oakville’s Town Square, the place radiates richness.

Hexagon – dining room

Walking through the restaurant, you will come across a modern granite table, with carved dark wooden chairs and benches decorated with royal blue leather.

Hexagon – Private Dining
Hexagon – Patio

Going further you will find a floating bio-fuel fireplace and an open concept kitchen, which prepares the chef’s team nicely for dinner.

Hexagon – Bar
Hexagon – dining room

The main dining room has 42 guest seats, making it a great place for a date, business dinner or celebration. During the summer months, the venue can accommodate an additional 20 guests if the patio is open.

Groups looking for a more intimate dining experience may request a private dining room located behind the restaurant.

Hexagon first opened its doors in September 2017 and Oakville became equally popular among locals and Toronto diners. The restaurant quickly gained notoriety as Toronto Life named it one of the top restaurants in the GTA.

In 2020, Hexagon was recognized for their culinary excellence and ranked # 81 in the list of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants. In 2022, Hexagon rose to # 42 on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants.

Hexagon is led by Executive Chef Rafa Coverubius, who received the One to Watch Award issued by Canada’s 100 Best and was a finalist in the San Pellegrino National Young Chef Competition.

Hexagon – Booking

Guests can book a standard dinner reservation, where they can enjoy items from a la carte menu, or take part in the full experience of the blank testing menu on a nine-course cart, priced at $ 150 (CAD) per person.

At the time of writing, Hexagon is only open for dinner services from Wednesday to Saturday and for branch services on Sundays.

Guests wishing to enjoy a meal at Hexagon are advised to make a reservation, and even more so for weekend bookings. Even the brunch tends to book up quickly.

Similarly, like Atelier Crenn, reservations can only be made using the Tock platform, where a small deposit of $ 20 is required to secure your table.

Hexagon – position

A trip to the center of historic downtown Oakville will take you to Hexagon, located at the far end of the courtyard in Town Square.

Town Square, Oakville

There are no visible signs outside the building’s entrance, making it difficult for first-time guests to locate the entrance. Find a royal blue canopy and a large wooden door to find the venue.

Hexagon – entrance

You can find ample road parking on Lakeshore Road and the surrounding streets; However, free parking is available for dinner guests at 211 Robinson St. Be sure to ask your server to verify your ticket on the way out.

Hexagon – Dinner experience

My wife Nicole and I joined two close friends for dinner, where we all partook of the nine-course testing menu.

The blanche menu in a cart means chefs have complete freedom over dish selection, which adds an element of wonder to your dining experience – an aspect that I personally enjoy.

The menu is seasonal and new items are always being launched, so you always have something to look forward to during each visit.

Hexagon – First course

We were able to complete nine courses in just three hours. The portion size can be a concern for anyone in the fine dining establishment and I can say with confidence that everyone is completely satisfied with their food.

The first few courses of the food have made a wonderful start: a nova-Scotia live scallop and a marine-inspired pairing in the Hamachi Sevic.

Hexagon – Nova Scotia Live Scallop
Hexagon – Hamachi Seviche

My favorite course of food will be followed soon, so let’s dig.

3. PEI oysters

Cucumber, jalapeno, tonic mignonet.

The centerpiece of our first snack-course was the Raspberry Point Oyster, known for its clean finish and minerals. I especially enjoyed the delicate spices from the minced meat.

4. Adult Beef Tartelette

Smoked tonato, garlic flower.

Our second snack course was Beef Tartar-Tartlet! If you think from my Bymark restaurant review, I like beef tartar and it was no exception here.

The addition of the chef’s smoked tonato sauce is a unique way to incorporate an unexpectedly delicious reef and caper-like tangy ingredients into this classic dish.

Hexagon – PEI oyster and aged beef tartlet

5. Oily

Nova Scotia Lobsters, Picquillo Peppers, Nextmalized Corn, Almond Cream Fries

A visually stimulating dish that “delights” the whole table. This lobster dish was equally unique and delicious, and while I found the corn flavor to be strong, the sweet Spanish picuillo pepper was a great addition to the tender and sweet Nova Scotia lobster.

