WestJet Rewards: Double qualifying expenses for summer travel

Nowadays there seems to be a lasting truth in the landscape of Canadian loyalty: wherever Air Canada goes, WestJet will follow.

In fact, in line with Air Canada’s recent double status-qualification campaign, WestJet is taking similar steps to encourage its status members, including double qualifying spend promotions for existing Silver, Gold and Platinum members on summer travel.

Offering double eligibility costs for existing status members

WestJet members will need to register for the promotion before they can start earning double the qualifying expenses.

Generally, 100% base fare for any WestJet flight you purchase is calculated as the cost eligible for your WestJet status.

Under this promotion, if you currently hold WestJet Silver, Gold or Platinum status, you will be charged instead for travel booked until July 5, 2022 and for travel completed between September 6, 2022. 200% of base rent Your status-eligibility costs towards your travels.

The promotion excludes basic economy fares or any travel whose base fares are booked using WestJet dollars (including members’ exclusive fares).

With the launch of this summer’s travel across WestJet’s domestic and international route networking, WestJet status members should keep this promotion in mind, as it may be possible to easily reach the next level by strategically booking a few flights for the rest of the year.

However, while existing WestJet status members may find this promotion useful, it is unfortunate that non-status members will not be allowed to benefit from this promotion. If you do not currently have status, you will need to acquire at least Silver status biologically before you can benefit from double the qualifying expenses on your next trip.

It is clear that WestJet is not necessarily interested in increasing its loyalty pool, but rather in strengthening its existing base – and indeed, to avoid tempting its members by airplane elite status and similarly powerful promotions.

What does WestJet Status offer?

As a reminder, eligibility criteria for WestJet Platinum, Gold or Silver status are as follows:

Members only need to meet these spending requirements to achieve the status; No additional segments or mileage requirements to meet.

In addition to flying, it is also possible to gain status-qualification through the status lift facility at WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard, although the price offer is not the strongest in doing so.

The status facility can be found on the WestJet website. Silver members receive free first and second checked bags, priority check-in and airport lounge vouchers, Gold members receive unlimited lounge access, and Platinum members receive the highest priority for upgrades.

While flying with WestJet, all Status members increase their earnings in WestJet dollars, with Platinum members topping the 8% earnings rate.

In my view, WestJet Status is most suitable for travelers to or from WestJet’s hub in Calgary, or those who frequently fly only on routes served by WestJet, but there is no broad attraction to the program.

Status benefits can be achieved through many other means. For example, a free first-check bag is available for any WestJet RBC World Elite cardholder, while access to WestJet’s flagship elevation lounge in Calgary is limited by American Express Platinum Card or Business Platinum Card provided by American Express. Priority pass network.

Moreover, WestJet seems to lack an idea of ​​how they can boost their loyalty and elite status programs, often with Air Canada rolling out similar loyalty initiatives months after the incident.

In order to truly compete for trusted flyers, WestJet needs to innovate and bring new ideas to the market without relying on the tactics of operating cockpits in the shadow of its larger competitors.


Followers of WestJet will have the opportunity to book a flight this summer from July 5 and reach a higher level of promotion for the Double Qualifying Spand flight on the flight between September 6.

The promotion is valid on all WestJet routes of any booking class except Basic Economy, and registration is required before the bonus can take effect.

In terms of their track record so far, what do we see next from WestJet – a status extension with a certain level of co-branded credit card spending?

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