What is the value of the point? (Quarterly 3 2022)

Now that 3rd quarter of 2022 Come on, it’s time to revisit our points valuations, which we update on a quarterly basis.

Unlike the previous quarter, which brought many valuation changes, mostly due to Qatar Airways joining Avios, this quarter was somewhat quieter.

Before we investigate the assessment, I would like to remind you that this assessment has a focus The goal is redemption value Each point currency, instead Acquisition costs Which can be your cost (which can vary significantly depending on how you choose to earn points).

Wind miles

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve noticed a lot of coverage of the Air Miles Loyalty program’s ongoing, gradual deaths. In late June, I was a guest on the CBC Lunch Hour radio program, sharing my thoughts on the program and the turmoil it has experienced in recent years.

Safeway and Sobeys, two major Canadian grocery stores, decided to close their relationship with Air Miles and move to Scene + instead. Staples has also left the program, representing another big push for Air Miles, which is becoming more of a contemporary player in the landscape of Canadian loyalty.

Air Miles is becoming more difficult to earn, and as its core company stocks sink, the program’s long-term pricing offer is more questionable than ever.

Air Miles can be redeemed for এ 10 at a rate of 95 Air Miles as a cash prize, representing a baseline value of 10.5 cents per mile. While there are occasional redemption bonuses for potentially using Air Miles for extra cost, it is certainly becoming increasingly difficult to do so.

  • Previous evaluation: 11.5 cents / mile (CAD)
  • Updated rating: 11 cents / mile (CAD) 3

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

After officially joining OneWorld Alliance, Alaska Airlines is busy adding several partner airlines to monetize and redeem its mileage plan loyalty program.

The latest addition to Air Tahiti Nui gives travelers from two North American cities direct access to an ambitious destination. Compared to other recently added partners, whose redemption rates are much higher than desired, the cost is much more favorable with Air Tahiti Nui.

While this new redemption opportunity offers a valuable new way to unload miles for Bora Bora travel, availability is ultimately fairly scarce.

Here it is worth acknowledging that the addition of Air Tahiti Nui offers an upward increase in the quality of the Alaska Mileage Plan, but we will stop adjusting our assessment until we hear better news from the program.

  • Continuous evaluation: 1.8 Cents / mile (USD), 2.3 Cents / mile (CAD)

CIBC Aventura: 1.25cpp extended until 15 September

In the second quarter, CIBC’s Aventura program, through a special promotion, allows cardholders to use points at twice the usual rate for any travel purchase: 1.25 cents / point instead of 0.625 cents / point.

The campaign, which was originally scheduled to expire on June 15, has been extended to September 15.

The promotion gained popularity when CIBC was offering 45,000 Aventura points at no minimum cost and their CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite and Gold cards were waived for the first year, earning a net $ 563 per card you applied for.

For most of the 3rd quarter of 2022, then, the value of the CIBC Aventura point has been temporarily raised to 1.25cpp (points per cent) and we expect this to return to our regular valuation of 1.2cpp (which is the reason for the baseline redemption of 1cpp. In contrast, and the potential upside of the CIBC Aventura Fixed-Value Redemption Chart) when the promotion ends next quarter.

  • Continuous evaluation: 1.25 cents / point (CAD)

Scene +

As grocery store chains and other retailers are scrapping their partnerships with Air Miles, Scene + is becoming a more relevant player in the Canadian revenue scene.

Sobeys and its affiliate stores, such as Safeway, Thrifty Foods, and others, will form a partnership with Scene + as they close ties with Air Miles.

While there hasn’t been a big change in redemption via Scene +, it’s worth mentioning this quarter because we can expect to hear more about it in the months and years ahead.

As a reminder, Scene + points can be used to offset travel shopping costs at a rate of 1 cent / point.

  • Continuous evaluation: 1 cent / point (CAD)

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

Singapore Airlines recently announced an undervaluation for redemption in its KrisFlyer loyalty program, which will begin soon. By July 5, 2022, the redemption rate will be devalued by an average of 10-15%.

Although KrisFlyer Miles is not the easiest point to earn, they represent the best opportunity to book an ambitious flight with airlines such as the Singapore Airlines A380 Suite Class.

There are some more notable sweet spots in the program, the prices of which are rising.

  • Previous evaluation: 1.4 Cents / mile (USD), 1.8 Cents / mile (CAD)
  • Updated rating: 1.3 Cents / mile (USD), 1.7 Cents / mile (CAD) 3

Point Valuation, Quarter 3 2022

Here is a summary of our point assessment for the 3rd quarter of 2022. You can see the points evaluation page for a complete list with additional notes.

Air France / KLM

Flying blue

Alaska Airlines

Mileage planning

American Airlines

AA facility

American Express (Canada)

Membership awards

American Express (US)

Membership awards

Cathay Pacific Asia Miles

Singapore Airlines



The second quarter of 2022 saw a relatively small improvement in the landscape of loyalty.

Prices have fallen slightly as a result of the announcement of major earning partners with Air Miles, while CIBC’s Aventura program has temporarily expanded inflation redemption rates, a boon for Canadians who earn points in the program.

Remember, consider these numbers only as a suggestion for reasonable target redemption values ​​when deciding to redeem points or pay cash for your next trip.

Ultimately, the value obtained from each redemption will be subject to individual travelers, and our assessments are designed to illustrate an average benchmark across the entire community to help you make your decision while considering your next point redemption.

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