Hexagon – Oily

6. Agnolotti

Délice de Bourgogne, summer truffle.

Pasta, cheese, and truffles – shall I say more? This dish was perfection in a bowl. I really enjoyed the use of summer truffles, which are less spicy than the perigolds that are often found on the fine dining menu.

Hexagon – Agnolotti

7. Iberian Pluma

Black garlic shoe, smoked pineapple.

The butcher’s cut is a cut of meat that is not widely sold in the market and the plum cut is one of them. It comes from the neck of pork and is known for its marble and deep flavor.

This greasy, fleshy cut was extremely tender and separated like it had been braced. Black garlic is a staple in my home pantry, and I always enjoy the depth of flavor of any food.

Hexagon – Iberico Pluma

8. Older ducks

Carrots, sumo oranges, fennel are inherited.

The older duck is Chef Raffer’s signature dish, which won him the US final for the San Pellegrino Young Chef and brought him to Europe to compete with some of the best chefs in the world during the national era.

It looks very simple on the plate, but it is a laborious process that takes a few weeks from start to finish. I don’t want to do any harm to this dish by trying to describe the numerous layers and complexities of this plate; Instead, I’ll leave it up to you to make a reservation and try it yourself.

There are good reasons why some people have chosen it as the best duck dish in GTA.

Hexagon – Old duck
Hexagon – older duck, sauced

Hexagon – service

Entering the restaurant and receiving a warm welcome is always a pleasant feeling.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted at the door and informed that our table would not be ready for another 15 minutes. The hostess invited us to the bar and we were given a glass of complimentary champagne to enjoy while we waited.

Hexagon – Wine selection

This is a great gesture of hospitality and it allows you to immediately sit down in your evening, when you are sitting at the bar avoiding the awkward moment and debating whether to order the bar menu and whether to arrive on time.

Once at the table, our servers introduce themselves for the evening, take our water orders and quickly confirm that we have booked for the testing menu. The server took the time to understand the dietary notes of our reservation.

For me, it is always appreciated when the organization I am eating at takes time to review my reservation notes and with me at the table to make sure they understand them correctly.

It indicates a strong level of communication between team members and gives confidence that any special request is understood and will be accepted.

The pace of our evening was perfect, there was never too much or too little time in the course, allowing us to indulge in food and socialize within the plate.

Hexagon – Black rice pudding dessert

With each course of our meal, either the server or the chef who made the dish will come and describe in detail the ingredients on our plate. It’s a truly exciting experience that keeps you engaged to dinner while you try and combine the ingredients on your plate – something that can be hard to enjoy while enjoying some of the more abstract food.

One of my favorite service ingredients at Hexagon that I believe makes them better than any other restaurant I’ve eaten is their synchronous placement and removal of dishware.

A special feeling is when you see three or four people approaching your table and at the same time pick up your plates and reset your cutlery.It’s like an F1 pit stop, and the team does it so nicely that you can miss it at the blink of an eye!

Hexagon’s service never disappoints, and you can tell that every team member is really invested in making every person who walks through that door feel at home. This further ensures that you will be satisfied with an unforgettable dining experience.


I had a great night with friends at Hexagon. The place is perfect for a dinner with a loved one or for a professional outing. The service was welcome and the atmosphere was magnificent.

The biggest highlight for me was the Aged Dock course, for which Chef Rafa is known and has managed to compete with some of the best chefs nationally.

I’m always looking forward to dinner and brunch at Hexagon, and look forward to seeing what the team has to offer on their future menus. I am happy to see the high level of professionalism and care I have received during my time at Hexagon, and I am happy to continue among all their staff.

I hope you get a chance to dine at Hexagon in the future … and who knows, in a recent chat with Michelle Guide in Canada, this place could become much more popular.

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