Sandman RSVP Award: Free top-level status for Visa cardholders

This is another easy status match when choosing a match: Sandman Hotel Group is offering automatic top-notch status for Visa Canada cardholders.

Although Sandman is not a major global hotel chain, Hospitality Group has a significant presence in Canada and this new offer can certainly be effective for members to try out some of the benefits while staying up close.

What is Sandman Hotel?

Founded in 1967 in Smithers, British Columbia, the Sandman Hotel Group is a Canadian-owned hotel chain with 50+ locations worldwide. The brand operates primarily in Canada, but has a small presence in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The chain has three different hotel brands, all catering to different groups of travelers:

  • Sandman Inns is a basic limited-service hotel, often found along Canada’s main highway route.
  • Sandman Hotels & Suites is Sandman’s mid-range brand, often found in and around metropolitan centers and airports.
  • Sandman Signature Hotel & Resort is the highest quality hotel offer in the chain, with high-end facilities including spa, business center and concierge services.
Sandman Hotel Oakville
Sandman Hotel Oakville

Sandman RSVP Award status for Visa cardholders

Known as Sandman’s loyalty program RSVP Award.

Members earn points for spending at the Sandman Hotel based on various factors, depending on their membership level, and can then redeem RSVP reward points at a flat rate of 1 cent per point (cpp) for future Sandman stays.

In an effort to expand their loyalty program, Sandman has partnered with RSVP Rewards Visa Canada to promote a broader status match:

  • Visa Infinite and Visa Infinite business card holders will receive automatic mid-level Platinum status
  • Visa Infinite Privilege Card Holders Get Automatic Top-Level Diamond Status

Typically, to reach Platinum or Diamond status, you have to spend $ 1,500 + and $ 4,000 + annually with Sandman, respectively. Holding a Visa credit card (which I imagine most of us do) is therefore a very easy way to instantly bypass these requirements on the way to high-level Sandman status.

To register for the Sandman RSVP Rewards and unlock your advanced status, simply go to the Promotions page and select the “Register Now” button at the top.

The process can then be completed relatively quickly. When creating an RSVP Rewards account, there is a “Verify Eligibility” button, where you can enter your Visa credit card number to confirm eligibility before completing your registration.

Upon completion of your registration, you will be automatically registered to the corresponding status, along with a “Welcome Bonus” of 1,000 RSVP reward points for booting (worth $ 10 for having a Sandman).

(If you already have an RSVP Rewards account, you need to call to get your status bumped based on your eligible Visa card.)

Note that your Sandman RSVP Rewards Platinum or Diamond Status does not appear to have a Visa Card holder deadline. In fact, the FAQ page mentions the following:

Will the status of my RSVP Rewards program change if I do not meet the general program spending requirements after I enroll?

No, your profile will be marked with Visa RSVP Rewards Benefit until you enroll in the RSVP Rewards Program with your eligible Visa Card and you will not be transferred to a status lower than Platinum Status for Visa Infinite and Visa Infinite Business Cards or Visa Infinite. Diamond status for privilege card. If you do not have a valid Visa card linked to your RSVP Rewards membership, your status may be reset according to the cost of your eligible program dollars.

Just hold your Visa card to protect your ongoing Sandman status, and if you give up your card, remember that status Maybe Reset

What gives you the status of Sandman RSVP Award?

Sandman RSVP Rewards Elite members get access to the following benefits:

As a Platinum member, you will earn 7 points per dollar spent on hotel qualification, whereas as a Diamond member, you will earn 9 points per dollar spent – equivalent to 7% or 9% for your next Sandman stay, respectively. .

Free room upgrades, breakfast boxes, and lounge access are the most useful features displayed; However, all hotels are subject to availability. If a hotel does not offer a breakfast box, Platinum members will receive a 5 gift card, while Diamond members will receive a $ 10 gift card.

On-site dining discounts can come in at 10% and 15%, respectively, and 1,000 bonus points per stay (equivalent to $ 10 for your next stay) for Diamond members gives Sandman a decent extra return for being massively cheaper.

Overall, anyone who has ever been to Sandman’s property before and finds the brand somewhat inspiring, these features are not inspiring me to redesign my upcoming travel plans and experience Sandman for the first time.

However, you may never know that a Sandman Hotel can make for an reasonably priced option at an airport hotel for an overnight stay somewhere in Canada – and I’d rather deal with a breakfast box and a free room upgrade.

Sandman Signature Hotel Toronto Airport


Sandman Hotel Group is now offering top-of-the-line status from within the automated RSVP Rewards loyalty program for Visa Canada cardholders.

Eligible Visa cardholders can verify their eligibility and register on the promotional page. The registration process is quick and easy, and is automatically upgraded to Sandman status after registration.

Getting top-notch status with other chains never hurts, even if it is fairly trivial in the grand scheme of things, and I find myself swinging myself to a sandman hotel somewhere in Canada one of these days to see what they have to offer.

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