Scotiabank American Express Card: New Welcome Offer for the Summer of 2022

Scotiabank is the latest Canadian credit card issuer to offer a spectacular welcome bonus on the trio of their American Express Travel credit cards in 2022.

Scotiabank Gold American Express Card: 40,000 views + points + first year free

Scotiabank Gold is offering American Express cards Up to 40,000 points For new applicants, split as follows:

  • Make money 20,000 views + points The first three months cost $ 1,000
  • An earning Additional 20,000 Sin + Points The first year cost $ 7,500
  • To get First year annual fee waiver (Usually 120)

Scotiabank usually has very achievable cost requirements and this offer is no exception: only $ 1,000 for most of the bonus.

And if you spend a lot on the bonus sections of the card, I would say it is appropriate to go to the second spending threshold. The Scotia Gold earns Amex 5 points per dollar spent for groceries, With a boost Empire grocery stores cost 6 points per dollar.

For the উপযুক্ত 7,500 spent on eligible merchants, you’ll earn up to 45,000 points per day in addition to the full 40,000 points with the signup offer!

That will bring your grand total 75,000 views + points, Or worth 850. This is incredible for a card that does not offer outsize redemption, only fixed-value points.

If you spend in other categories, you may earn a little less, but the rewards can still be plentiful. The total income rate is as follows:

  • Cost 6 dollars per scene + points Empire Grocery Store
  • Cost 5 views + points per dollar Other grocery stores, dining (including restaurants, bars, cafes and catering), and entertainment tickets
  • Cost 3 dollars per scene + points In gas, transit and streaming services
  • 1 scene + points cost per dollar On top of everything else

As before, the card has no foreign transaction fees – always a nice touch on a lifestyle card marketed to travelers. And although the card is not issued by American Express (instead it runs on the Amex payment network), it is still eligible for Amex offers for cardholders, a timely benefit because the shop is back for a small summer.

This offer is Available until October 31, 2022So you have plenty of time to decide if you are interested, or where this card will fit into your big-picture strategy.

Scotiabank Platinum American Express Card: Maximum 60,000 SIN + points

Scotiabank Platinum American Express Card is Offering an All-Time High Welcome Bonus Up to 60,000 sin + points For new applicants, split as follows:

  • Make money 50,000 views + points The first three months cost 3,000
  • An earning Additional 10,000 views + points The first 14 months cost 10,000

The annual fee for the card is $ 399 for the primary cardholder.

The Scotia Platinum Amex has traditionally not been very attractive, especially compared to American Express’s own premium travel credit card.

However, a welcome bonus of up to 60,000 Scene + Points makes it worthwhile to apply despite the $ 399 advance annual fee, as you will unlock $ 200 + worth in the first year. There is also a priority pass membership with 10 lounge visits.

As part of the recent changes to the Scotiabank Amex card, Scotia Platinum Amex will no longer charge foreign transaction fees, in that sense it will be higher than Amex’s own Platinum cards.

In the meantime, earnings rates on this card are more simplified than the Gold version:

  • 4 scenes + points Cost per dollar Gas stations, grocery stores, dining and entertainment
  • 1 scene + points cost per dollar In all other purchases

This offer is similar to Scotia Gold Amex Available until October 31, 2022, So until then you have to take this card for $ 200 + price and another slot for your Amex offers.

Scotiabank American Express Card: Up to 10,000 Sin + Points

Scotiabank American Express Card is offering an all-time high welcome bonus Up to 10,000 sin + points For new applicants, the distribution is as follows:

  • Make money 5,000 views + points The first three months cost $ 750
  • An earning Additional 5,000 Sine + Points The first year cost $ 5,000

This is Scotiabank’s no-fee Amex product, so its lower welcome bonuses are consistent with an ongoing annual fee of $ 0. The second part of 5,000 sin + points to spend $ 5,000 reasonably offers a rather weak price, amounting to just 1% more than the cost.

However, there is still a very compelling reason to get this card: Easy access to Amex offers via no-fee primary and supplementary cards.

Amex-issued Amex cards cannot be manually registered for Amex offers outside of targeted cards, Scotiabank-issued Amex cards To be able to. The Scotia Amex card can basically be used as a “farm” to register for things like িয় 250 off Marriott shopping with $ 50 off, স্ম 25 off statement credit through Shop Small, and so on.

In terms of earnings, Scotiabank American Express Card offers a uniform earnings rate 1 scene + points cost per dollar In all purchases – the equivalent of a flat 1% return.

As such, using this card for your day-to-day expenses is only recommended for people who are creating new credit files or sticking to a tight budget in terms of annual fees.

If you do not currently have this card and would like to receive it for the benefit of its Amex offer, be sure to apply first October 31, 2022 To capture advanced welcome bonuses while you do this.


Scotiabank has increased the advancement of their American Express products, retrieving a highly competitive welcome offer on the Scotiabank Gold American Express card, raising the Scotiabank Platinum American Express card and the Scotiabank American Express card to an all-time high.

Three welcome offers will expire October 31, 2022, So now is a good time to start with Scotiabank, if you haven’t already, for the flexibility of Scene + points, the strong grocery income rate at Scotia Gold Amex, or the scalability of additional Amex offers by manually registering.

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