Review: New United Club Newark (Terminal C)

On my way back to Toronto from Europe, my husband and I enjoyed a short one-night vacation in New York City. Originally, we had to fly from LaGuardia; However, on that learning Newark’s new United Club Lounge Just opened in late May, I changed our flight to depart from Newark.

There was a lot of hype about this lounge, so I was pretty excited to try it and in the end, the lounge didn’t disappoint.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Access

The new United Club Lounge is located in Terminal C, near Gate 123. Terminal C is United’s hub, so if you fly with WestJet or Air Canada, you will fly from Terminal A or B and all you have to do is find your way to Terminal C.

Fortunately, the terminals are well connected. Once you get to the airside, the shuttle bus travels from one terminal to another is relatively easy.

I was flying with Air Canada, and checked in at Terminal A. Once through security take a sharp turn to the left, near the A28 gate, and you’ll find a door and a signboard pointing you down a flight of stairs to the shuttle bus area.

The shuttles between Terminals A and C run back and forth from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., which occurs at the same time as the lounge is open. When I arrived at the shuttle area, there was already a bus waiting.

The ride to the next terminal took no more than three minutes and dropped us off at Gate C70. From here, take another five minutes walk to Gate C123, where an escalator will take you to the lounge.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Escalator

At the entrance, there is a kiosk to scan your boarding pass for you to enter. If you run into problems, there is an agent at the desk to help.

United Club lounges are accessible to United or Star Alliance business class passengers as well as Star Alliance Gold members. In my case, being an Aeroplan 50K member to access the lounge, I used my Star Alliance Gold status, and I was able to bring a guest as a Star Alliance Gold member.

Keep in mind that if you are flying United or Star Alliance Business Class on a long-haul international route from New York, you will also have access to the United Polaris Lounge, which has superior dining, bar and wellness options, and a visit from this United Club is a good choice. .

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Seats

When you first enter the lounge, you will notice that it is well lit, large, scattered and clean. It has a modern look, with gray walls and floors, as well as black and wood accents for furniture.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Interior Decoration

There are also accent walls around the lounge that feature a different color and design, or simply made of red brick. Splashes of color can be seen in the various seating options in the lounge and in decorative books and other items.

The lounge offers more than 480 seats with a variety of seating options and arrangements, most of which include nearby outlets and USB ports. The lounge is a busy one; However, due to its size, it should not be too difficult to find a place to sit.

Tall tables that can seat up to 10 guests are scattered throughout the lounge with adequate lighting. They make great workstations or as a place to gather a large family or group.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Seating table
United Club Newark (Terminal C) – window seat

A few QBOs are also available for those who like some privacy.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – QB seating

All seats are padded. I have tried a few and they are quite comfortable. You will find options such as couches, love seats and a variety of chairs.

Most are arranged for two or four seats, but there are some areas where more seats will be provided.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Seating on the couch
United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Seats

Wherever there is seating, you’ll find a USB and power port nearby. These will be under the walls, tables or even chairs.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Power Port

If you want a change of scenery, head to the other side of the lounge, where you’ll find windows from floor to ceiling, offering views of the plane, gate and runway.

Here, there are separate seats with footrests that are only suitable for being alone or with a friend, separated from you by a side table.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Lounge chair with tarmac view

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Dining

There is a “hydration” center on the left as you enter the lounge. This is perfect for travelers who want a quick snack or a drink before heading out on their flight.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Hydration Center

The station offers a variety of salty food options, including doritos, sun chips, lace, pretzel and popcorn chips.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Salty foods

There is also a hot drink station, snack mix dispensary, and a few cold drink dispensers with water with fresh lemon and lime pieces or grape juice.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Snack Mix Dispensary
United Club Newark (Terminal C) – hot drink station

Continuing, you will head to the main hallway of the lounge where the washrooms are located. At the end of the hallway, it opens into the main dining area.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Hallway

There is a seating booth along the far wall where six people can sit. Otherwise, small tables are set aside for seating four people, with large linear tables can seat 10 people.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – The main dining area

There is a long buffet station with a variety of dining options. At one end are sandwiches and desserts.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Sandwich Buffet
United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Dessert Buffet

On the other side, there is a soup station and charcuterie board, a salad bar and main hot meal station. During our visit, it had a taco station with a choice of chicken or pork and various toppings.

The buffet station and dining area are well staffed. Staff members are constantly removing surfaces, cleaning up after guests and picking up trash, keeping the area spot-free.

Beverage stations are also nearby, including hot beverage dispensers and coke freestyle machines.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Hot drink supplier
United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Coke Freestyle Machine

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Bar

Coffee and alcohol bar on the other side of the dining room. Like the buffet station, it is long and well staffed, with a few attendants. You can get a seat on a padded barstull at the bar or take your drink with you.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Bar

The coffee bar is at the far end of the station and has a few bar staff. Around the corner is the alcohol bar, which offers a great selection of complimentary drinks, including draft beer, wine and spirits.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Bar
United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Draft Bear

Other options are also available for purchase, such as a variety of more premium wines on the shelf.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Hard Alcohol Selection

And while you’re enjoying your drink, you can catch your favorite sports game on one of the three TVs scattered along the bar.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Rain

The lounges were clean, large and spacious, making them suitable for lounges of this size. Decorations with black metal and wood accents match the rest of the lounge.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Restroom

There is also an all-sex restroom, which shows that United is keeping pace with the times.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – All-Sex Restroom

There are six fountains for guests to use on a first come first served basis. You must show your attendant your boarding pass to use them.

The showers were located in their own bathrooms and, again, were spacious and clean.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Fountain entrance
United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Check-in area for showers
United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Shower Room

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Other facilities

A help desk centrally located in the lounge for guests with any problems on United-marketed flights.

Although no boarding is announced, there is a large screen across the lounge displaying dotted flight departure information.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – United Service Desk

For families traveling with infants or young children, there is a wellness room for nursing and diaper change.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Wellness Room

Finally, for those who are in the mood for a little friendly competition at the airport, there is a single football table for guests to enjoy.

United Club Newark (Terminal C) – Football table


I had a very enjoyable experience at the brand new United Club Newark. From what a United agent has told me, this is the best United Club you can find anywhere and will serve as the standard for all United Club Lounge in the future.

The lounge is a clean, bright and spacious area with plenty of room for guests to stay. It has a great bar and a variety of snacks and food items.

The facilities are suitable for any traveler, ranging from business travelers to those traveling alone or with friends and family.

My kids weren’t with me at the time, so I didn’t know their opinion. As a family traveler, one of the improvements I want to make is to add playgrounds or recreation areas for children. For now, the abundance of snack options should be enough to keep them busy and happy.

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